Ep 058: How To Attract Your Dream Clients on Instagram

Apr 18, 2021

Today, we’re going to be talking about how to attract your dream clients on Instagram and turn them from followers to clients. But if you haven’t already done so go back and listen to the previous episode on how to use it clubhouse to 10X your business and showcase your expertise because this episode is directly related to that one, because on clubhouse, we’re talking about how to actually have those ideal clients find you and get to know like, and trust you in an Instagram. We’re going to use it to warm up that audience and further showcase your expertise.

So today, we’re going to be talking about how to attract your dream clients on Instagram and further build up that know like, and trust factor, and hopefully turn some of them into your lovely paying clients that you can continue to provide massive, massive value for. So I want to talk about the mistakes that I’m seeing happen on Instagram and how you can avoid them.

And then we’re going to get deeper into, you know, how you can actually start to receive results on your Instagram and the things that you can change today that are going to help you get you to that end result. Now, this topic that I’m talking about right now is something that I riffed on in a clubhouse room just a few days ago.

And I was actually doing this off of clubhouse. I had my mic on and I was actually hanging out on Instagram, checking out my actual profile and giving people strategic reasons as to why I did what I did there. And so I ended up popping back into clubhouse and realize that my room had grown massively from all the things that I was talking about.

And so that made me realize that I really needed to create a podcast episode about this because so many people found value in that room.

The mistakes that I see people making when they’re trying to get clients on Instagram, first off, this one drives me absolutely nuts is they have a sales script and they’re sliding into people’s DMS. Like basically trying to make a fake friend real quick and then like sh like sell them. And if you guys haven’t experienced this on Instagram, you’re probably not active enough because if you are on Instagram at all, someone’s tried to sell you.

Honestly, and they may start out like, Hey, Jamie, I love to see that you’re a business strategist. Like I would love to get to know you a little bit more. Can you share something about you? And then it goes down this rabbit hole, whole of like them basically vetting to see if I’d be a good client for them.

And then they try to sell me in the DMS or they tell me that they want to get on a strategy session or that they’re going to offer me a free 30 minute strategy call and you, and I both know that means they’re going to try to sell me on why I should hire them, or just try to showcase their expertise in some way, shape or form.

And honestly, you guys, first off you as a business owner should not take your valuable time and try to sell people on a strategy session, or even even just provide value on a strategy session to one person. I don’t think that’s a great utilization of your time to be honest, and you’re trying to meet your client. They don’t have time for that either. They don’t want to jump on a strategy session. They don’t know if they like you. They don’t know if they want to work with you. And if they did guess what, you wouldn’t have to be sliding into their DMS, trying to sell them.

They would just automatically sign up for your strategy session without you putting in any work for them to do so. Go back to the previous episode. If you want to chat about clubhouse and how to actually bring people into your world, I’ve already gone over that. So today what we’re going to focus on is how to actually convert your Instagram into one, where you can continue establishing yourself as the authority warming up in building a community.

That way you can actually show up when you have offers and people are magnetized to them because they already know that your value is super, super helpful for them. Okay. So. What you could be doing wrong right now is not utilizing your Instagram, like your website. A lot of times, what I see happen is people actually use the link in their bio to send to their audience, to a website where it talks about you maybe even showcases some of the projects that you’ve done.

It tells about your business. Like stop right there. Honestly, your Instagram should act as a sales funnel on its own. It should act as a website. Like you guys may or may not know this, but sometimes you can directly shop someone’s feed on Instagram. If they’ve set this up. So like say you’re scrolling and you’re like, Oh my gosh, that’s such a cute mug.

A lot of times you can actually click it and then like follow one link and actually go and purchase that mug. So the high up brands understand this. They understand that their Instagram is their website, Instagram. Is your website. So don’t link them to another website. What you need to do is link them to one specific product or service that you offer that they will be primed up and ready to buy.

Okay. So even trying to get them on a strategy session from your Instagram is a bad move in. Think about this because if you want to strategize with somebody and not waste you or their time, you need to strategize with them right there in the DMs. Don’t try to get them on a phone call and waste everybody’s time. Just strategize with them and then DMS and use your one link in your bio to send them to one product or service that you want. And what you could do from there is just make sure that you’re sending them to something that you’re talking about actively.

Look at your Instagram, like it’s a storefront, like it’s a website, like honestly, if you sell a physical product and you don’t have a physical store, or even if you do have a physical store, like make it branded. It’s all about the experience, right guys. So what that means is that your bio, you have three to five seconds when somebody hits your Instagram profile to convince them that they should stick around and either consume more of your content or give you a follow so that they consume your content at a later date.

So if you don’t attract them immediately, And make them realize, Ooh, like this page is for me. I need to follow them. You guys, the internet is so noisy right now. So if you don’t convince them to follow you in three to five seconds where you can continue to warm them up, then you’ve lost them forever.

Make your Instagram like a storefront or consider it like a website. If you don’t have a storefront or don’t want one, think of it like a website that means posting unique content that really speaks to ideal clients. Show them that you’re a real person. Show them the why behind you building this business really opened up, use Instagram stories to really let them peek behind and see the backend of your business.

Start showing up actively and strategically so that your business starts to work for you. And remember your Instagram content, your total Instagram page is evergreen content. Meaning somebody can look at my page in six months and go back and see the content in the stories that I created today, because I’m going to utilize the highlight reel.

