How I'm Getting Into Greater Work-Life Flow As A Business Owner and Stay At Home Mom

Oct 18, 2021

Freedom makers today, I am hoping that by me opening up about this current reality. It helps put things into perspective for you so that you can make any shifts or adjustments needed in your life in business that helped put you into the greater work-life flow.

So I'm going to start by sharing my backstory. And what I thought was going to be the case, when I was pregnant with Kylo versus the actual reality of my situation and how I'm actually adjusting my work-life flow to fit this reality.

So, when I was pregnant. I was working really hard to set my business up to where I would only need to run it during nap time, it for a while, I was kind of working, because you know newborn babies sleep a lot. Right, and so I felt like I could really show up where I needed to get on my coaching calls create these podcast episodes, get on social media, create the content, do all of the things that are within my zone of impact. And after Steve being home with me for eight months. It was a little bit easier because I had an extra set of hands. But the sense we've moved off of the valley and then now in Colorado Springs, he has taken on an OT position full time. So that was just me. And while that is still extremely incredible to be able to be a stay-at-home mom, And take care of Kylo without needing childcare.

I'm starting to realize that I am still a business owner that I do want to be here for him. I have my own ability to set my own schedule. He's been sick the past couple of days so I've taken some time off to help him and make him feel better. I have the ability to do that as a business owner. I also have the ability to, when he gets older, take him to soccer take into baseball. Take him to basketball practice where maybe if I had a traditional nine to five job I wouldn't be available for those types of things. So I'm starting to look at this flexibility as an entrepreneur, less as being a full-time stay-at-home mom trying to juggle. Filming podcast episodes with a baby who needs me. And feeling like I can't be fully present with him because I have these other things on my mind from the business.

So it's understanding that as an entrepreneur, and, as a business owner, you have the flexibility and you have freedom within your schedule to adapt to your kids, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should take on the role of a full stay at home mom, while you're building your business.

Now before you go extinct this podcast because I'm saying these things, it is literally from experience, to where I will feel like during that time I'm getting into a type of flow state where I'm in my groove, I'm feeling good things are coming through. I'm making a lot of progress and then boom! he wakes up.

And then he needs me for the next three hours. And what happens is then I've pulled out a flow. I've got to take care of his needs that, you know obviously I have my own needs too. So what happens is they go to sit back down when the next nap time arises, it is kind of like I re get back in that state again. And so now instead of running my business in my life this way where I feel like I'm constantly getting in and out of flow, and having to put myself into it, rather than living in this way, I've decided that I'm going to really sit down and figure out what the most creative times are for me each day, and I've got to hire a nanny to help me with Kylo during those peak times. That way, even if it's just three hours a day.

That way I can make sure that I can remain in that flow state without having to constantly get out of it. And what's interesting is in doing this a few different times already, and being able to just completely leave the house, go to the coffee shop alone. I've been able to show up so much more powerfully when I get home, knowing that I fully completed the tasks that I had at hand, knowing that I was able to prioritize accurately show up and do the task A to Z without distraction felt incredible. It feels so good.

And so I want to give you permission, that just because you work from home, and you have a baby at home, and you're trying to find this balance, this groove. It does not need to be all on your plate. It is equivalent I've read this now I wish I remember the source right now. But being a stay-at-home mom is the equivalent of having two and a half full-time jobs. So imagine this, you have two and a half full-time jobs, if that's if you have one kid, imagine some of you listening have three or five kids, I'm not sure. And then you're trying to start scale, run your business. That's a lot of work. That's a lot on you and that's not even time to get into your mindset, and to spend time with your spouse and do things that light you up. It's just too much to do.

Now you don't be I'm all about removing yourself from the trenches in the backend. So I'm not saying we ignore that, not saying you're overworking, that's not what this is about. This is me saying that just because you bring on somebody to help you. So you can remain in that flow state, you're actually going to move further, much faster, and you're going to be able to figure out what your zone of impact is even more so, because you're not going to be distracted and overwhelmed by so many things coming at once. You're gonna be able to show up more powerfully in your life, in your business, you're going to feel more inflow, and you're going to move faster.

Now if you're listening to this, you're like, Oh yeah, Jamie but nannies are so expensive, I definitely couldn't afford that my business maybe isn't making money yet, which wraps aid you. You can go to and you can sign up for less than $50. And you can cancel that after you make some connections with Nannies. You can find an ad for $15 an hour. I'm not saying they've got to be full-time for three hours. Like me, I'm gonna have a nanny. From, I would say 8 to 4 hours on Tuesday and Thursdays, that's gonna fluctuate every now and again but those are my days for client calls, podcasting, the things that I really can't have interruptions for because it's just not beneficial to everybody involved. So those are the days that I'm going to have extra help. But if you think about the amount of productivity.

The amount of things I'm going to get done during that time, knowing that the next day I will have access to it. I mean, money is going to come back tenfold. Alright, so even if you have family nearby, or a friend will just watch your baby, every now and again so that you're not distracted. I feel like it's going to be extremely beneficial for getting you to greater work-life flow. Now I understand that you started your business to be a stay-at-home mom. That's exactly what I'm doing this for too. But that doesn't mean that we can't have help. It also means that you might have to start waking up even earlier, after my morning routine in the morning, I have been getting some work done, because it's time where I know he wakes up at 7:30 am, I have the next hour to, to really get some things done that I feel like we progress and move the needle, and get these set for the day. So I hope that these little tips and tricks are going to help you maybe find that flow state a little bit easier.

A question I get a lot, especially over on Instagram is people asking me how to get into a greater work-life balance. And so, here's one of the answers. This is for you. This is one of the main things that I help my clients to figure out is how do they really get into this work-life flow with a baby, running a business, what does this look like, how can I actually make this work in my life.

Hope this helps to least kickstart where your mind goes, because now that you have gotten this do not need to do this alone. Give yourself permission to run your business like a boss. Alright, guys, that's all I got for you today.

Thank you so much for listening and I cannot wait to pull back the curtain and share more of this journey and what's coming through from this, I am going to share all of it with you, all of my tips and tricks so if you have not yet done so hit Subscribe on this podcast, and let me know what you're thinking of these episodes by me over on Instagram at Jamie Coleman and Join my Facebook Tribe


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