What's Holding You Back From Your True Potential?

Nov 30, 2021

Today, what I want to talk about things that are holding you back from stepping into your true potential and honestly the reason that this is coming through so hard for me right now as I just got up and I started to realize that I wasn't fully sharing my story and the way I had intended when I first started my podcast and when I first started sharing my journey on social media and so I really want that start to change.

So today's episode is going to be slightly different. I'm going to leave you with some journal prompts at the end to hopefully really kick this into gear and help you reach that next level that we're talking about help you break through anything that can stand in your way and I'm also going to share some personal stories for what I uncovered that was holding me back in preventing me from really stepping into my authentic self, especially in this online space with you guys. Alright, so you see me looking down. I'm looking at my notes wanting to make sure that I don't miss anything.

Okay, so if you do have a pen and paper, feel free to grab it. If you don't, you can still go through this episode with me and then revisit it when you have pen and paper available. I just want to start by saying you're not alone. We are so judged in the world that we live in. When we start to step into our authentic selves.

Everybody's got something to say about it. And at the end of the day, all we have is our self, even if you're married or have kids or have a loving and supportive family. That's amazing. But you have to take care of you. You have yourself to find an embrace and figure out why you're put here and what you're here to do. And so if anything from your past is holding you back from truly stepping into that it's time to figure out what it is. So that's what we're gonna dive into today. You are number one in this. It's time to be more aligned on alignment is what we want and it's time for us to be open and honest about what that current reality actually looks like. In the depths of everything. Your life is your truth and your truth when it's exposed. That's what's ultimately going to say free. That's what's going to catapult you to that next level. So the truth is going to set you free. We're going to go into some journal prompts now and I hope that this get your wheel wheel spinning, and I'll share how that came through for me.

So first, I want you to ask yourself, Where do you feel rejected in your life that could be holding you back in your business or holding you back from the lifestyle that you're seeking. Where do you feel rejected? This can be something from childhood that you've forgotten. It could be a piece of you that you've tried to just lock in cage somewhere some story that you're telling yourself Why do you feel this rejection? Where did it stem from? Where do you feel like you're not good enough? Maybe a childhood friend said something to you at some point. And it's been ingrained in your mind that you're not good enough in a specific area. It is a birth to to do a certain way and it's never really felt good. There's something inside of you that's acting as a trigger that's preventing you it's like a brick wall. It's preventing us from breaking through to that other side.

So ask yourself, Where do you feel rejected in your life that could be holding you back? Where do you feel that you're not good enough? Why do you feel like you're not good enough? And for me, it really came down to losing friends. Growing up. I lost a lot of friends and to be honest, a lot of those relationships never came to full closure. I'm not sure why we stopped communicating our lives just to separate paths. And I think that's been hard for me because there's always been that question. Why? Why why why did that happen? Right? So that's been one for me. Cheating partners. This could be a full episode on its own, but I've been in a lot of very abusive relationships where I was not only told that I wasn't good enough, but I was treated like I wasn't good enough. These men that I had dated for way too long. One was for five years. The other was for only seven months, about seven months. Crazy. I was told that it wasn't good enough. I was treated like I wasn't good enough. But then at the end of the day, they come back and tell me they wanted to marry me say that I would say everything. There's something that happens when you're told that again and again and again and starts to really make you feel a certain way. And for me, I turned to alcohol. I turned to partying because I felt like I had my people there. I didn't want to sit at home alone. I wanted to be out feeling like things were okay. And to be honest, a lot of times when I drank I was just trying to numb the reality of what my life was because I wasn't happy with where I was I wasn't happy what I had built. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't know what I was passionate about. I didn't have a career that I wanted to pursue and the people that I invested so much time with, to really set a big mean to me clearly didn't because I was either their side girl or they had a side girl and I had no idea I thought I was doing so there's something in a story like that. That really affects you long term. That unless you truly tap into that. It's hard to relate the two together.

Another thing is just family. Maybe they put you that maybe they don't embrace your vision or your dreams the same way that you do. So start to think about that. Do you feel rejected because they don't have the same passions and visions? And maybe they're telling you to go get a real job or asking you find you two questions that you just don't feel comfortable asking. These are the things that you need to tap into. Because all of those are different forms of rejection. That could lead to holding yourself back. And ultimately, like we said before, you're in charge. You're the one crafting your own self, your own life. And so to let other people stick into that it save things to do things to you in your past that hold you back from stepping into this version of you that you're trying to embrace right now is really hard. So we're doing a lot of personal inner work to really tap into what this should look like and how to really get past those past traumas that I've experienced to really follow me become the person that I know is inside of me and that I know is inside of you to help this is another thing is why are you not sharing the parts of your story that are holding you back? For example? I haven't talked about my abusive relationships. I haven't talked much about mental health in the problems that could arise if not address, haven't talked about some things that my family has been going through recently with mental health.

And so those are things that I'm starting to uncover reasons as to why I wasn't sharing in the past and reasons why I should so another journaling question for you is not only why are you holding yourself, but what part of your story are you trying to cover up? That you feel like you've come to closure or acceptance that you're not sharing that? Because if you're in the online space and you've started to dip your toes in the water sharing your story. I know there's a lot to one stories, but I guarantee you there's something inside of that, that you haven't shared yet. really started to journal this out flipping that a friend to be open and vulnerable on the podcast, I started to realize that I actually have a lot of things that I've never tapped into before and never shared with you guys. And it's not because I don't feel like this is a safe space. I've created one I guess I just didn't know how to share these stories, how to share them in a way that wouldn't be open for me. Wouldn't make somebody feel uncomfortable, but a way that it could be taken as a learning lesson and help somebody who could be feeling the way that I've felt before. And so I'm not going to do every episode, talking about my past but you will see episodes sprinkled in here that are really going to touch on abusive relationships I've had in my past and how it changed me as a person in many places small for so long. It turned me into a type of alcoholic partier for years of my life that I lost because I was binge drinking.

Right? You're gonna hear that story. You'll hear like hey, we struggle with mental health and how we're getting to the other side of this. You'll hear my journey of postpartum depression, years of therapy, going back and forth between my parents house as they divorced her as a baby. Just all of these things that I haven't been able to open up about. Open up the floodgates so to speak. I'm really excited to start sharing this part of this story. Because I feel like I was waiting for the moment at the moment is here. Challenge accepted time to not only talk about his successes, but it's time to talk about the transformation and how you can take extended loads make it your own, push through whatever brick wall or barrier is standing in your way and holding you back from reaching that next level of potential that's inside of you. If you can just figure out why do you feel rejected in your life? Where's that stemming from? What is triggering you? And why don't you feel like you can share your story.

Thank you guys so much for listening to this episode. If you've gotten any value from these podcast episodes in the past, please head over to Apple podcasts and leave a rating review because what it does it boosts up those algorithms and it helps more people like you find this show when they need it the most. So anything you can do there, I much appreciated it. And if you have any takeaways from this episode, go find me on Instagram the outside Jamie Kullman J am i e k u ll m a n and tell me your extreme stories. I look forward to catching you guys in the next episode and remember, do something today. That puts you where you want to be smile. Catch you guys next time.


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