How To Step Into Your Authentic Self (and not be shy about it)

Nov 08, 2021

Today we're gonna talk about how to step into your authentic self be the real you that is trying to come through.

Now, this episode stems from a conversation that Steve my fiance, and I had last night where he asked me "When you want to do a sort of podcast, how did you find your voice and actually get up the nerve to hit that play button"?. Now he asked me this because he's actually been contemplating starting a podcast for at least six months.

So he's like, "What made you push play or push record?" And for a second, I didn't know how to answer that. I was like, I don't know. I just did it. I didn't overthink it. I just decided that I wanted to have a podcast I wanted to have a suite of digital products that would provide value to people. So this was what was going on in my head, wanted a suite of products that would provide value to people where I could share my journey, how I'm growing through entrepreneurship, the personal development, I was working through the mindset shifts that were occurring for me, and I would want to teach them and give back in any way that I could. And that it hit me that if I didn't do this, that if I didn't hit record on those episodes, that there were people out there who needed me that I wouldn't be able to serve that there was someone out there somewhere in the world that was suffering without me. And if I didn't get over what type of fear I had, whether it was family listening to me whether it was judgment, whether there were going to be critics on the internet. If I didn't get over that, how I sounded how I looked on camera, then that person would remain suffering. Or they would find another coach, they would find another mentor. And that other person might not care as much as I do. They might not have the same experience as I do. They might not be able to help that person go from a suffering state to a beautiful state like I can and I know nobody's, not everybody's for me. Just like not everybody is going to be for you. There's gonna be people who play your episode one time and say, You know what, Jamie wasn't for me. Sorry. That's fine. Bye, that's fine because while you're not for my show, my show is not for you. There are millions of other people who will resonate with me in my message. Right. I give a lot of tough love. Some people might not like that. That doesn't mean I'm going to change myself. I'm not going to change who I am to fit what somebody wants me to be they can go find their person. It's not up to me to mold myself to become who they want me to become. They might talk about it on social media, they might say who they want me to be or who I am not. That's not my problem. My mission. My promise. What I have to do for myself, is figure out exactly who I am. And I've got to embrace it. The messy The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the beautiful. And I'm encouraging you if you're listening to this to start doing the same. If you want to wear this weird-ass outfit that doesn't match at all, but you just like it and it makes you feel good. Wear it. If Janice has something to say about it. Thank you, Janice. Seriously because it is this one voice that you're given. It is about you figuring out who are you who is inside and it's saying if you like to wear big rings on your hand if you'd like to wear no makeup in your hair up every single day because you just enjoy that and that's just you do it. Do it. There's something to be said about the trendsetters and the celebrities who are always wearing different and unique looks they sit the treads Think about that for a second. Why is that?

Those are the kind of people for the most part. It's just this very broad example, but for the most part, a certain celebrity is pretty confident in their own skin. Okay, so they're let's say, Miley Cyrus, she's confident in her own skin. So she's gonna wear whatever the hell she wants. She doesn't care if you like it if I like it if her dad likes it, right? She's gonna wear it because it's Miley Cyrus, and then if somebody likes that outfit, they'll wear it too, because they want to be like her. But I don't want you to be like somebody who's not you anymore. My mom. She's always saying that she doesn't know what to wear. Although she has a closet full of clothes. But what's interesting here is she has my stepdad Bless his heart. Pick out her clothes for her. And so what happens is instead of her feeling confident enough to wear what she feels good in what she wants to wear, therefore she goes to the store and picks out what she wants. She wants to wear what he wants her to wear. So when she walks into the closet, she has nothing she wants to wear when she wears her clothes, she doesn't feel confident like she likes them. See what I'm saying here. So what needs to happen is she needs to figure out what is Carrie wants to wear today. What is Carrie want to wear and she needs to wear it with confidence. You will need to wear it with confidence and I'm not talking about just clothes, talking about your attitude. I'm talking about the unique parts about you that make you you I don't want you to look in the mirror and try to see somebody else I want you to look in the mirror and say who am I? This person I'm showing up for every single day. This person was at dreams in a vision. I want you to figure out who that is. Who is looking back at you in the mirror How can you fully embody that person and step into the authentic version of you that's been right below the surface just waiting to breakthrough. You can figure out how to tap into that. That's where you're going to start to fulfill your life's purpose. Because you're no longer going to be held back by trying to fit the mold of what someone else has said you should be like or what you think you should be like. Imagine how big of a weight that is lifted off your shoulders when you no longer have to pretend when you can say you know what? I like to curse. I like to curse. I like to curse. And if you don't want to hear cursing, don't see my videos because I'm probably going to drop a couple of words every now and again because I feel like they're a really good way to bring passion through my voice. And I say on when I'm off camera so why would I not say them on camera? Do you know what I mean? That's a part of finding your authentic self.

So if you like to curse, curse, and don't just like don't not curse around a certain family member because they're going to judge you because you curse that's not authentically you embrace the fact that that's a part of you. Do you know what I'm saying? And in regards to motherhood don't even get me started. I never realized how much people had to say about parenting styles and you're being authentic when it came to your kids. But that is a whole nother topic for maybe another day but even when it comes to raising your kids, be authentically you if you want to do something a certain way, do it. But I want you to think more about your kids right now. How would they feel about you if they saw you embracing who you really were? I can tell you from experience if I saw my mom walk into a room, my mom was beautiful. If I saw her embracing herself and walking into a room knowing that she was her authentic self, you know how good that would make me feel. You know how much I would look up to her and how much I would try to recreate that for my own life in terms of me showing up for myself in that way. It's powerful.

So don't underestimate the power of stepping into who you truly are. And don't overestimate what other people think of you and want from you. Because at the end of the day, when nothing else exists except for you. When you're on your deathbed. I don't want you looking back, wishing that you would embrace who you are when it's too late. It is time to find yourself now and to say you know what, I am no longer going to be living a daydream, of what I want my reality of who I want to be of my authentic self. I'm going to take that daydream and I'm going to make it real because I deserve it. Because it's inside of me. And because this is my moment to live.

That's power. And that's my long-winded answer of why I pressed record on my very first podcast episode. In my journey of embracing who I truly am not feel bad about it. To step into your authentic self and be ready to break through any takeaways from this episode. I encourage you to take 30 seconds out of your day head over to Apple Podcasts and leave me a rating and review and help the algorithm more than you will ever No because it's going to let other people just like you find this show. So head over to Apple leave me a rating review. I cannot wait to I can't wait to continue on this journey with you guys. I will catch you in the next episode.

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