Ep 27: Your Unshakeable Money Mindset

Oct 16, 2020

What comes to your mind when you think about money?

Some may say freedom, happiness, leisure, luxury, or power

Others may say manipulation, greed, worry, anxiety; maybe you even wish it didn’t exist.

But we need to start by going back to the basics, because money – in the pure sense of the word, is nothing but a piece of paper that we work in some way to get more of, to spend on things that cover our basic needs or bring us joy.

By definition, money is a tool we use to get the things we want or need.

So often this definition gets misconstrued and people start to look at money as the enemy when they aren’t getting what they want in life, instead of thinking of ways to better utilize the money they do have.

It’s our mindset around money that not only affects the way we view it, but also affects how we use it.


A lot of time our money mindset has a way of holding us back from success without us even realizing it.

This can be from us being cheap or frugal when spending or investing or just simply putting up a block because we don’t appreciate the abundance we already have.

You may find yourself skipping buying something at the grocery store that you want to save money, reading the dinner menu from the left to the right always looking at the price first or saying things like “we don’t have the money for that” or “we’ll never be able to get ahead financially.”

And I want to put a quote in here from Jim Rohns and he says “For things to change, you have to change.”

Maybe you think you have all you deserve because that’s what you’ve been told and reminded of your entire life.

As a coach, I see this time and time again where people want to start their businesses or scale their business, but they aren’t willing to invest in themselves. They have this money block that doesn’t allow them to invest in something that will take them to this next level.

This example specifically comes from a scarcity mindset, but it’s something many of us face. We try so hard to hold onto things even if that means making a sacrifice in another area.

Your actions start to reflect your money mindset whether you realize it or not.

Other times we get so focused on wanting more that we start to take for granted all that we have.

It comes down to a certain money blueprint we have for ourselves. It could be that we want to be making $100,000 this year and are only making $80,000, therefore, we’re unhappy because what we think should be happening, isn’t.

Where many people would find making $80,000 to be completely satisfying. It all comes down to your mindset.

It’s important to understand that even if you have a fixed amount of income, say you’re working a 9-5 and you get paid hourly, your worth and your potential for income greatly exceeds what you make in your job.

You can start to invest and explore other opportunities to make more money. You’ll always spend money, but you can always make money.

So we have to eliminate those thoughts of lack and switch to a place of abundance and realizing that the money is there for us when we’re ready to accept it and do what it takes to bring more into our lives.

It’s a realization that you’re worthy of more. That you are going to push aside those money blocks and do what it takes to make things happen for yourself, you’re not going to come from a place of lack when you’re making decisions.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work til you die.” – Warren Buffett.

I believe we start to get what we focus on so if we focus on lack, we’re going to see lack, if we focus on what we do have, abundance and what we’re working for – we’re going to see progress and start to manifest that next level of income.

It comes down to really visualizing what you want in life and attaching goals to those dreams you have and taking action on them.

We aren’t going to just visualize a million dollars in our bank accounts and have it show up there. But once we have that vision we can start to make moves and figure out how we can make it happen and take action to see those things through.

I think of money as a tool to buy back time and help me move faster. In turn, what happens is you actually start making more of it.



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