Why You Should Stop Making Excuses and Start Showing Up [what's really stopping you?]

Dec 13, 2021

Have you ever looked at your current reality and wondered if this was it, maybe you started a business for freedom and realized now that you feel trapped behind your computer screen with no end in sight, maybe you're wondering how to find work-life flow worried. You'll never truly experience time freedom.

If so you are not alone. I'm bringing other successful entrepreneurs onto the show to share their experience of taking back control of their lives. Join me on my journey. As we build a business that doesn't hold us back and a lifestyle, we don't need an escape from it. My name is Jamie Kullman, and this is Moms Freedom Maker podcast. 

Hello guys. Welcome back to another episode. And today we're going to talk about when people don't start something because of a lack of something else. Okay. Or thinking that they need something before they can actually start. And I figured this was a great topic, given that we were about to step into the new year of 2022 and close the chapter in 2021. 

So. Before I dive in, I want to mention that this week, the 15th and the 16th of December, 2021, I'm going to be hosting a two day workshop that is literally on this topic. So if you're sitting there and you're like, oh, I had a new year's resolution for 2021 and I actually didn't do it. I don't want the same thing to happen to you for 2022. 

So what we're going to do is get a really good idea of. How your, how your life went over the past year and where things maybe, could have been different. So we're going to do a full-life reality check. And then from there, what we're going to do is set up. What you should be doing in 2022 to actually put you on the more aligned path. 

So let me drop this over here in the chat, in the video so that you guys have access to sign up for this, because we're going to be doing this training live in zoom. So if you guys are interested in joining that is momsfreedommaker.com/aligned2022. That's a L I G N E D 2020. Okay, so we're going to help you build an aligned 2022 and step into that next level of life. 

So I look forward to welcoming all of you into the training who are interested in just fricking catapulting to your next level in the new year, stepping into more of your authentic self, and living your most badass life possible. So momsfreedommaker.com/aligned2022. I cannot wait to see you guys inside, but I want to dive straight into the meat here because. 

I don't want to get into the new year and have you guys be like, oh, well, I really wanted to start that podcast, but I don't have a good microphone or I don't have a camera that could actually film really well or a background in my studio. So I don't know how I could actually, you know, show up and take action. 

If you guys, these things that we put in front of us to prevent us from that level of success there, roadblocks. There are simply things that are just standing in our way, holding us back from that full potential that's inside of us. But in reality, what's happening is you're actually using these things to mask the real reason you're not showing up in the first place. 

It's so easy to say, oh, well, oh, I don't have beautiful light. So I can't film an Instagram live right now. Who here is guilty of that? I'm guilty of that. I didn't show up for the longest time in the video because they didn't have all of that. Okay. But what happens in my opinion is you're not necessarily worthy of those things until you start showing up. 

I did my podcast for a year and a half on a microphone. Okay. Not the greatest, but it was okay. It helped my podcast rank to one of the top 2% in the world. So I think it's pretty good, but it was a hundred dollars microphone. You guys? Yes. I wanted the one that I'm using right now, but I made a commitment to myself that until my podcast reached a certain level, I wasn't going to do it. 

'cause I felt like I needed to show up anyways and have that story of you guys. You don't need a setup that's expensive in order to reach a certain level of success. And honestly, you need to test yourself. You need to make sure that you're willing to show up and put in the work. I think before you invest in those other things, because let's say you spent a couple of grand on your setup, and then you realize that you actually hated what you were doing. 

It's a big waste. So by you showing up and making sure that you're actually going to enjoy it. You can start to build that momentum before you get the stuff that you need. So some of my clients are now the kind of shifting gears here, some of my clients have been worried about starting their own businesses because they're like, oh, well, Jamie, you have a following already on Instagram and you have a following on Facebook. 

How can I like compete from that? I'm starting from zero. How can, so they just, they don't want to start. Because they feel so behind. So who here listening to this or watching? This has not started because they're looking at somebody else's like chapter 10 and they're just starting chapter one. Okay. 

Who's said, oh my God, Tony Robbins is so successful. He has millions of followers and hosts events all around the world. There's already Tony Robbins. I can't compete. I can't get. So you compare yourself to somebody else who's successful. Therefore you don't start. I'm guilty of that. Okay. I remember when I first started my journey, I was like, oh, why would people watch me? 

Listen to me when there are other people who are already doing this, who already have the following? Why me. But you guys, if you dig deeper, you realize it's not the microphone. It's not the camera. It's not the light. There's something else underneath that needs to be addressed. So that's what we're getting into now. 

Okay. Yes. Those initial things are really great to mask the underlying problem. It's easy to say. I'm not going to show up because they don't have the light in the camera and the microphone. But in reality, it's not those things that are holding you back. Okay. So let's start to think if those things are actually a mask for you truly showing up and stepping into your full potential, then what is it that's holding you back? 

Is it not starting a business? Because you don't know where to start. You don't have a strategy to fix. Maybe it's not showing up on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn lives on YouTube because you're scared to share your story or you're worried about what other people might think. Or maybe you're just worried to tell your family that you're starting a business because, oh my God, they're gonna think I'm crazy. 

I just left a job. That was one of the best opportunities that I've ever had. Oh my God. My siblings are so successful. What are they going to think? Since I just left. The one thing that helped me actually reach a similar level of success. And now I'm starting fresh. Maybe you guys are using these things as excuses to not actually dig deep within yourself to truly address the real problem. 

Now, I know you guys have been around this podcast for a while. If you're new here, I'm kind of the person who's going to call it. The elephant. I'm going to call you out on your shit, because to be honest, that needs to happen in order for you to step into your next level. So maybe you're not showing up because you're getting in your own way. 

