EP 23: How To Choose Your Path When You Want To Do All The Things

Oct 02, 2020

Today we’re going to talk about seeking clarity to help us choose a path when we have tons of ideas. This is the guidance I wish I would have had when I was trying to find my direction. This could be the episode that helps guide your journey to more impact, freedom and earnings without going through the number one problem that holds entrepreneurs back.

So how do we choose a path when we want to do all the things?!


If you look at the differences between people who are extremely successful and those who seem to struggle, the main difference here is their level of clarity.

Many times we go through this lack of clarity because it’s hard to make everything align for ourselves, we want to leave this legacy, fulfill our passions, make an impact on the world - but we aren’t sure exactly how it will all fall together.

When you start down the path of entrepreneurship it becomes easy to look less like a laser focused business owner and more like the ball bouncing around a pinball machine with dozens of incredible ideas, but no idea where to start.

This was my life for a few years and what happened was that I wanted to do all the things, but never started anything because something else would always come up.

I never had clarity, therefore I could never focus, therefore I never started.

I felt like a failure, nothing was working out and I kept hitting dead ends. My friends and family around me stopped believing in me because I was always talking about the next business I would start, but never actually finished any of them.

My partner would always comment on how awesome my business ideas were, but I could see him slowly losing faith in my abilities to follow through with just one of them.

I started to invest in courses, mentors and training that were all designed to bring me clarity on launching an impactful business that aligned with my passions.

After I found clarity everything came together in a beautiful way and I was able to move forward with passion, purpose and drive. I want to help you find that clarity so you can do the same.

I want to start by discussing WHY  us entrepreneurs have a hard time staying focused.

  • We always have business ideas flowing through our heads that are awesome, but it has the power to leave us paralyzed, because we can’t ever choose just one to start with!
  • Sometimes it’s fear, fear of rejection, failure or letting ourselves and others down.
  • Other times we just don’t know which one to start with or how everything will fit together.

You guys the trick here is just to pick 1 thing, choose something, and just start.

But, we want to choose the 1 thing that’s most aligned with you, that you can feel passionate about growing.

Here’s something I wish someone would have told me sooner - you can always pivot. You can always change what you’re doing in the future, but you can’t pivot if you never start.

Okay now the most important thing to  remember for today is that when you’re speaking to everyone, you’re really speaking to no one. 

In a world so full of advertisements and distractions people want to feel a connection they want to feel like you’re talking directly to them or they will most likely disregard whatever it is you have for them.

You may attract everyone, but you’ll be spread way too thin and the people you’re trying to target wont resonate with your message. 

It’s best to focus on ONE profession.

This profession can align with something you’re passionate about; for example holistic medicine is something that you love to study therefore you target owners of holistic medicine clinics. Then instead of blending in with everyone else with your expertise, you’re now specifically speaking to people in your target market. 

You can charge premium pricing and you stand out from your competition. Think about it this way. If you owned this holistic health clinic would you want to hire someone who did advertising for all small businesses? Or would you rather hire someone who does advertising for holistic health clinics specifically and has experience in this area?

Your marketing will be more effective as they start to realize you’re talking directly to them instead of trying to speak to everyone. 

You’ll hope to state their problem as good or better than they can. 

What is the challenge or frustration that your target market has and can you articulate it to them so when they see it they think; this person gets me!! And it’s an immediate connection. 

When you focus on one profession like this your funnels and websites can be repeated again and again and you can scale faster.

THINK: General practitioner vs surgeon 

When you have specialized knowledge and target it to the right audience in a language they connect with and relate to; you make more money and have more impact.

STEP 1: What profession your perfect customer is in? 

They may be a spa owner, an author, an expert, a fitness trainer a holistic health coach, an accountant, a real estate agent, a physical therapist...

You may know what profession your ideal client is in automatically, but if you don’t it may be a good idea to revisit your expertise finder sheet and review the “what you’re passionate about section’ to see which profession aligns the most with things you’re passionate about. 

This will ensure your ideal clients have similar interests to you (which makes everything more fun!)

It’ so important to focus on a specific customer and how you can get them the results they're after.

Step 2: Think about the problems that they have but think of them from the perspective of your client and what’s going on in their heads when they think about these problems. 

 Marketing is solving problems and providing solutions.

I’ll give you an example. Imagine you’re a fitness coach and you're speaking to the general population about being healthy and staying in shape.

You aren’t seeing many clients because you're too generalized. 

Once you niche it down, say a fitness coach for work from home entrepreneurs you can target them saying something like this: “Are you feeling tired after long days of sitting behind your computer? Do you start feeling sluggish in the afternoon and wish you had a pick me up to finish the work day strong?” You can target them much more directly through your ad copy when you know who you’re talking to.

This can be your initial target market, but once you establish yourself and get off the ground you can open up to additional professions as well if you create additional ads and landing pages that echo the language you use to speak to them.

Basically you would just do this exercise again but instead of fitness coaches maybe you choose to target health coaches as well. 

If you’d like to continue going and make a list of all the problems your ideal client has great! But at least get one down. 

Step 3: Become the category King or queen. 

This is the way to override the competition. Think of all the problems that your customer may be having in relation to the skills and solutions you can provide them.

If you’re in marketing you may hear a few of these problems from your customers… read slide. 

These are the conversations going on in their heads and it’s your job to try offering the solutions to the problems they are having. 

Freedom makers, if you’re having trouble finding clarity, direction and focus in your life and business I would love to chat with you and try to help you reach the other side. Head on over to momsfreedommaker.com/discoverycall and I’ll see how I can help you.

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