How to Set Your Day Up for Success

Feb 21, 2021

Today we're going to talk about how you can start to take back control of our day and design them the way we want to, from the moment you wake up.

What most people do in the morning DOESN'T work for setting their day up for success.

How many of you set your alarm for early morning and end up hitting the snooze button a few times before actually getting out of bed.

Think about that for a second. You're literally telling yourself first thing in the morning that the goal you set yesterday isn't worth seeing through. You're immediately justifying that you don't actually have to follow through when you make yourself promises.

Set your day up intentionally

1. What type of results is your ideal client trying to achieve?

You want fulfillment and happiness. You want to run a successful business while being the best wife, mother, and person you can be.

2. What are they currently doing to try to achieve that result?

Why isn’t that working?

What tends to happen is we forget to give US the time we need to work on ourselves. Sometimes we have good intentions and plan on doing these things, then the day takes hold and we never get the chance.

That's because we typically start the day in a reactive state...

3. What should your ideal client be doing instead?

WAKE early: 5 or 5:30 am

MEDITATE to clear your mind of your to do list

MOVE Do some form of physical activity (yoga for me)

DRINK a glass of water

LISTEN to an inspiring or motivational podcast

WRITE (affirmations, gratitude)


TO-DOs - brain dump your to-do list and set a mission for your day

Make as few decisions as you can, prepare things the night before...

4. What can your ideal client expect to see in terms of outcomes and results if they start doing the things you’ve outlined above?

If you can make this a HABIT by getting up for the next 21 days and putting this into action in your life you're going to take back control of your day.

The few times I've let myself sleep in I've woken up to Kailo crying vs me going into his room and getting him when he wakes up. My entire day starts off on the right foot because I set it up that way.
I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and start setting up your successful day!

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