Intro To Season 1 : Moms Freedom Maker Podcast

Aug 06, 2020

As entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and parents striving to set a good example, we all must find our unshakeable mama mindset. 

If you take a step back and think about it, your mindset is the basis for everything that you do. It’s the reason for where you are in your life and business. 

So while you might be thinking, “Heck yeah! A positive mindset is definitely something I want to incorporate into my life!” I urge you to give yourself a little more credit than that.

Most people are hungry, but sometimes there’s something internally that’s blocking you from reaching your future goals. The trick here is to stay hungry, even when that self-doubt starts to kick in. 


Hey Freedom Makers!

We’re going to chat about what’s to come in season 1, which is all about the unshakeable mama mindset and how to set a steady foundation for the business you’re dreaming of starting or scaling.  

You see, the most successful people are hungry. They’re hungry for more and they want to make a difference. But, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that they keep this hunger throughout their entire lives. 

So if the key to success is hunger, how do you keep this hunger through the highs and the lows?

If you can find a part of yourself that constantly wants to improve and give back in some way, to a mission larger than yourself, you’re much more motivated to stay hungry. If we’re looking to improve, change, or better our lives, we first have to level up our thinking and get that unshakeable mama mindset. 

Yes, hard work, achievement, and persistence are important aspects to success, but not as important as having the underlying belief that you can do this!

I’m going to define this mindset we’re going to achieve throughout season 1 now:

An unshakeable mama mindset is a new way of thinking. 

Passionate, focused and unstoppable.

This mindset allows us to break through any internal struggles, false beliefs and stories we’re telling ourselves, so we’re ready for our next level.

It starts with only one thing in mind, learning how to stay hungry. 

We’re constantly improving, evolving and striving for our next win. 

Unshakeable mindsets mean we never give up, because we will do whatever is required. Standing up for what we believe in. To make our dreams come true.  

We are in charge of our own futures and are never shackled to the way things are.

While many people skip over the internal work and jump right into the juicy stuff, we’re going deep so we have the strength to keep pushing towards our futures without losing that hunger. 

We’re got an unshakeable mama mindset!

Season 1 is dedicated to helping you achieve the unshakeable mama mindset because having this sets the foundation for the life and business you dream of creating. 

This season is not something you want to skip over, because, without the mindset work, all of the strategies, tactics, and skills I’m going to be teaching you will be much more difficult to put into play successfully. 

Steve Harvey has said: If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. 

Let’s make that vision clear so we can move forward into season 2 with purpose, passion, and hunger.

Freedom Makers, now that you know more about what’s to come in Season 1 the sky’s the limit.

Cheers to hitting play on this podcast and I look forward to catching you in the next episode.

In season 1, episode 002 we’re going to be talking about the crippling feeling of being stuck and how to get unstuck so you can continue to feel progress. 

I’ll catch you guys on the next episode!

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