Ep: 33 Edit Your Life with Lindsay Burns

Nov 05, 2020

Hey Freedom Makers! Today I have a very special guest and her name is Lindsay Burns Lindsay is a Behaviour Change Educator who is passionate about helping women balance their career and motherhood.  She believes you can 'have it all when you get really clear about what 'all' means to you, and implement structures and systems that allow you to be effective with your time. Learn how to edit your life and gain valuable time for your career, self, and family. You can find her @lifechanginglinds on Instagram and Facebook, or at www.lifechanginglinds.com

Lindsay works with women to edit their lives. We get so focused on the “more, more, more” busyness of life, but so many women want to find a way to keep their lives more balanced and that’s where she comes in. She focuses on what is essential for them and how they can align their actions and behaviors to what really matters. 

She focuses on habits and systems moms can put into place during the day to automate what they can and spend their energy on the important things. Lindsay says that balance is getting those habits in place and aligning them with your values. She has a master’s degree in behavior change, so her expertise is how to keep these habits sustainable to make an overall change in your life. You have to decide what habits are the most important to you and prioritize them. One thing she prioritizes is one on one time with her child. She finds that when she schedules this important time then she doesn’t skip out on it and her child is more content when she has to do other activities or spend an hour on work later. 

One thing that Lindsay said that really resonated with me is, “if you want something that you never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.” Willingness to try something new is so important when building new habits. Small changes are where it starts. Approaching things with an open mind is so important to your overall growth. 

One of the biggest challenges that mothers face is their personal identities. Motherhood changes a lot. So you have to think about what identifies you and what do you WANT to identify you. And then look at your life and cut out the things that don’t match that identity. 

I loved hearing Lindsay talk about her own priorities too. She gets into why working out first thing in the morning helps her get her day started and explain why it’s so important. She encourages all of her clients to start the day this way to get the most out of their productivity 

Freedom Makers, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and have a better understanding of the power of baby steps in your life and business. Lindsay stresses the importance of progress over perfection and really narrowing down your to-dos to the most important tasks.

My main takeaway here was to associate feelings with the visions you have for your dream life and not to try keeping up with the Jonses. Get very clear on what you want and how you will feel once you have those things to make sure you’re setting yourself up for the life of your dreams. 

To download Lindsay’s Edit Your Life freebie head on over to www.momsfreedommaker.com/edityourlife where you’ll find links to her website and contact information. 

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