How To Start Sharing Your Story Without Offending Anyone

Nov 15, 2021

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in today's episode, we're going to talk about how you can actually start to share your story without worrying about offending. Because right now, if you have podcast episodes sitting in draft, or you've created a post talking about a part of your story, but you're just not posting it or not clicking submit. 

And the reason is that you're worried that maybe it will hurt somebody who you love or who cares about you. And you just don't want to step on any toes or burn any bridges. That could really be holding you back from that next level of success. And so on one of my client calls today, this is something that came up because my client really has an incredible story that she wants to get out there and share with the world. 

And I'm telling you, it is fully loaded. There is so much juicy stuff in there so much. Pain so much hurt, but also a lot of triumphs because she got to the other side and there's a lot of people who are struggling that have been in a situation or are currently in a situation that you've been in and they're seeking a way out. 

They don't know how to get to the other side, but you do because you've lived it and you've been through it. And so. I want to talk about how you can begin to tell your story without worrying about hurting anybody else because there's a way for you to start opening up about this without having that worry, say, you have abuse in your history, or you have a lot of childhood trauma, and you're worried about what your family might say. 

If you tell your side of the story, I just want to encourage you this. Your story happened to you the way you remember it and the way that you would share it is your experience in life. So if you're feeling called to help other people and by you sharing, what has happened to you in your past is going to help somebody go from, their current reality to be getting to the other side, how you've done it. 

It's your mission. To figure out how you can share this story with others because there's somebody out there who's suffering without you. So we're going to learn how to tell this story without burning bridges. First, I want you to start to think of the different perspectives there are. When it comes to telling stories in the way that we remember things in the book. 

Okay. Now let's just say that this is a tube. Okay. And this is somebody's vision. They're looking through this tunnel. This is the way that they see things. Okay. This is their reality and how they remember things. Let's say you remember the story this way. Okay. This is a completely different tube, a completely different reality. 

This is how you remember the story. This is how they did. Okay. What you're doing through storytelling here, especially when you're opening up and being vulnerable about it on social media is your sharing your story over here and the way that you saw it in the way that you've lived it, the way that you got through to the other side. 

So if somebody from your family or one of your friends is listening to this and they feel offended, It's important for you to address the fact that you're not telling this to hurt anyone. You're not telling this story to open up any old wounds or any scars you're sharing it because it's your perspective. 

And if you can start to make this shift, you'll understand that somebody who's thinking down here, your family member, who might be. They might not understand that the way you view what happened is different than theirs, they might not know that you've been hurt in the way that you have been. They might not know how they can help you. 

So while you think that you're going to offend them by opening up about your part of the story and reality, it might cause this family member to start to see things from your perspective. It might help somebody who you've lost along the way, see things in a new light. Now, assuming that they have the best intentions with you and want the best for you. 

It's very therapeutic to start to talk about past traumas and things that we've been through in our life and the way that we got through them. So not only will it help others through their journey, but it can help you heal as well in more ways than just one. Get help your family, man. Learn what happened to you so that they can better support you and it will help you learn what to do differently moving forward. 

So that's one way, right. Is understanding that unique perspectives that each one of us hold and maybe you and your family members just never saw things through the same lens before. Maybe you've never tried to explain how you felt. Okay. So it might be pretty healing, right? And another sense. I feel like it's really important if you're sharing these vulnerable episodes too. 

Like I said, tell people you're not doing this to open up any old scars. You're not doing this to offend anybody or put anybody out. You're simply trying to share your story in a way that's going to help and benefit others because you are feeling called to do so. So if you're open and vulnerable about that aspect, right, even before you become. 

Don't go throwing anybody under the bus. That's not what we're here for. We're not here to point fingers or blame things. You're simply sharing your story of transformation and how you've gone from that situation to your current reality, because there's somebody out there over, over on the side of things, not knowing how to use. 

Through their current struggles and their current pains. And so you need to speak into that, speaking to the feelings and where you were at that time in your life. I wouldn't name names. I wouldn't even act sour about things it's waiting for that scar or that, that wound to heal before you open this back up. 

Because if it's not healed yet, There might be some resentment. There, there might be some struggle there, and it might be pretty obvious that there's still a lot of pain within. And maybe upon talking about this, it will open up that wound a little bit. And if it does that's okay. Because maybe even deeper healing will occur, but, but it's making sure that as you're sharing this story, you're being authentic with the goal. 

To help other people through to the other side. That's the way you can share it without offending anybody. But I want to take this deeper. If you have people following you on your social media and you know that they're going to see the podcast episode or the post, and they're just not going to be supportive. 

They're going to hold you back. They're going to say things that just make you feel yucky. They're going to feel offended or. Honestly, you guys block them from seeing your stuff. It's not necessary for everybody to see all of this, especially if right now you're in a vulnerable state in your journey where you don't feel like you could take the heat. 

If somebody from your family or that you cared about was offended in some way, which if you do what I'm saying, they shouldn't be offended. Right. But if for some reason, Something came up that just didn't hit somebody. Right. And you're worried of that happening. Maybe somebody's pretty sensitive and they're deeply involved in this story. 

Maybe block them from seeing it at least for a while, till you get more comfortable sharing your story. If you guys really, if you're letting somebody else hold you back from sharing what you're supposed to be sharing right now and really. Embracing this authentic self and all of the past history that comes with it. 

It's like you're building this brick wall right here, right beside you. That's going to prevent you from breaking through until you can start to learn how to share this story without burning bridges. So it's not throwing people under the bus. It's not blaming, it's not pointing fingers instead it's embracing and it's owning the fact that. 

Your family members probably had the best intentions. You probably just saw things in a different light. You could even say something like, I know they had the best intentions, but this is what happened. This is how it made me feel. All right. And if this is a very sensitive subject, like abuse, neglect, just anything that could really deepen wounds for people, just understand. 

Well, it may be hard to push record or post that first post. I feel you're going to know deep inside of you if you're supposed to be sharing it, you're going to know, because if you're in this realm of helping other people with your mess, if you're here to make your mess, your message, and you have a unique story inside of you, that needs to be shared. 

It's up to you to figure out how to just pull the plug and share it no matter what that looks like for you. So I hope this episode resonates. I hope that you guys can just start to open up and share your journey in a way that's not going to burn any bridges or hurt anyone, but that's just going to be you more. 

So embracing your past, embracing all of the scars that you have. And not opening them up, but just revealing them to the world because you never know who needs to hear it. There's somebody out there suffering without you. Who just needs to hear how you got to the other side and without you, they might not have anybody else. 

And if they do find somebody else, they may not care as much as you do. So do with that. Thank you so much for listening or watching today. This is an audio and video podcast now. So feel free to watch me on YouTube. Check out the highlights on my Instagram, the ad side, Jamie Kullman. And I cannot wait to catch you guys in the next episode. 

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