Why Living For The Weekend Is A Huge Red Flag {and how to avoid it}

Nov 01, 2021

So today's episode is created out an Instagram poll to my audience asking them if they felt like they were living for the weekend. And honestly, I was shocked that 70% of people came back saying that they felt like they were living for the weekend. So I'm going to ask you, are you living for the weekend?

Now don't lie to yourself here. This is not going to help you at all. If you're not honest with yourself, but in this episode, we're gonna dive into why that could be a red flag for your life. If you feel like you're living for the weekend. And we're going to address how to make this week Monday through Friday better so you can start to initiate change in your life. And I will leave you with a simple straightforward action step to help put you one step closer to that dream life of yours.

Welcome to today's episode on Moms Freedom Maker podcast, your place to step into your authentic self and romanticize your life and learn to live guilt-free while you're away at your desk. I'm Jamie Kullman, a virtual coach who focuses on helping moms build an aligned lifestyle or business that allows them to live without sacrifice. If you're obsessed with finding ways to be more present and ready to make your vision a reality hit that subscribes button so you never miss another episode and let's dive in.

So first off, you guys have heard this phrase, right? I know you guys are all nodding your head up and down because we've all been there. We've all felt that made weeks suffer we're just excited that it's hump day. We have something to look forward to on the weekend and we just cannot wait to literally shut off work close that door behind us instead into 48 hours where we have zero professional responsibility and the freedom to do what we want when we want it to be clocked back in on Monday. But with that in mind, there are signs that your weekend obsession is a red flag Living for the Weekend if it's not in moderation is often a sign that you're disconnected from what you love and what you actually want to be doing with your life. So not enjoying what you do affects you. It affects your family, those you interact with daily and there are so many costs associated with living for the weekend when it hits that red by yourself.

Okay, that can include low motivation. You lack enthusiasm for what you're doing. Poor performance, you don't want to show up may lack initiative or willingness to take risks. You might not want to explore new ideas are a good team member. And let's be real might just straight up have a poor attitude because you just don't want to do what you're doing. And in turn, what was going to do is set a poor example for other people around you. Because you're just not passionate about what you're doing. And that's just not the kind of thing that we should be stepping into Monday through Friday. But the emotions that you're experiencing here while you're living for the weekend. You need to pay attention to that. Don't just chalk it off as the way that things are Monday through Friday because truth be told, if you're feeling this way, that means it's time for a change.

And now this can be speaking to you as an entrepreneur or for somebody who's employed even if you're self-employed. Okay, guys, when I worked at a car dealership many years ago, I longed for the weekend because I hated what I did. I worked long hours Monday through Friday. I even looked on Saturday, Sunday, so I really can't even say that I looked forward to the weekend. I had one weekend a month that I was off. I didn't enjoy the career that I had chosen. But that was a huge catalyst for the major change, that I need in my life. And the reason why I'm showing up here for you today is that I need to change.

I strongly believe that we can all make a bigger impact and make a bigger difference as long as we find what it is we're supposed to be doing Monday through Friday. For our work for our job and we step into that not just because it pays the bills, but because it lights our frickin souls on fire. While there are gonna be people out there who just think no just a job as I have to be something it's just supposed to pay the bills. It's supposed to put you closer to retirement. No, fuck that. Because honestly, if you're living for the weekend, think about that. It sets two days out of seven that you're not living. That's a lot of your life. That you're just saying goodbye to and that's a shame. That's a crying shame. So I believe if you're living for the weekend 50% of the time, that's a waste of your life wasted. It should be a wake-up call for you.

Okay, now I'm going to go into a few reasons I think for the weekend isn't a good sign, and why it can actually lead to problems later on down your life if you don't become aware of them today. And then make a change for them tomorrow, which is what I'm going to get into after this. So one sign up for Living for the Weekend is that the work that you're doing right now doesn't light you up. If you don't like going to work or you're feeling like you're not inspired or not able to really put your soul into it. You're disconnected from what you're passionate about or what your purpose is. That means you're going to be aligned out of alignment with what you do and what your calling is in life for as long as you choose to stay in this state. And a few conversations that I've had recently that really led to me posting this on Instagram initially was from two women who were still in jobs, actually doing things every single day that didn't align with their beliefs at all.

For example, one of them is extremely environmentally friendly and she was working for a company that did not care about the environment at all put out so much waste, that she just couldn't even stand to go to work every single day because it went against her core belief, which is to protect our environment. Think about that for a second. If you're going into a place every single day that literally goes against what their core duties as a person or you know, you play my event here's the second thing is you're not challenging yourself getting making so I live in your comfort zone for five-plus years, maybe even a year right I get bored in like three months. You're not able to step outside their comfort zone you start doing what's familiar getting that type of job. For third reason is you've just accepted that this is the way that it is. So many people accept that this is the way it is. This is the job that they were given. This is the house they live this the car that they have, this is the partner that they have, and they settle. They don't believe that they can do anything else. They fall into life in the habits that they have. And they don't believe that they have any other options or they're just not willing to take action on those other options. So they just accept that.

