Ep 26: Outsourcing 101

Oct 12, 2020

So the question is this, how do we stay in our zone of impact?

It comes down to outsourcing the things in our businesses that have a way of distracting us from our zone of impact.

When our attention is pulled in many different directions, we aren’t really showing up in a way that benefits our clients or our businesses. If we can learn to stay in our lanes our creativity, drive and focus increase and so does our productivity when we get into state.

Welcome to outsourcing 101 where we will find your perfect people to help you run you business successfully.


Now, it doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in or hoping to start, no one should run a business on their own because there are way too many moving parts and you’re going to be pulled in many different directions.

I just went through the process of hiring a social media manager and in one of the interviews she actually told me she doesn’t have time to run her social media, because she’s so busy running her clients social media accounts.

Mamas, this social media manager needs a social media manager, or she needs to hire someone underneath her to help with client work, create an agency of sorts, or she needs to raise her prices. If you’re selling a service and you don’t have time or make time to do the service for yourself, you need to hire help.

I want you to spend a day or two documenting all of the tasks that you do from the time you start to work until the end of your work day.

What you need to do with that list is look at it and determine what parts you actually need to do and where you need to show up, and what you’re doing because “it just needs to get done”, I promise you, there’s a difference.

What on that list excites you? What will you look forward to doing the rest of this week? Is there something you look forward to?

Highlight that item.

Now just take a minute and look at the rest of your list. If it’s anything like mine you have 2 or 3 things highlighted and 10 things that could be taken off your plate if someone else was around to do them or knew how.

I promise you, there’s someone else out there who knows how…

Think about it, if you hire someone who’s figured out their lane is social media management and that’s an area you’ve been struggling in and lack excitement about – hire them – let them stay in your lane, you stay in yours and watch your business grow.

I hope you have a better idea now of what you can outsource.

Maybe start with hiring a VA for some administrative tasks to buy you back a little more time.

But, how do you find someone you can trust to run your business?

Ahh the question that prevents many people from hiring in the first place, however, think back to any business you’ve walked into or been a part of. Think of a restaurant you ate at recently. Did you see the owner checking people in, seating them, waiting on them, cooking the food, bringing the food out to them, bartending and bussing tables? 99% of the time the answer is no.

They didn’t build that business to give themself 10 jobs to do. They build the business so they could stay in their lane – not wear all the hats.

When I went to hire people in the past I would post in a facebook group: looking to hire a virtual assistant, please comment below if you’re interested. I would get bombarded, and never end up following through because it was way too much work to go through them.

I recently decided to hire a few new members onto my team and I did it in a strategic way.

I found facebook groups of women who had started a business – that had my ideal client in them – because I wanted to make sure we shared similar interests and they would resonate with my business.

Then I created a simple google form that had some application questions on it to help me vet through the applicants. I asked for their websites and contact information here so I could reach out to them.

After that I created a neat photo in Canva that said I was hiring for a social media manager and I gave a brief description of my Avatar along with what I was looking for.

That way instead of getting a hundred comments on the post that were very unorganized and confusing, I have a list of people who took the time to fill out my application and I was able to screen for the best candidates.

I sent the best ones out an email to schedule a call with me and a link to my calendar. This saved me hours of back and forth and trying to choose the best person based off their website or profile.

I recommend you try this with any aspect of your business you’re looking to outsource.

I’ll tell you guys I started with hiring a warehouse manager, social media manager, podcast manager and I will hire an ads manager next.

You don’t need to wear all the hats to run a successful business. In fact the less hats you wear, the more your zone of impact will explode and your sales will skyrocket.

Remember guys, money is a tool that should be used to help you move faster. It’s not something that you should hoard and hold onto. You’re building a business here it involves investments and by giving yourself a break and allowing yourself to go all-in on your zone of impact you’ll see a 10x (if not more) on your investment.

In the next episode, we’re going to talk about your unshakeable money mindset and the importance of having a positive relationship with money

If you’re interested in starting your own work-from-home business I welcome you to join my private group where I teach for free on specific topics that will bring you one step closer to your dreams. I wanted to create a community of Freedom Makers that can all rise up together. I’d love to have you and get to know you on a deeper level.

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Catch you guys in the next one!

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