The Act Of Quitting

Dec 18, 2020

Today we’re going to talk about the act of quitting. And no, I’m not talking about just throwing in the towel and giving up. I’m not talking about that at all. I’m talking about the empowering side of quitting something that’s not serving you. 


Why might somebody want to quit? You know, a lot of times we think of quitting, and we have kind of a negative connection to it, right? It’s almost like we gave up or didn’t see something through or just maybe didn’t even give it our all right, that’s one side of quitting. But on the other side of that is really a mindset thing. Like what’s behind us, and what makes us want to quit something, especially if we, you know, tried really hard to figure it out and make it happen for us. 

And a lot of times, it’s just because it’s not aligning with who we want to be, or something inside of us just isn’t meshing with what it is we’re trying to do for some reason. 

When it comes to quitting, it’s really important to figure out why it is that you’re not wanting to continue doing something, is it because you’re just not very good at it, maybe you need to practice more. And if you are better you would enjoy it, or is it just a deep understanding that what you’re doing doesn’t align with you. And if that’s the case, it wouldn’t be you giving up. Right? You wouldn’t be just quitting for quit's sake because it’s too hard. But rather, it would be you moving on or moving forward and onto something that’s more aligned with you. And there’s a really important distinction between the two things because I find that so often when people quit or give something up, they kind of take a hit on themselves, they maybe don’t think they’re good enough, or they don’t see it in that type of light, they see it as maybe they wasted time trying to figure something out. 

What’s really important to understand is that life is full of trial and error. 

It’s full of us trying a bunch of new things until we find that special something that does align with us and does make us light up inside it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning and passion. So when you’re doing things and it’s not aligning with you or you don’t feel passionate about it, and you’re thinking about giving up. That’s okay. Instead, think about it as moving on. But don’t let yourself sink into this kind of almost depressive state of, not wanting to start something new, because you didn’t follow through with the last thing, you know, get more serious about finding something that aligns with your true values. 

I think that would be easier to do if you’re really clear on where it is you want to go in life, what makes you happy and brings you joy today. And what you could do that just helps boost those feelings and helps propel you to that next level that you need to reach that destination you’re trying to go like your next level of life or what direction you’re trying to focus on. 

I find a lot of times that I will start something and as soon as I figure out it doesn’t align with me,  I move on. And I’m not scared to do that. I’ve done it so many times and I’m sure you have to. 

It’s just a realization that time is precious and if you’re not entirely into something then there’s really no need for you to continue to pursue it. 

How do you quit something that doesn’t align with you that maybe you’ve been doing for a long, long time? 

No matter what you’re feeling right now if something doesn’t spark that joy for you or it’s not aligning with your purpose you shouldn’t feel ashamed to walk away. 

Because it’s not about giving up on someone or something, it’s not giving up on your job, and what that maybe once held standard wise in your heart for you, but it’s giving yourself that space, giving yourself that ability to find something else that would fill your cup completely up. 

By not moving on from things that aren’t aligned with you, you’re not giving yourself time, you’re not giving yourself that love that you need in order to find those things that will greatly align with you and help you find your purpose. 

I just want to give you guys a little pep talk that quitting doesn’t mean you’re giving up quitting doesn’t mean you’re throwing in the towel and letting go. It means you’re making space, you’re making space for the things that matter to you today, and are going to matter to you tomorrow. 

You’re not letting anything stand in your way of that, you’re moving on. You’re moving forward to what resonates with you now. And I think that’s such a powerful transition. It’s a mindset shift. I think it’s really going to help you look at quitting in an entirely different way. And I personally am doing things like this in my life, especially now with a baby, I’m realizing the importance of time, especially his nap time when I’m working and podcasting, you know, and during that time, that window that I have, I want to make sure that I’m really focusing on the things that are meaningful to me. Doing that self-care, working, but working on things that are really impactful.

So anything that’s not aligning with me or that purpose is going to get cut out. 

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