Maybe you've got these limiting beliefs that you've been carrying around with you since childhood that are showing up and your taking notice of them because you're, you're not showing up right. Maybe you've got some things going on in your mindset. These worries that are preventing you from click from clicking record and from actually doing the thing and showing up. 

So I hope that this starts to get you guys thinking. Okay. So I'm going to tell you a little bit of a personal story that happened. And if you did not listen to the past episode, it's gonna, it's going to be different than that, but it does have to do with LinkedIn. So if you guys didn't hear it, my Instagram got disabled. 

Uh, like two weeks ago. And while that really, really sucked, I, for, for two days I felt like a lost puppy. I was like, what the hell am I going to do? I basically was running my entire business on Instagram at the time, which I talk about this in the last episode, but it just shows you not to put all your eggs in one basket. 

It's important to be omnipresent, but you guys, I was sad. I was lost. I was like, oh my God, I've built up so much momentum. On Instagram, what am I going to do? And I looked at LinkedIn and I felt like my clients did. I'm like, wow, people are so successful on LinkedIn. How am I going to be this late to the game, show up and be the authority and use this to grow my business. 

And. Now for the first time I knew how they felt. I was like, wow, it's real. It's real. That comparison that you get to other people who are yards ahead of you, but what I decided to do. Okay is first off, shut down those feelings. I was like, you know what? I have to do this. I really don't have another choice and I'm going to freaking crush it. 

I was like, I am going to be the person who joins LinkedIn and like just explodes to a whole new level because I want to show people that I can make the most massive comeback ever and inspire others. That no matter where they are in their journey, they can do the same. They can show. I want to show them how fast they can grow their profile. 

Okay. So I'm going to actually pull up LinkedIn right now, because I just want to share this with you. Cause it's pretty wild how fast that this happened. So I want you to learn from this because it's, it doesn't matter where you are right now is what I'm trying to say. So my profile is up 6500% since last week. 

Okay. My followers have more than tripled. And I posted a transformation about my journey with like alcohol and abusive relationships on that platform. And it went viral. You guys like 36,000 people at this time have seen that story. And it's terrifying because it's the worst picture of me that I've ever posted online. 

So, oh, that's terrifying, but you guys, so I want to tell you that no matter what is blocking you from stopping. No matter what that looks like for you think of this story. Think of the fact that you could be the greatest fricking comeback story ever. You could hit the gas running and grow extremely fast. 

And not only that, it's not about the growth, it's not about the numbers. I'm not trying to go wide. I'm focusing on going deep. So think about that. If you have a hundred followers right now, that's a hundred people that could hear your message. That's a hundred lives that you could change. Think if right now, You invited a hundred people over to your house, your house would be pretty fricking packed. 

Right? So I think it's time that rather than comparing us to Tony Robbins, who has millions of followers, we start to look at the following that we do have and realize that it's already a big fricking party. It's a lot of people who want to hear what we have to say. And so, no matter where you're at in your business, no matter where you are with social media and your setup, that doesn't matter. 

All that matters is you getting your voice and the message that's inside of you out to the people who need to hear it. Okay. So if you're not starting because of the million and two excuses that are coming up for you, quit it. Stop using those as a mask and take some time today to really journal out. 

Okay. What could actually be stopping me from taking action? Right. I want you to ask yourself that question, then I want you to actually flip. So I want you to answer it. So what could stop you from showing up right now, then you're going to answer it. Well, I don't have a following on social media, then you're going to basically make the opposite of that. 

So you're going to say, I have a large following on social media, then you're going to rewrite your story. I am going to bust my ass on social media and prove that I'm the authority. And have killer content because there are people out there who need. That's how you rewrite that story. So you guys, if you can dive in and figure out what the underlying reasons are for you, not showing up you not starting the business, you not taking action. 

That is where the magic happens. My friends, because that is when you take your mind and rather than letting it control you, you start to control it. You put yourself in front. Of anything that could be holding you back from your next level of success. So you guys, I hope that this episode resonates with you. 

If you are like, all right, I am done letting things stand in my way. I really want to work with Jamie and figure out what this looks like. I encourage you join my workshop that is happening the 15th and the 16th of December, because we're going to work together, live in a private zoom room and figure out what that could look like. 

All right. So I encourage you head over to, and let me pull up this banner again. So you guys watching the video can see it head over to mom's free to make her.com/aligned 2022. And we're going to make sure that you're set up on the path towards alignment so that you don't let these stupid things stand in your way from reaching your next level of growth. 

Like they did this year. You guys. I know we all hit it so hard in the new year and we're like, oh my God, we have got to get our shit together. Right. I think that's what we all tend to think a little bit on the first. Right. But then we just go by and these limiting beliefs pop up. Oh, well I don't have the camera. 

I don't have the light. I don't have the backdrop. So therefore I'm not going to. There's more to it than that. I promise you we're going to work together to figure out what that is, so that in 2022, you can step into your most bad-ass life ever. If this is resonating with you and you want to join me, head over to momsfreedommaker.com/aligned2022. 

And I can not wait to see you inside. If you are watching this right now on YouTube. Thank you so much. I am so excited to have you here. You're over on LinkedIn. Oh, you are now my new family. And I love you guys so much. If you have not found me on LinkedIn yet head over to LinkedIn. That is Jamie Kullman, J a M I E K U L L M a N. 

In guys. I appreciate you so much for being here and I look forward to catching you in the next episode. Bye guys. 


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