Ep 022: The Wait Wasn't Punishment, It Was Preparation

Sep 28, 2020

Freedom Makers today I want to talk about the struggle nearly every entrepreneur faces when especially when they’re just getting started and that’s the wait. The time after you decide to start something where you’re putting in the work, the hours of your time invested in growing the business before you start to see it pay off.

This time period is so crucial because many people fall out here because they don’t see progress or sales right away. But, I’ll tell you after you keep showing up consistently your time will come. The wait isn’t punishment, it’s preparation.

Let’s talk about why that is…

So often as busy mamas and entrepreneurs we want things to happen so quickly in our lives and business and many times we get discouraged when things don’t start to unfold quickly.

What we have to remember that the time in between starting and seeing success in your business is all a part of the process, it’s all about going through the motions and putting in the work. by going through the motions, putting in the work, we get closer and closer to breakthrough.

Even when it’s hard and difficult and you want to give up. Consistency is the key.

When people start to notice you showing up on a regular basis, they see that you’re not giving up even when no one is watching, you start to gain a loyal following and people will start to take notice.

If you chat with any successful entrepreneur many times they will tell you how they worked for months, seeing absolutely no results from the hours they were putting in - until one day things just started to explode for their business.

It’s almost like a light switch flips on and you can go from being unnoticed with no progress, to your business being on FIRE!

The reason I’m filming this episode right now is because I’m starting to feel this in my business and it feels so good. I’ve spent so much time on the back end leveling up myself to be the person I should be showing up as and being vulnerable. Finally I’m starting to gain real traction here and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels.

There is a tipping point. Your time will come. But if you don’t put in the work today, you won’t be ready.

You have to put in the reps, you have to prepare yourself for what’s to come

The wait is never punishment, it’s preparation for what’s to come. It’s getting you ready for that next level.

If I would have just started and seen success right away, I wouldn’t have been ready. But now that I’ve waited so long and have been striving for it for so long, I’m ready.

It wouldn’t have felt as good if it happened right away, I had to work hard for this and I appreciate it much more because of that.

It wasn’t until I started being consistent, being vulnerable and sharing the things that were hard to share, that people started to take notice and wanted to learn more.

It’s important for you to be vulnerable and open up with your people.

You have to have the will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to push yourself. You have to have a really deep understanding that you’re going to make this business a success, no matter what it takes.

This is the key that will unlock your full potential.

There is no backup plan, you don’t have a plan b. You’re not going to go back to a day job where you have a boss. You know other people are doing this successfully, you’re gonna do it too!

You know that to get the freedom you deserve in your life you have to burn the boats.

I’m going to make sure there’s no way this won’t work because I won’t give up.

You have to go all in. You have to be consistent. That means doing things that are going to scare you.

What you want, wants you. You don’t just want these things - they want you too!

The more you resist, the more you feel that sadness because you know you’re meant for more. Don’t be afraid of the time you’ll be in limbo, because everyone goes through it.

Throughout that process there will be times you want to give up, but your time will come if your consistent. Many people aren’t strong enough on their why, so you have to make sure yours is so you can withstand the wait.

The wait is making sure you’re worthy of that business, that next level. Because you’re either going to stay on track and make sure this thing happens for you or you’ll go back to the life you had before.

You guys you just have to start, pick one thing and just trust the process. You’ll start to see success once you're persistent.

Take action on your growth and just start.

When I first started my business online where I pivoted from selling physical products to selling myself, I thought it would be a lot easier. I didn’t think I would have to show up the way I have to show up in order to get people to believe in me.

When people say no to me right now, by not engaging, it’s sad because I’m putting so much of me into it, but I’ve had to understand that my people are still finding me. I’m still finding them and that’s totally okay.

No matter how long that wait period is for you, if you’re so passionate about your business and know you’re meant for more, then you can’t give up. You have to keep pushing.

All of this is preparation. You have to learn how to speak to your people and show up in the way you need to.


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