It May Be Lucky, But It Wasn’t an Accident

Feb 14, 2021

In this episode, I want to talk about the things that you've done in your life that have led you to where you are today. Now the title of this episode is it may be lucky, but it's not an accident. And you may be wondering, what does that mean? Why is this episode titled that? And why should I be listening?

But we are going to dive into the difference between luck. And crafting the life that you've been dreaming of and the things that you've done along the way that have led you to this point today. Now, the reason that I'm doing this episode is because I've had so many people like commenting and messaging like, Oh, you're so lucky to live in Hawaii, or you're so lucky to have had such a long maternity leave or.

You know, X, Y, Z. You're so lucky for blank. Okay. And you maybe have had people say the same thing to you maybe about, let's just say the job that you have, they might say, Oh my gosh, you're so lucky to be working for that company that you work for. And inside your mind, you're like, Well, yeah, I mean, I'm grateful for this job, but I wouldn't call it luck.

I mean, I went to college or I worked really hard to get this job, so it's not luck. It was because I set my life up to make this happen. It might be lucky in your mind, but it wasn't an accident. I didn't just stumble into this career. I didn't just stumble into living on this floating lava rock. Right.

The things that we do every day, whether big or small. They end up being the things that will lead us to the lives that we live today. And I think that's really important to understand, because it's not only going to help your mindset when people say something to you in that way, but it's also going to help you realize when you say, or look at somebody like they're lucky or like something just fell into their lap.

You've got to realize that many times that person was working really hard to make that happen for themselves. It didn't just happen on its own. And I think a lot of times we kind of put that up as a kind of sort of shield, right. Because when we put something as luck, like we won the lottery. I mean, I consider that luck, You know, visualization and things kind of happening for you because you put it out there to the universe.

Absolutely. But at the same time, you do have to put in the work to make these things happen. And I just hope that when you look at somebody and think that they're lucky, you can think that. Sure. But realize there's work going on behind the scenes that you don't know about and circling back. I think a lot of people put luck out there as a shield because they don't want to put in the work to make something happen for themselves.

Or they're not willing to now use Hawaii as an example. Again, so many people have said, Oh, you're so lucky to live there. You're so lucky to call that place home. And then it kind of stops there. Right? They might love to live here. I mean, I've heard that so many times. Oh my gosh. I would just love to be able to do that.

Well, My response is, well, you can do that. You absolutely can. I mean, just like I did, I'm no different than you. I just made different decisions. Right. I made the decision to move here and then I figured out how to do it. I didn't wait to figure out the how, and then decide to move. It doesn't work like that.

Right. Or else I probably never would have done it. So as that shield kind of like rises up around you. It makes it easier for you to just kind of stop striving for those things, because you're waiting for luck to just happen to you, right? You're waiting for some, some body to say, Hey, you just got a job in Hawaii and we're moving you there, all expenses paid, and we're going to put you up in this location.

And while that would be incredible, and I'm sure it's happened. The chances of that happening are very slim. Right. You have to put in the work to get the job there. You have to put in the work to find the place to live and find that person to go with you if you don't want to go by herself. So, and that's just one example, right?

There's plenty that I could dive into, but it's really just understanding that these things that happen in your life, they're not based on luck. They're based on you. They're based on you and your little actions or your little steps that you take every single day to make things happen for you. So if there's an area in your life that you're not that happy with, maybe think of how you can make a little bit of a pivot every day, just towards putting that part of your life back on the right track, because it really is.

Not an accident that you are, where you are today. It's based on all of these little decisions in all these little choices that you've made along the way. All right. And I bet that would really upset you too. Right? If you went to school for so many years to get the job that you have today, and then people say, Oh, you're so lucky to have this job.

Yeah. You are lucky, but you worked really, really hard for all of this. Right. And so you don't want anybody to downplay it and. Tell you, it was based on luck that you got it because it's really not. And I think that's to be said about things that you really want in your life. If you really want something, don't think of how you're going to get it.

Don't get hung up on the how. Okay. It's so easy to get hung up on the how, because all of a sudden, just like with starting a podcast, Okay. If you want to start a podcast and you focus on how you're going to do it, a long list of things that you have to not only learn, but you have to do are going to start adding up.

And all of a sudden you're going to be full of overwhelm and just stop like a deer in the headlights. So instead, focus on the end goal, focus on what you want. Like really focused on it and then start chipping away every day at the little things you need to do to make it happen. So for me, when that was moving to Hawaii, it was making sure that my business was going to continue running from there, so that involved hiring people to help me write and involved, making some pivots in my business.