We're for lack vision on what actually inspires you. Right? And if you don't have a clear direction, it's why a lot of my coaching program focuses on getting the clarity so that you understand what your Northstar is that way we can point your phone in direction of it and we can take action towards it every single day. But if you don't have that vision, that clarity, to do what inspires you and to take creative action and inspired action towards it every single day. And that brings me to the fifth point if you're not taking inspired action in boosting your creativity. You're probably not doing work that's meaningful to you right you're hoping to share that creativity, impact others' lives, boost the world or in reality, fulfill your life's purpose because you're not letting your creative juices flow. And in turn, really means you're doing yourself and other people a complete disservice. I have to tell you that. I know it's not all sunshine and rainbows. There's going to be some weeks where you just understand. You're just ready for the weekend.

I'm not saying you're always gonna have to have a perfect Monday through Friday. I can tell you from experience that that is not the case. I have a lot of weeks that I'm ready for the weekend too. But there are a few reasons that that is. Maybe we have a camping trip planned. Maybe we're going in we're catching flights and we're awesome. Right? Maybe we're taking an adventure going sightseeing. Maybe I just need to refresh the chart and just take some time off to just do or maybe  I've been in a huge launch phase and just had a super demanding week.

Okay, these are all reasons why Living for the Weekend sometimes is okay. But if it's more than this, it's a problem more often than not. And on another occasion, maybe I just have something to do on Saturdays with the farmer's market. And it's just not available Monday through Friday. So it's just something that I look forward to. These are all the different situations we are looking forward to the weekend is actually a good thing and is beneficial, beneficial to your mental health. But if they become the norm and you start to live every single week like you're waiting for this event to stop. I'm going to dive in on some things that you can do to really make yourself better and I hope that this can help you reclaim your Monday through Friday so that you can set this higher version of yourself and take back a huge chunk of your life that you might be living right now on autopilot. So I'm going to dive into the 12 ways to make under.

So number one. I want you to start and end the day on a good note where you feel like you've taken back control. Now I refer to these as my bookends. They are my morning and my night that I hit time. This can be the time to meditate, journal do yoga, take a bubble bath, just clean if I want to clean, or just sit with my thoughts for a while. It can be anything that makes you feel good. If you enjoy cooking or doing art. Start in the day for you. Whatever that means right now. If you're waking up late to your kids, needing things from you wake up earlier. If you're staying up until it's time to go to bed and you have the TV on and you're just sitting in front of the TV, shut it off and read a book. Okay, make changes to your bookends so that they light your day on fire. From the time you wake up to the time that your head hits the pillow.

Number two romanticize your life every single day. Make your space at home or your office your happy place. Right? Right now Steve got me roses yesterday is that every time I sit down at my desk and look at them, I think of a flower or a plant or something that you can look at. It's just gonna remind you of a happy time. I think that's gonna make you want the weekend, something that's just going to put you in the present moment and make you grateful for the things you already have. Right? I have a salt lamp on my desk that I love to have on because it just adds some ambiance to the work. Right. I went out on a shopping spree this weekend a little bit and let's dreamy got a couple of crystals because I want them on my desk to remind me of certain things that I need to look for to boost the energy of the space. But even further than that, and just set up your office space to make an enjoyable drink out of the fancy cups. Like if you've got some nice wine glasses that you only pull out for Christmas. Drink them tonight. Drink out of them tonight. Use the fancy place plates. Here are the placemats that make your smoothie bowl super pretty. Take time to make your bed like candles for your own bath. But on a song or a podcast that enjoy when you're in the shower. That is no net time, no extra time. So all of these moments, even Monday through Friday, and just fill them with things that you enjoy that you can look forward to. Right if you enjoy your breakfast cooked a certain way and on Sundays, you guys make sure as a family you sit down and do that. Why the hell don't you do it on Mondays do take time wake up an extra 30 minutes early and do it.

Number three, be well-rested. Take your time and enjoy sleep. Take a nap when you get home from work if you're feeling tired because the more well-rested you are the more powerfully you're going to be able to show up for the week ahead.

Number four, shake up your routine. Don't be on autopilot. You usually look forward to going out with your friends on a Friday night. Go out on Wednesday. I mean maybe don't stay out as late but do something that's going to bring you joy Monday through Friday that you would typically save for the weekend. Pick up your routine.

Number five is do the hard stuff in your week first. So when you wake up, if you just despise one thing that you do at work, let's just eat that biggest frog first. I've recommended this book and previous podcast episodes but on the recommended again. Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy the biggest nastiest juiciest frog first thing to get over with, and then move on with your day.

