Ep 057: How To Use Clubhouse To 10x Your Business and Showcase Your Expertise

Apr 15, 2021

Welcome back to another episode. And today we’re going to be talking about the app clubhouse and how you can use it to 10X your business, and showcase your expertise to your ideal clients. I am so excited to get started today because clubhouse has been a huge growth factor for my business.

And I want to share exactly how you can use it. Let’s dive in by talking about the way that people typically get clients and why that’s not very beneficial to your business. And then we’re going to jump into what clubhouse is and how you can actually use it to 10X your business, and showcase your expertise. So if you are a coach consultant or have a service-based business, typically what happens, especially if you’re using social media to get clients, is your sliding into people’s DMS.

And maybe you’re having some small talk with them, but eventually let’s be real. You drop the fact that you want them to be a client and you try to get them on a strategy session, which we all know is a sales call. And you know, it kind of ruins the relationship. Maybe they keep following you, but then maybe they don’t because they’re just turned off from the fact that you already tried to make them your client.

And really this day and age, people are used to that. They can smell it from a mile away and they’re just not interested. And so unless you’re on social media, building genuine relationships and showing up and showing people that you really are the expert in your niche. You’re really going to have it hard time selling people in the DMS.

And yes, that may be worked before. And maybe that works. If you’re a micro-influencer or have a really big tribe following you, but at the end of the day, that’s just not the best way to do business. If you’re anything like me, you want people to receive. So much value from you that once they think, Oh, I’m ready for my next level, I need to hire Jamie.

You should want people to feel that way about you too. So you’re spending way less time selling and just more time showcasing your expertise. And if you actually love what you do, right. This shouldn’t be a far cry away from what you should be focusing on, because if you love your expertise so much and you love providing value and impacting people’s lives, that should be what you focus on, right?

You should be showing up every single day, showcasing your expertise, staying in your lane and in your zone of genius. And just having these people magnetized to you, because your message is so powerful and so strong. So if you’re not doing this right now, and you’re finding that your ideal clients, aren’t finding you.

Then there’s a problem there, but I am going to let you in on a secret today that is going to change the game for you and actually have your ideal clients magnetized to you. You’re going to 10X your business and the secret sauce is clubhouse. Now what exactly is clubhouse? I’m sure you’ve heard of it before.

It’s been all over social media. Everyone’s talking about it on Facebook and on Instagram, but how could you actually get on the app and monetize it? And I’m not saying you should go on there just hoping to sell. I’m talking about showing up there and legitimately providing so much value that there’s no way people don’t want to work with you.

Like you’re showing up and serving the hundred percent of your heart and to every single room you’re in, because you know that you have a message to share with people and you know that they need to hear it. That’s what I’ve been doing on clubhouse. So I’m going to share a briefly what clubhouse is.

Then I’m going to share the strategies that I’ve been using and the results that you can expect to achieve if you do follow through with this. Okay. So what clubhouse is. Is an app where if you join, you can jump into any room, what they call it as a room. Okay. So when you first enter the app, you’re going to be in, what’s called a hallway in this hallway.

There’s different rooms with every single topic in the world that you’re interested in. And so these different rooms are hosted by what’s called a moderator. And so anybody could be a moderator as well. If you want to host one of these rooms, that’s in the hallway. All you have to do is press this little plus button and start a room.

So I started a room a couple of days ago on the topic of attract your dream clients on Instagram, using content conversion strategies. And when doing this I didn’t know who would show up, honestly, I didn’t know if anybody would. And so what I did was I started a room on that topic because I knew I wanted to talk about it.

And I decided to do this a little bit different to where I was just going to go at it like a podcast episode. And I was just going to start talking and riffing and just see who showed up in my room. And so I actually went off of clubhouse and you can still be talking actively as long as your mic is not muted.

So I was talking actively. I was actually in my Asana board just showing people my process of content creation that converts my Instagram followers to clients. I was walking them through the strategy behind this, and I didn’t know if I had one person in my room, no people in my room or 50 people in my room.

I had no idea. I went back to clubhouse and I had 50 people in my room listening to me. Then, what I did was I turned on what’s called hand raising. So anybody in the audience could come up onto stage with me, meaning they’re allowed to speak with me. And what I did was I asked them, Hey, I know that I’ve been talking for 40 minutes. I would love to invite anybody up here who has any questions, or if you would like me to do an Instagram audit for you. I will allow this opportunity now in about 10 people raise their hand in the beginning, I pulled every single one of them up on stage. And what I did was allowed them to ask their question, which further positioned me as the expert.

And what I did was I was able to offer them so much value because I just strategically went into each one of their Instagram accounts, like I had promised, and I gave them tips and tricks. Okay. And so what then happened was they all went after the call and they implemented these strategies. And then I got DMS, like crazy telling me, Oh my gosh. Thank you, Jamie so much for your advice. I took it and here’s what my Instagram looks like. Now it’s on fire. It looks so good. Like thank you so much. I’m so appreciative of you. And when people come up onto your stage, since you’re hosting this room, You’re the expert. You’re the authority. People are thankful for you.

