Ep. 36 Unfolding Motherhood with Dr. Katy

Nov 15, 2020

Freedom Makers, today, I have a very special guest and her name is Dr. Katy She's a pediatrician who has been practicing for 11 years and has been on active duty in the army for five, spending 15 months in Iraq, caring for our soldiers and some local Iraqi children. Three years ago, she left her job as a pediatrician to take care of her most important job. Her family. She has four kids and one grown stepson today. Dr. Katy is going to share with us what her life has looked like since leaving her corporate job and how she's been able to find herself while also fully diving into motherhood without losing herself and her passion and vision along the way.

Dr. Katy shared with me that she was awarded a bronze star for her military service, which is not something you might expect just by looking at her. Another interesting thing was that she wasn’t planning on being a doctor when I was a kid. It was something she realized later was her passion and calling. I loved hearing her talk about how life can take different turns and directions and that she didn’t plan to join the military but after meeting her husband in medical school it’s what made sense for them and she did it for love. 

She went on to talk about her love and passion for caring for others really fueled those big life decisions. When she decided to stay home with her children she did missing working in pediatrics and realized that she could help moms and help educate in the online community. In her Facebook group, she goes live weekly to answer parent questions and address topics of interest. She just recently covered fevers in children because it’s something important that parents need to understand especially as flu season comes up and the ongoing global pandemic. 

She tries to make the group a very supportive place. With so much information floating around in mom groups and on the internet that isn’t necessarily medically correct, it’s so important for the people educated in medicine to share their knowledge. Dr. Katy is so positive and uplifting that it’s easy to see why parents would be comfortable coming to her with questions. WIth the Covid 19 pandemic, many parents are having trouble making it into their local pediatrician's office and are turning more than ever to online information. As a soon-to-be newborn mother, I’m so glad to have her sharing online! 

Dr. Katy shared that one of her favorite mom tips is to know that you really are a great mom. Motherhood guilt and comparison are so real, especially in this social media age. That’s something that inspired her to form her group. She wanted to create a place where moms could talk without being compared and could find fellowship and not feel alone. 

She went into the difficult decision it was to leave her traditional job to stay home with her children. It was a tough choice but she felt a big sense of relief once it was made. As she was feeling confident about her new role, part of her did wonder what else she could do to help moms. When Covid hit and there was a new need for advice that didn’t take place in person that’s when she created Unfolding Motherhood. 

If you haven’t already head over to her interview and hear more about her working in Iraq and what her business looks like now. And today we’re so lucky because she’s giving Freedom Makers access to her freebies and Facebook group! Make sure you follow the links below to take advantage of these great offers. 

Weekly Planner: www.freeplanner.drkatygibson.com

Top mealtime tips: www.mealtimetips.drkatygibson.com

FB Group: Unfolding Motherhood with Dr. Katy-https://www.facebook.com/groups/unfoldingmotherhood/

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