Ep 28: Taking Action in Business with Allison Nelson

Oct 18, 2020

I'm excited to bring you my interview with Allison Nelson today! She's a business coach and strategist whose goal is to work with moms with online businesses.

Allison goes into her background on school counseling and tells us how that formed her approach to business. She also goes into how when she became a mother it changed everything for her. She wanted the time freedom that working for yourself can provide. So she decided to be her own boss. She started a product-based business in the beginning. But she found that people were really interested in HOW to build their online business and decided that's something she could really help with.

She's found that her past experiences help her in business today by using her knowledge in education to create courses and the one-on-one counseling experience to work with coaching clients individually.

One thing Allison said that really resonated with me is that you can't worry about what your friends and family think when starting your own business. She goes on to explain that the people you're wanting to work with within your business are people you probably don't know yet. Your world as a business owner gets bigger. And she goes on to explain that becoming a mother felt like a rebirth. Worrying about what people thought about me and my business didn't seem to matter anymore.

Allison also talks about how her husband, the breadwinner of their family, lost his job due to Covid and how leaning on her business even though it was new helped their family through a difficult time and how it gave her the push to be fully ready to accept the opportunities available to her.

I loved hearing her honest conversation about the messiness of business and how gaining clarity from it helped her move forward. She talks about using selfies vs. professional branding pictures, and going without branding for a little bit, and just taking action even if it wasn't perfect. I love that because it's so true and thinks about how often we as business owners get caught up in those things that may not matter in the big scheme of things!

You can find more information about Allison at Make Biz Happen.

I can't wait for you to listen if you haven't already! Find Moms Freedom Maker Podcast at your favorite podcast platform or listen on my home page!


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