Number six, learn to work in your flow state. I talk about this a lot. But if you know that you're most creative in the morning time, get your most creative time. And if you're usually in the office, and you'd rather be doing art, and wake up earlier and take advantage of that time, when you're still at home, I believe if you're still in a nine to five you're looking to start your own business that your nine to five. It's a way to make money in the meantime, but that your creative energy and your flow state really should go into your personal development and you're learning for your business, not the other way around. You shouldn't be spending all your money at your day job of your money. I'm sorry, all of your posting all of your creative energy. Saving when you need the most.

Number seven is kind of is in tune with shaking up your routine, but get outside, go on walks go to the park. Do freakin deep nights on Mondays. Do things that are going to just make you happier.

Number eight, watch the sunset peek outside. Try to sneak away to some new lake or place where you can just go and enjoy the sunset. Bring a glass of wine and just kick back and realize that there is never going to be another sunset like there is tonight. So you better try to watch as many of them as you freakin can.

Number nine, practice gratitude. practice gratitude Think to yourself multiple times a day. What can you be grateful for in this moment? And actually take a moment to be grateful for and if you can't think of anything right now. Place your hand on your heart. Be grateful for the fact that it beats you about how your lungs just breathe without you thinking about it. Remind yourself your your lungs just breathe free. That's something to be grateful for the fact that there are birds chirping outside of the sun rises and sets every day these are all little things that everybody in this world can you be thankful for.

Number 10 is take breaks when you need to take breaks. Don't be afraid to just shut it off. And just step outside even if it's five minutes. If you're at a job that you're not crazy about and it's hump day, you're starting to kind of reminisce about what you're doing this weekend. Take a second. Go outside, hit the reset. Maybe go get yourself a coffee from someplace that you love. Right. Deep breaks. Now we're going to get into the last two which are by far my most highest recommendation is for you.

Number 11 is find a passion project. I want you to start to explore opportunities to earn additional income instead of having to rely on a job you don't like just to cover your bills. Ever this looks like for you. Maybe it's monetizing your expertise with my help my clients or maybe it's learning to monetize your art. I find a passion project and you if I didn't want to see you got to monetize it. But I would like it if you could, because that's another way for you to ditch. Maybe the job that you're not some crazy about because it's making you want to live for the weekends. So find a passion project. Find something that you can just pour yourself into that just lights you up again. Do it during the week. Look forward to it. Set it in your schedule, make it habit. Make moves every single day to change your life. I want you to actually create a vision of the life you want to be living and make moves on to change your life. Like I said before, if Monday through Friday, you're not in love with what you're doing and it's not lighting you up. And you actually feel like you really kind of hate it.Then you should be spending a majority of the rest of your time finding ways to make a living and change your life without having to be involved for that thing anymore. This can mean doing personal development, working on yourself. Figuring out what exactly is that life vision and how do I embrace and step into that as this is the number one question that people come to me for. And this is the number one reason that I started my business because I literally remember googling how to combine your skills, passions and expertise to build a business that you love. And so many people come to me for the same reason.

I just don't know how to find my passion I don't know how to serve my life's purpose. If that's you, you need to create a vision of the life you want to be living. And if you need help with that, find me over on Instagram, that sign Jamie Coleman  and just DM me "podcast". Let's just chat in the DMS and I want to see if I can help you guys. Wouldn't it be so much easier if instead of living for the weekend, we lived full time.

Think about that. If the average person was 72 years, which is equivalent to 26,280 days, don't you think we should try to figure out how to live every single one of them to their fullest. I mean seriously. We have to stop waiting for the weekend to live. You have to stop waiting for the weekend to live your life and realize that you're in charge of today. And there's only one moment that we ever get in our lives and that moment is right now. Living for the Weekend is a sign that there's a bigger issue in life. And it's a sign that you could truly be living out of alignment with who you're meant to be and what you're actually put on this earth to be doing. It is a sign. It is something coming through you that's very uncomfortable. That's telling you to listen to it. Because something's off, something's wrong. The best thing that you can do is get super clear on why you're living for the weekends and reconnect to what makes you feel on fire. If you don't do this, you're gonna be living for the weekend for the rest of your life. But I want you to take back control. I want you to start living life on your terms.

Don't deny yourself the opportunity to live the life that you were meant to live and become the person you were meant to be. I want you guys to take action on this right now. I want you to journal either tonight or first thing in the morning. literally, write this down right now in a journal on this, and I want you to ask yourself, why is it that you look forward to the weekends the most try to identify what makes you crave these 48 hours and how you can actually improve your life experience Monday through Friday.

And if you need to go back and re-listen to this episode, and the tips and tricks that I shared with you to help make that Monday through Friday experience even more magical. Please do so. If you guys have received value from any of my podcast episodes in the past, please take 30 seconds out of your day to leave me a rating and review on Apple podcasts. It means the world to me and you have no idea how much it actually affects the algorithm here and allows other amazing people like you to find this show. So please take a few minutes.

Let me know how you're resonating with these messages or sharing on your Instagram Stories. Probably Instagram tag me at Jamie Kullman Share your biggest takeaway from this episode and how you're going to implement it into your life. But I want to leave you with this. Do something today to where you want tomorrow.

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