I’m going to make sure that my content flows together and puts my prospects through a process. Now that’s not going to say that all my content is here to try to like attract dream clients. I’m definitely sharing my new baby boy. I’m sharing my family. I’m just giving value. I try to add so much value onto my Instagram feed, to where it’s like, Oh my God. If she’s giving all this away for free, like what’s her paid program. And honestly, you guys want people to think of that too. And that’s no joke. I don’t share this stuff that I have in my paid program on my Instagram feed or even on my podcast, because I save that stuff for my clients.

But I do love to share all of these things because I want to get people small wins. I want to get them primed up and ready to work with me at the level that I feel I can truly add the most value. So you guys see how you can relate that to your own profile, because if you’re currently sliding into the DMS, trying to get people on a strategy call and not even using your expertise on your Instagram page, and you’re sending people to a website, like how is that beneficial to your business in reality, it’s not yet everyone is doing it.

So how can you be different? Right? That’s what you need to start to think. So it’s not working because everybody’s doing it. It’s not working because it’s taking too much of your time. You’re not showing up strategically maybe. And that’s something that needs to change. So instead, practice those things that I’ve mentioned before, really start looking at your Instagram as an extension of your business, because it is okay.

Your actual product that you’re selling, whatever it is, if it’s a product or a service. Yeah. That’s not your business. Your business is your Instagram. Your business is your podcast, your clubhouse experience that you provide to people in your rooms, your business is your Facebook page. That’s your business card, right?

Your LinkedIn, if you’re on LinkedIn, your Twitter, all of these things, especially if you’re branding yourself, these are all an extension of your business. So you need to make sure that you’re showing up powerfully and you’re providing so much value on all of these platforms. So people are just banging down your door to want to work with you. And once you can do this, once they start sliding into your DMS, they’re going to be inbound traffic. Instead of you always happen to go outbound. It’s going to save you time. It’s already pre-vetting your audience because they know exactly what you do and the expertise that you bring to the table.

So instead of you selling yourself all the time, they’re going to need to sell themselves on why the heck they want to work with you so bad. Right. So that’s where you can add an application into your Lincoln bio because people now need to apply to work with you because you’ve just gotten to that level where you’re kind of exploding.

And you don’t have enough time for all of the people who are hitting your inbox. Right?

So that just means that you need to show up, stay in your lane and really just showcase your expertise as much as possible all over the internet. I mean that’s the secret sauce right there. So what you can expect to see in terms of outcomes and results is that you start to.

Get clients that are really ready to work for you. And you can limit the amount of time that you spend doing outreach just by outreaching people with your content, the more content you can create for the masses, the more your people are gonna find you resonate you with, and know, like, and trust you and be ready for that next level with you because you’re showing up consistently and attracting your dream clients on Instagram.

So I want to get a little bit deeper into branding. I strongly believe, especially with the online busy newness of the place. If you are utilizing Instagram to get clients at all, you should brand your Instagram use brand colors, use graphics that really speak to your ideal clients, show up and provide a lot of value because that’s the way people are going to start to remember you.

And I’ve even had people say, Oh, I saw your graphic and I didn’t even see your name, but I knew that it was you because it was your brand colors. And I just know the way that you speak. And so I’ve had people that start saying that to me now. And I’m like, okay, well damn, that just shows me that I’m doing something right.

Because people are really starting to resonate with that. So brand your Instagram, think of it like your website, right? You would brand your website. You’re not just going to throw a bunch of random things up online. You’re going to make sure it’s branded. It looks good. You’ve got graphics. You’re showcasing your expertise.

You’re talking about your family, all of these things that you would do on a website or your Instagram, right? You’re working on building up that know like, and trust factor you’re showing behind the scenes of your day to day life. All of these things are really just going to attract your dream clients.

And it comes from a place of authenticity, right? Because we’re not just getting on Instagram, being sleazy and salesy, trying to like sell people like. Honestly, everybody’s trying to do by sliding into DM selling. We’re authentically showing up. This is the difference you guys were authentically showing up on Instagram, showcasing our expertise, genuinely helping people and getting them wins.

And then we’re just letting them know, Hey, here’s how you can work with me if you want to continue, because I can’t. Like I’m constantly, honestly learning new things and leveling up myself. So it’s like, I really can’t share everything that I know on Instagram. And each person has a unique business. So like, I want to strategize with you.

One-on-one so it’s like, I let them know that if they want me to work on their business with them, this is how you do it. And here’s your link to apply. Like, there you go. That’s all you need. So it takes out that. Honestly, it takes out this salesy part because you’re practicing anti selling because you’re saying, no, I don’t need to sell you at all.

My content is going to sell itself, or I’m going to sell myself by just showing up and providing so much value to you, to where your sold from the second I stopped talking because you’re like, damn, I need more. Okay. That is what you want from your clients, my friends. And that’s what you can do if you start showing up on Instagram strategically.

Okay. I hope this episode helps and I hope that you guys start utilizing Instagram and the way it was meant to be, because let’s be real. Instagram is a business and you, my friends have a message that you want to share to the world. And the easier you can make this on yourself, the faster you’re going to grow and the more lives you’re going to be able to implement in the process.

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