How To Reclaim 10 Hours A Week, Get Streamlined and Into Work-Life Flow

Sep 27, 2021

I would ask, what would you do with an extra 10 hours. How about knowing what to prioritize, and how to break up with the hustle of entrepreneurship or what if you just knew, how to build your lifestyle by Design.

Today, I'm going to share with you my free face signature program that is taking over a decade. In 10s of 1000s of dollars to figure out directly, it's everything to me, it's the way I live life. It's the way I run my business. It's the way we're gonna be able to reclaim 10 hours a week for the things you love.

Get streamlined so you know where to show up in your business, where you're passionate about showing up in flow, just getting your team working life flow. I cannot wait to dive in here.

We're gonna break it down to three different words.


I will be hosting a three day workshop that is around this topic. It is designed to help you, up level, there's going to be worksheets, there's going to be live coaching there's going to be community. It's going to be incredible. As an activator of level together.

So if you guys are interested in joining the workshop, head over to

I will be coaching you guys live September 29 September 30 and October 1, so if you're listening to this before those days, head over to

If you are listening at a later date in the workshop, life is already over. If you enter in that URL, three they're going to get an option to join. For the next workshop that's coming up, or you can go ahead and watch the replays, if I decide to make them available so you guys want to make sure if you're interested in learning more here, head over to FACEBOOK GROUP.

We're gonna begin phase one, which is clarify this phase is all about answering questions like, am I self employed, am I building a lifestyle that's aligned with my dream lifestyle, am I building a business for a job. It's getting really clear right now, as this is a reality check. It said, You know what, it might actually be the kind of person that I want to be in my living up to my definition of success.

This is a bit of a kick in the pennies right here you guys but it might be just what you need to realize that you only live one time. So if, if you're not giving everything that you have the task in front of you, you're not the president. That's a problem. Or if you're lacking clarity right now on the direction that you're trying to go or what you want. This is for you. Because we need to begin with the end in mind.

We need to restructure your current reality to turn it into a lifestyle you've designed intentionally. That's what clarifies all about, it's figuring out what your zone of impact is together so that you know where you need to prioritize showing up each day, so that you're ready to streamline. And that's when we start to get into phase two, which is streamlining your life, your business.

Here we dive into your day to day endeavors in determine what's actually essential. We set up automations and workflows to keep you inside your zone of impact without dropping the ball right because we want to make sure that things are going up without you. But we want to make sure that they're set up to be handled. Right. So that's when we learn how to delegate, like a boss and break through any barriers that may be trying to keep you self employed.

That's what streamline is about systems run the business. And other people run their systems, it doesn't all need to be. And I think that's been something that's often glamorized in the entrepreneurial space is being self employed, and overworking. But I also believe that it's a delegation problem. A lot of times we start hiring people thinking that they're gonna have some magic tool to suddenly make our business better.

That's very flawed thinking, honestly, because we have to be able to delegate to that person how it's done, or it's not going to get done, how we want to fix. It's a band aid, a band aid, it's going to cost you time and money. But I'm not even saying you have to bring in a large team with streamline, we focus on eliminating the non essential.

We focus on coming up with automations and workflows that actually don't need to be run by anyone. It's simply teaching you how to do them and set them up correctly from day one. So months down the road, you don't ever have to worry about doing the thing again. You just have to spend some amount of time, making those systems and processes better, to see the difference.

So rather than you to what the systems and processes, what are they doing. Instead, you flip that and you're now working on making the systems and processes better. It's really ironic thing that happens, because you switch from the technician inside of the business like putting out fires scrambling wearing all the hats, to then working on it, more strategically from a bird's eye view and actually growing the business. So we're turning you into the boss, rather than an employee type of figure in your business, but in reality what we need to do guys is we need to learn how to set up the systems and processes that work without us.

We need to understand how to delegate to others and step into the role of business owner, rather than to self employed, gives you guys the truth is, the reason you started your business, the thing that you're passionate about doing. That's where focusing, that's where you need to be showing up. And this touches back on clarify, but it's really getting clear here on why you started this. And what you need to do internally of your business so that you can circle back to why you started it, and you can focus there. It's not killing your days with busy work, because if you don't do it. Who else will read I've said that before. For a lot of people I was to say, Oh, well I can't hire because I don't have money to hire or.

Gosh Just the list goes on and on. I'm sure you've seen them right now. Right, but that's why I am telling you. A lot of it can be done without even hiring a single person. And, secondly, when it comes to delegation, it's extremely important to realize that you can't not delegate, if you want time to put into freedom.

So that my friends is a taste of the streamline phase of my signature program. If you are interested in this, like I said before if you want to go deeper. You also want to be with me when I'm coaching, live, head over to, and you can join me there and sign up. We have a brand new private Facebook group we're going to be doing this in two very, very excited to dive into Phase Three out full discrepancies. I did film phase three. This morning, so it may sound a little bit different, but that's fine.

It's often sort of structured. That's fine for us to show up, understand that as you also use their thoughts. Time for your spouse, and also the time. That's where you're going to really shine the light on constructing without stress. So the flow section of your writing and reading the writing. It's free to makers and if you want to learn more about my signature program you want direct access to the live trainings, whether you catch some live, or the replay pop over to, and you're going to be able to experience everything there. I'd like to thank you for popping in those earbuds and hitting play on this episode and if you feel like this episode is needed by somebody else, you know, hit Share and share it with them that is the number one way this podcast grows, is by you connecting, putting it in the hands of individuals, most competitors and the next one.


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