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You envision a life where you're in control of your schedule. Where your focus is on the impact and your business acts as the machine that drives your mission while unlocking the time and financial freedom you desire. Whether you're looking for binge-worthy content or a tailored to you solution; I'm glad you're here.



Lock arms with Jamie in a 60 minute session to determine where you're at, where you're looking to go and uncover what's not working right now. Leave this session with a better understanding of your purpose, your passions and what to do now to step into your transformation.


freedom maker accelerator

My premium one-to-one coaching container is hands down the Freedom Maker Accelerator. It's available to those looking for exclusive, individualized guidance to start and scale their freedom-based business with customized support to fast track results.

There is nothing like having someone else inside your world, helping to guide you through the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and lifestyle design. 

The outcome? A business that fulfills your life's purpose, without it burning you out. Take the direct route to success and build your business with me in your corner.