Ep 25: Your Zone Of Impact

Oct 09, 2020

What is your zone of impact?

Your zone of impact is the area in which you need to show up to best serve your audience. It’s the things that you do in your business, that only YOU can do. They can’t be outsourced or replicated.

It’s the things that we do in our lives and businesses that are specific to us and our success. It’s what we do best!

It’s the areas where you find the most joy and are able to bring about the most impact.

Why is it important to stay in your zone?

When you’re staying in your zone you can be completely focused on the items you need to be handling without being pulled in multiple directions. When you can stay in your zone of impact you can make sure you’re spending your time doing the things you’re best at.

When you’re scattered doing all the things in your business you can’t show up in a way that serves your audience.

Once you can determine what your zone of impact is, you can start to market yourself better and stay in your lane.

You will feel the most passion for what you’re doing when you can stay in your zone of impact.

When you can operate from a spot of being excited, creating and focused – this is where you have the most chance for success and a greater impact.

We all have these things in our business that excite us and drain us… It’s important for us to take a step back and assess what those things are.

Whatever you’re doing that takes you out of that zone of impact takes you out of your flow and pulls you away from your shot at ultimate happiness and success.

Anything for me that pulls me from creating valuable content, filming podcast episodes, recording educational videos, closing the next client, coming up with the next product idea is going to pull me out of my zone.

I attract the opportunities that I want when I’m operating from my zone of impact. Any distraction from this – it’s not worth it.

Why do most people try to wear all the hats?

I bet a majority of you mamas listening have tried to wear all the hats before, am I right?!

We tend to spend so much time and energy on things that drain us in pursuit of saving money or not trusting others with our businesses (our 2nd babies!) – we think if we can do this for long enough then we can start outsourcing down the line.

I encourage you to take a step back and consider taking off some of those hats to focus within your zone of impact. It’s financially draining you to continue trying to do everything on your own.

When you’re staying in your zone you can afford to structure your life around those exciting opportunities..

Imagine a circle with 100% of your focus going towards your zone of impact activities. Then draw a line down that circle and add 50% focus on zone of impact and 50% on administrative tasks, continue doing this for each hat you wear and you’ll start to realize that your skills, expertise and things that excite you aren’t getting much of your attention.

When you can start to stay in your zone of impact and focus on the items that move the needle you start to see that success pour out into other aspects of your life and you’re no longer spreading yourself too thin.

So, how do we find our zone of impact so we can understand where we should be focusing your energy?

Ask yourself this. What’s the thing that if you could focus your energy on that if you just paid for dinner from this – you’d be happy.

Most of you get into something because you want to stay within that zone.


There may be a handful of things that you like doing so much that you could do that all day… What excites you?!

You got into this because you wanted to be in THAT zone.

You may not know exactly what you’re passionate about, but what do you feel excited about and when do you start to feel in the zone?

Many people call this the zone of genius, but I want to call it the zone of impact because that’s what we all strive for right? It’s a greater impact, therefore if we can focus on the items that will help us increase our impact our presence, fulfillment and income will increase as well.

This is something I had to deep dive into this week as I begin outsourcing more aspects of my business.

It came down to me answering the questions of where in my business can I not be replaced. Where do I need to show up and do things on my own and what are the things that someone else should be doing that I’m not a part of.

How do you stay in your zone of impact?

In the next episode we’re going to be talking about outsourcing and how to take off some of those hats!

It involves focusing on the tasks that you need to do to stay excited and in your zone and eliminating those that aren’t serving you.


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