But they were pretty simple once I got started. Right. And it was. You know, figuring out where we were going to live, figuring out Steve's job, but all of those things at the end of the day, weren't that difficult. It just involved us sitting down and working through them. And a few years back, gosh, it's a little over four years now.

It's like really hard to believe that. Hearing me say it, that I worked at a day job. Okay. I was working at an automotive dealership, one of the biggest in the Midwest and I was aftermarket manager there and it was working so many hours per week. Like I had multiple 12 hour days in a row and it was just way, way, way too much.

So I. I won't go into that story right now. It's in previous episodes, but what I wanted was freedom. I wanted time freedom and I wanted finance financial freedom. Right. And I was only getting one of those at that job. I was getting financial freedom, but I wanted time. Right. That's so, so, so important. Like you can always would make more money, but you can't make more time.

So that was of greater importance to me. So I realized that. I wanted to take my entrepreneur side and just expand it. Right. I wanted to continue growing that side of me. So I quit that job and it was a really empowering move that I made, but I made it because I knew in the future, I would have a baby. I knew in the future, I would want.

Place freedom. I'd want to be able to travel. I wanted to be able to go and move to Hawaii or something crazy like that and not have anything holding me back so way before we even decided to move to Hawaii. I had decided to start my own business. Right. I already had an eBay business, but I wanted to expand that.

So I jumped into Amazon as well. And honestly, That's really where the freedom began is because I knew mentally what I wanted in the long run, which I think is kind of what holds a lot of people back in a way, because if you walk up to anybody that you know, and you ask them what they don't want in life, they can tell you and boy, they will tell you what they don't want.

But if you ask them what they do want, a lot of people will respond. Oh, well, I'm going to have to think about that. Or. That's a really good question. I go, a lot of people genuinely only know what they don't want. And I'm like that the mental process there is so backwards in my opinion, because you should be so clear on what you do want so that you know what you're working towards every single day.

So when I got very clear on what I wanted, time, freedom, financial freedom, place, freedom, the ability to travel, live my life. Once I got clear on that. I was like, boy, I am doing things wrong by working at this job, this job is never going to get me what I want. I quit. I quit was that easy. I walked away. I moved on because I knew that by staying there, it was only going to prevent me from living.

The life that I wanted in life is too short. Mama's life is too short to be held back by something. That's not going to get you the life that you want. So I made the shift. So me living in Hawaii is aftermath because of a decision I made four years ago to just walk away and just say no to a life. That wasn't what I wanted.

So me being here then and getting pregnant, having a baby now. I'm able to take maternity leave. Granted, I took three weeks. I'm incorporating a few hours a day now just because I like to do this stuff, I like to have impact. And I also, I love watching Netflix, but there's only so much Netflix and beaching it.

I can do on this lovely Island here. And we, we just want to keep this business moving too. So yeah. I'm able to take maternity leave for three weeks or three months. If I want to take off tomorrow for the next three weeks again, I could. Right? So that decision once again, that I made and that I built up over these past four years has led me to the freedom that I have today.

So my point with all of this is that get really clear on the life that you want. It can just be a little shift. It can be the job that you have. It can be the freedom that you want and look at your life today and think, how can I put steps into place that are going to get me there? And I know, okay, Jamie easier said than done.

I can't just do this overnight and I'm not asking you to, but what I'm saying is start realizing that most of the time, it's not luck when you look at anybody's life, that looks like they've got it figured out. They probably don't, but we're not going to go into that. They probably don't but they got themselves there because they put in the work they made the decision years ago.

It was probably years ago. Right. And they worked at it all the time because they knew what they wanted and they stayed focused on what they wanted. And I will tell you guys, I have failed at businesses. I have failed so many times, but I will tell you with certainty, I have never missed a payment on anything.

I have never. Not paid anybody. I've never asked anybody for money. I have always figured it out no matter what. So I'm telling you, you guys can do it too. No matter what it is, you'll figure it out. Just don't be afraid to start. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Just know that you too, you're just like, I am.

You're just like this person that you want to become is in you. Okay. It's so in your, you just got to find it. And that's the most fun part, right? That's what life's all about is figuring out who you are. And so don't be nervous. Don't be scared about it. Just embrace the change and know that you can have that luck too.

If you want to call it luck, you can have that luck to just figure it out today and point yourself in the right direction for tomorrow. And then you'll look back a couple of years later and realize, wow, my life is exactly where I wanted it to be four years ago. When I made that shift, I wanted time financial freedom in place, freedom.

And I have that. I have that. And that's a beautiful thing to admit that the life you wanted, you're creating for yourself. So where focus goes, energy flows, focus on the life that you want and take measures to help yourself get there. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and I will catch you in the next one.

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