Ep: 32 How To Build Up Your Tribe Of Raving Fans

Nov 01, 2020

Today we are going to talk about how to build up your tribe of raving fans. If you haven’t already, go back to episode 31 and listen to the three steps that you must take to start your business on a steady foundation, because this episode stems directly off of your clarity found in the previous episode.

What we’re going to learn today is how to build up your tribe of raving fans. These are your ideal clients, the ones who you created your offers for, your expertise is what your ideal client needs to be successful. I’m going to give you guys a few ideas to get the wheels turning, and then I’m going to share with you how I’m building up my tribe.

First we need to think about where our ideal client is hanging out. So right now, you should have a really good idea of who your ideal client is. What I mean by where the hanging out is, are they on Pinterest? Are they on LinkedIn? Facebook, Instagram, Tik, Tok? Not only where they hang out is important, but where do you want to have your platform be? Where you can build up a relationship with them. Now I’ll tell you that my group that I have is actually on Facebook. The reason I chose Facebook versus Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, was because I really liked the community aspect. I like how people can chat with each other. They can post questions on the board. They can interact with things that I post, like, videos etc. I’m going to continue throughout this episode to use Facebook as an example, because I think a lot of you listening are going to be focusing on Facebook and Instagram. So we’re going to talk about Facebook groups primarily.

We also want to figure out how you can adapt your profile to start speaking to them You would change your personal Facebook bio to be that sentence that we figured out in the last episode, which is basically the,” what you do statement”. You need to be very specific on the service you provide, and who you provide it for. Your Instagram bio could be something extremely, extremely simple, but it needs to be specific. I’m going to read mine to you now, and then you can adapt yours to speak to your ideal clients. My Facebook bio says “I help moms make money from home to create freedom and fulfillment specializing in Amazon.” So it’s very clear. It’s clear who I serve, what I help them do and what I specialize in. Rework that in a way that makes sense for you. And then what I have in addition to that is I’ve changed my cover photo to have a call to action so that when somebody’s in a Facebook group or Facebook page that I’m communicating with, whenever they see me showing up and providing value and commenting and liking all of these things that they know where to go to get more information from me. And the reason that you want to have your cover photo direct them somewhere is because you don’t want them to just visit your profile and then get lost and then click out of your profile and never to be seen again, they clicked on you because they were interested in you and what you had to offer.

You want it to be very clear when somebody clicks on your Facebook profile, what you do, who you serve, what you specialize in, in what they should do next. It’s also great obviously to link any websites or additional resources but only put one call to action. Don’t confuse someone. Don’t actually send them off of Facebook. I’ve found a lot more success with actually keeping it within the Facebook platform. That also helped my decision to build my tribe on a Facebook group. And now the reason that I did that once again, was to establish that know, like, and trust factor and give my people a place to all congregate together. Where I can start showing up and providing them value on a regular basis. So that’s what my Facebook group has done for me. And it’s just basically building up my tribe of ideal clients, right?

Definitely make it, feel like a tribe, make your people feel like they are one and they’re all in this together. And they’re all working towards a similar goal because most likely your ideal client is since you are solving a problem for them, right? You’re specializing in something and they’re all in a similar profession as we’ve discussed. So if you can make them feel like they’re all going to push through and get this final result together, and then you show up and add value, as often as you can for free for these people, they’re absolutely going to want to continue working with you. That’s kind of the goal here. And so often people ask, they’re like, okay, well, if I create this Facebook group, do I need a Facebook page too, and at the end of the day you technically don’t need both. I personally do have a Facebook page as well. That’s just where I like to provide additional value for people who haven’t yet joined my tribe, but want to kind of follow and see what I’m doing. So they are a bit different. I do post different things on each platform, but if you want to keep things simple, I would highly just recommend focusing on growing that group aspect. Focus on growing your tribe of raving fans, because that’s where you’re going to be able to show up and provide the most value.

Let’s talk about how you get people into that group. That’s the big question, isn’t it? You should do that by going on Facebook. Search for your ideal client in other groups and in other pages, and what you should do is you should start showing up in those places and commenting on their posts, adding value, asking questions and posting. You want people to start to see your face. What you don’t want to do is self promote too much or spam members. Don’t make anybody upset, but when you’re adding enough value, and if you have freebies and resources that are going to help people, you can start to link them back to your Facebook group or send them personal messages or friend request them.. And then slowly your group is going to start to grow organically. From there, you’re going to be able to show up in your own group.

And like when you’re showing up in these groups, think about a car salesman versus someone who just genuinely wants to help for free, because they love to get people results. Who would you rather work with? You’ll be in some Facebook groups and pages, and you’ll see some people show up and just push their offer, push their offer, push their offer. And you’re just like, Whoa, I wasn’t even interested. And you just ignore it. But if you are showing up in these groups and seeing someone who’s constantly giving back and working for free and adding value, like, of course, you’re going to want to join their group because you want more where that came from. If that makes sense. We want to build up our tribe full of our ideal clients. You don’t just want to get anybody into this Facebook group because that’s not going to do you any good.

If you’re listening to this podcast you might as well join us in the Facebook group! I cannot wait to hear more about your business. We will also have promotional days within the tribe. You are more than welcome to share the business that you are creating and get more people who are just like you!

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