How To Boost Productivity & Stay Organized Around The House [as a mom and entrepreneur]

Oct 25, 2021

This is gonna be a short and sweet episode, that is going to help you stay organized throughout the day. As a mom, as an entrepreneur as somebody who works from home.

Look, I know how stressful it can be when you're working from home and you know that the bed needs me to know that there are dishes in the sink and there's a nice in the living room. I get it. But if you're anything like me, it makes it extremely hard to focus. When these things aren't put back in you walk into the room and you're just, you're just so annoyed because you were on a different subject, and then boom, you've got to do the dishes because of the six law. I get it.

But what happens when we let our lives take us like that, is that we keep getting out of flow because we have to do. Now, this episode is not about you just ate up a dish, let's make sure we wash it off and put it in the dishwasher. Because I understand that, yes, in a perfect world we would all do that, But it's just not life. It's not life when your baby needs you when your kids are screaming, or running around like crazy or throwing things in the sink right after you just finished a load. That's not what we're talking about here, but I'm hoping that once we dive into this simple strategy, you can start thinking about this and show up more intentionally each day.

Now, this is especially for you if you have ADHD, because you're anything like me, I would go to the kitchen and make breakfast. Then boom I would switch tasks to go making the bed and be like oh shit, I forgot to put everything away for breakfast, then I'd go and re-clean up breakfast, and then my baby with me, and you know it just basically is, you're spreading yourself, way too thin, running in a million different directions. Directions and going an inch. 20 different ways rather than a mile down one so let's dive into this, let's figure out how we can stop doing this and actually take back control, live in a more organized space all the time, and just prevent this chaos and get into the greater flow. We're going to talk about resetting the room.

Now this concept is something that I learned about reading atomic habits and ever since then I've been trying to think this through. Every time I do anything or leave any room so here's what it's like. Let's say you just woke up from a good night's sleep.

You're going to before you leave your bedroom, you're going to reset the room. What that means is you visually understand what your room looks like when it's clean and whipped together how you like it. Resetting the room before you walk out means making your bed, and making sure that that visualization that you have of your room put back together is happening that you did that before leaving the room that you put it back together how you'd want to walk back into that space. Now, what's going to happen if you can start to do this and do this every single day. When you walk back into that room to go grab clothes or shoes. All you got to take is a shower. You're not going to have to make the better be annoyed or frustrated or upset because your beds are not made in there's clothes on the floor. Because you took the time before you left the last time, to make sure everything was cleaned up.

I'll give you guys another example if you're in the kitchen, and you're making lunch, you understand what your kitchen looks like you just spent a few minutes cleaning it up right then the hammers are clean, there are no dishes everything's put away in the chairs for leaving all the counters for what it exactly how you want it before you leave the kitchen, you put things back so that the next time you walk in there. It's set up how you want it, it's clean, it's ready for you in your next use.

I feel like especially for people who have ADHD or are moms who are constantly on the go and running any bit more organized you can get, it's going to help you be more productive. It's going to help you stay in that flow state because I'm telling you there's nothing worse than going to cook lunch. And there's shit all over the place for breakfast stuff. There are dirty dishes everywhere. There are pots and pans on the stove, there's a mess on the counters, but it's so frustrating. And so then, rather than putting your heart and soul into creating lunch, or creating cooking with your family or your kids, or making it an enjoyable experience, you're automatically in a different state because it's messy.

Now imagine if you walked back into that kitchen, and it was already cleaned because you finished your project that takes time. Really what it is you guys are finishing your tasks from A to Z. Before you leave, and it's free, setting the room at night. If you and your family just had a movie night on the couch. Okay maybe popcorn tea before you go to bed when you're about to leave the living room, you fold your blankets, you put your pillows back you make sure all the dishes are back in the kitchen in their designated places you reset the room that way in the morning when you wake up you go into the living room, and it's just how you would want it, everything's put away.

Now I know you're probably thinking, Jamie I have kids there is no way they're always crying they're leaving their home, holding my attention in a million different directions I can never even think about resetting the room. Okay. I feel you. I get it. But at least, wake up 10 minutes early and reset your bedroom.

Give yourself an area of the house that you have literally intentionally set up for you, that you know for a fact, it just makes you feel good, just makes you feel good knowing that that little part of your life you could control today. I know. Maybe you can't keep up with this little living room, maybe there are toys all over the kitchen it's always a mess, is trying and start with your bedroom. And if you have your own bathroom, do it there to the little nooks and crannies of your house that nobody else really goes in, start there, and then maybe you'll feel inspired to start resetting the rest of your house freedom makers.

I hope that you found some value in today's short and sweet episode, I love trying to give you guys action items that you can take into your day and into your week that just helped me things a little bit simpler as an entrepreneur and a mama. If you found some value in today's episode please hit that subscribe button so that you never miss another episode, tag me on Instagram, share your main takeaway from this episode, and make sure you tag me at Jamie Kullman, I really appreciate you guys and I'm going to leave you with this plan to do something today that puts you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. I hope you have an amazing, amazing day, and let me know how it goes, resetting.

Book recommendation: Atomic Habits

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