Ep 007: Why You Should Quit Googling "How To Make Money From Home"

Aug 21, 2020

I kinda giggle at that title because that’s become the way of the world, hasn’t it?! If you ask anyone a question and they don’t know the answer they usually respond, IDK go google it”  and as I approach my 3rd trimester I’ve started referring to google as Dr. Google because I go there for every pinch, cramp, and question I have about anything related to life or pregnancy. 

But, why should you stop going there to try figuring out how to make money online? If you shouldn’t go to google then where should you go for the guidance you need and where the heck do you even get started? 

Ahh, that is the question and consider me your guide as I help you on how to choose the right path when starting a business from home that ensures you’re going to create something you can be passionate about growing. 



Okay, so maybe you’re guilty of this, or some similar search to this would pop up on your browser history, and don’t worry – I’m not here to judge you. 

Actually, I’m really happy you decided to check out this post because when you’re finished here I hope to give you a clear direction on where you should be focused to start making money from home.  

What happens when you google something like that is you’re going to get gurus fronting get rich quick schemes or how to do XYZ to make quick cash or it leads you down a rabbit hole of teaching yourself how to start a business, which leaves you more confused and can point you down many paths that don’t truly align with you. 

Most of these methods are outdated, unsustainable, and don’t take you into consideration at all!

It’s all about making money – and I mean the guru making money – not you. 

But the truth is — 

It’s not about making money at all. 

Wait, what? 

Let me explain. When you’re making money online the biggest kicker is that it’s not about making money. The money aspect is just a numbers game. Really, It’s about having the biggest impact on the most people by offering them your unique skill or expertise and charging them for it. 

Alas, I’m here to curb this search once and for all as I teach you how to find your work-from-home gig without running to google.

I want to tell you a quick story. 

Years ago I thought that if I could just learn how to make money online, I would feel fulfilled because I wouldn’t have to go work for someone else.

I went to our lovely friend google and went through years of trial and error piecing information together to see what stuck. I went through multiple online businesses where I would build them, run them and completely lose interest in growing them – because they didn’t align with me. 

I started to feel like an absolute failure, not because I couldn’t learn how to start a business, but because I completely lacked follow-through. 

None of the searches I had done or the gurus I had hired had ever really addressed what was truly meaningful to me. 

Starting an impactful business that aligned with my values and gave back to the world. Sounds easy enough, right?! Wrong… They were all about just making money. Which has never been a huge driving force for me. 

I thought if I just focused on making money eventually I would be making so much it wouldn’t matter that I wasn’t running a business I was passionate about. But then I learned that the goal isn’t to simply make money from home; the goal is to increase your impact which will directly increase our income. I was thinking about it completely backwards!

The truth is, money’s a tool that’s used to buy things that increase our pleasure, status or address one of our basic needs. If we’re running our business purely for profit, where we are looking to gain more of the things money can buy us, we’re acting from a scarcity mindset. 

But when we shift to abundance, giving back, impact others' lives, and do what we do best, our income increases, and the things we do feel much less like work.

What we want to do is create a work-from-home business that you’re excited about building, passionate about sharing, and happy to sit down and work on especially when there are other things you’d love to be doing besides “work”.

We want you to love what you’re creating so much, you can’t wait to get it out into the world. 

Instead of thinking of ways to simply make money – waiting for the answer to come at us from some silly google search, we have to understand that there are BILLIONS of ways to make money – especially online. 

And a search most likely isn’t going to come back with an answer that resonates with you and your unique situation.

It’s important to go back to your WHY and dream board here to remember the life you’re looking to create for yourself and the true reason you’re creating it. If you haven’t caught up on those episodes go back to season 1 and binge them now, because you have to know where you want to go, in order to point your boat in the right direction.

My friends, you no longer need google anymore, because you have me. I’m going to work with you throughout season 1 to continue setting your business up on a steady foundation which means finding your unique skills or expertise to share with the world, or your superpower as we may call it, how to find your dream client or customer who needs what you have and how to choose what platform you’re going to find them on – amongst other things. 

I’ll work with you in a fun and easy way that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or stuck. 

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