Ep 019: You're Meant For More

Sep 19, 2020


Have you ever felt a tingle inside, that you were meant for more? That something outside of your life was calling you...

You have to believe that it is.

But in order to get to that life, to find your calling, at some point you just have to jump and believe in yourself.

You can’t just exist and be okay with the way things are because many times you’re meant for so much more.

Many times when you start to see people around you doing incredible things, going to incredible places and reaching new heights it’s because they’ve found their gift and decided to live in it. They took a leap of faith in themselves.

You have to start using your gifts and sharing them with others, even when others don’t understand or don’t believe in you.

Have you ever told someone an incredible idea that you had only to have them beat it down and make you feel silly for even considering it?

You’re not smart enough, you’re not good enough, this is the way things have to be. But that’s just wrong. Many times it’s their insecurities or them trying to keep us safe and grounded. In episode 17 we talk about our blueprints for our lives, now don’t let someone else's blueprint of how they think your life should be change the trajectory of where you’re heading.

You guys so often we let what others think about our decisions hold us back from even making them even when it means we could be using and taking our gifts to new heights.

If you never jump then you’ll never know.

You’ve gotta take a chance.

At 15 years old I also started modeling where I was met with a lot of rejection and the feelings of having to mold myself to fit the look book, where others chose my clothes, did my hair and did my makeup. Sometimes I felt like a complete fool, other times I looked like a 15 year old sex kitten. You think the world of modeling is glamorous, but it’s a slippery slope if you’re not careful. It’s easy to lose who you are. I felt like I didn’t have a say in my own career. As the customer you could say no to purchasing the clothes I was wearing and I could blame it on the clothes. But, when it came to selling myself and how I would be the perfect fit for the job, it was a little different experiencing rejection, it was a rejection of me and it became really hard to bear.

For those reasons I stopped modeling when I was young because I felt it consuming who I was and I tried so hard to push back, which further hid who I really was.

I stopped conforming and I got really clear on who I wanted to be and I started showing up differently.

Many times when people look back on their lives they wish they would have lived a life more true to themselves, make the decision to be your authentic self even if it means putting yourself out there in an entirely new way.


If you’re on the edge of doing something and believing in yourself there are two things to consider.

  1. Yes, it’s a lot of work
  2. That work has to be specific to you. That there’s no question it’s your voice and it’s you who's showing up.

If you’re going to be brave enough to start you have to stick to your vision because it will be tested again and again.

Whatever voice you’ve been given you have to at least consider sharing it and believing in yourself.

But what if you fail? Well, honestly, would it be that much different than your current state?

Personally, they are about equal. Let me explain, I could create content and have it go nowhere or I could not create and have it go nowhere. But at least one option lets me use my gift and try. So I decided to start creating.

It all starts with thinking like the person you intend to become. How would the person I’d like to be handle these things I’m doing right now?

Sometimes when we believe we’re going to fail it’s because we lack expertise or feel like we can’t start until we have all of the answers.

One interesting thing I’ve learned is that if you’ll spend 1 extra hour per day doing something that you’re passionate about, you’ll be an expert in that field in under 5 years.

What do you want to be an expert at? Think about that. Can you focus 30 minutes to an hour on one specific field for 5 years? The truth is yes, you can probably find the time to do this if you make it a success habit. You’d not only transform yourself, but the world around you.

Understand who you are and put yourself to work. When you do this the rest of the world will start to take notice and you’re going to become the inspiration, you’ll begin to motivate those around you in ways you’ve never imagined.

Ask yourself every day… How would the person I’m going to become do the things I’m about to do?

Do yourself a favor, before you leave this world just jump one time.

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