And they’re asking you questions, like I said, further positioning you as the expert in your niche. And also since your clubhouse is directly linked to your Instagram profile, what happens is that when people want to get to know you on a deeper level, they have to hit your Instagram page. And most of the time they DM you, right?

Thank you for the room. Thank you for the clubhouse. Oh my gosh. There was so much value from clubhouse. And so what I’ve been doing when people messaged me, because every time I host a room, I’m getting DMS like crazy of how impactful they were and how much value was taken from them. So what I’m doing is screenshotting these DMS and I’m actually sharing them to my Instagram stories as further social proof that I’ve been showing up in serving my community and getting people more interested and to take that even further, the very next day, I hosted a separate clubhouse room.

And when I’m doing these, I’m hosting them first thing in the morning. Because I’m on Hawaiian standard time. So I have about a six hour time difference from the East coast. So I need to make sure that I’m showing up early before people are kind of groggy from the day. So I’m doing this very strategically, right?

And so when I’m showing up first thing in the morning, I’m hosting these clubhouse rooms within a different club. So what, what you can do on clubhouses, you can actually create a club and. If you’re familiar with Facebook groups, it’s very similar to a Facebook group. So your club is a place where you can actively show up and host your own rooms to your specific audience.

It’s just more of a specialized thing. Like it’s more elite, right? You want to be a part of a club or a tribe or some type of group or lounge. So that’s what a club is. And so I host in a club that I’m a part of with thousands and thousands of members. So when I go to. To start this room.

Everybody in that club gets notified that I just started a room. So it’s very strategic, right? And I make sure that the headline and the topic of my room is on point with a part of my program that I offer that we have somebody ready for the next level with me. They can achieve that by actually joining my paid program.

I am the expert on it because I do have a paid program on it. And I give them a part of my expertise. That’s actually not really a part of my paid program at all. So I’m definitely giving people how I’m strategizing with them. I’m getting them wins. And then what’s happening is I’m getting DMD of all their transformations and I’m using that as social proof, but you guys, even deeper than that I had, I would out of.

The second day that I did this, I had about 40 people in the room. I had about five people messaging me about my intensive that I offer, which is a one-on-one session with me. That’s high ticket. And so strategically what is happening on clubhouse is people are getting so much. Value from you. And you’re hearing other people talk about their wins and their aha moments, just from the things that you’ve said, like some people will come up onto my stage and say, wow, Jamie, I’ve been in this room since the beginning.

I’ve received so much value from you. Thank you so much. But I just had one question. Can you go deeper on XYZ topic? And so then I do, and I answered the question there on the spot, showing people that I really, really do legitimately know my shit. Right. And so what’s beginning to happen. There is people are following my rooms.

So I have like a tribe of people where every time I start a room, they are in my room so fast because they just know the type of rooms that I’m hosting. They know the value that I bring to the table. And so what it’s doing is creating a tribe of like a raving fans. And you guys, there is nothing that I’ve seen.

That’s more powerful than clubhouse to grow your business. Like I see so often people are so focused on. Like trying to get people on strategy calls. Right. And in reality, on a strategy call, what you’re doing is trying to get somebody to know like, and trust you and then give them like a winner to where they’ll sign with you.

But if you could imagine that strategy call is one-on-one. You’re working with somebody on a one-to-one level. So if you guys can start to utilize clubhouse where you legitimately can just first off almost have a strategy session with somebody on stage where you can actually help them and get the most small win.

Everybody in the audience is going to hear you and hear the success that is coming from your coaching. So if you can just coach people live on stage, give them so much value, give them actionable steps that they can take today. What’s going to happen is everybody in the audience is going to get those small wins too.

Then you boom, already have their trust. They already know like, and trust you. They’re going to go continue to get warmed up on your Instagram account. So that’s actually the next episode that I’m going to be hosting here on. Mom’s free to make her podcast is how to actually create content that converts and attracts your ideal clients on Instagram.

Because taking it a step further off of clubhouse, you need to understand how to actually create content that converts on Instagram, because that’s where you’re going to further warm up this clubhouse traffic. And so between these two sources, clubhouse, and Instagram, you have the recipe, my friends to have.

Those are the only two platforms right now that I’m focusing on in my business because the results are incredible. I’ve literally 10X my business overnight based on one clubhouse room, because. Like these people already know, like, and trust you. And it’s, it’s very ironic because the people who you engage with on clubhouse, by the time they pop over and hit your Instagram, you guys already have a connection.

It’s not like a random person who like finds you on Instagram and likes a few of your pictures. Comments on one and then follows you like that strategy is so dated. Everybody’s doing that. It’s not special. And so this person who pops in from clubhouse and like voice memos you’re Oh my God.

I had so many takeaways from the room. Thank you so much. It like opens up a whole new line of communication where you’re already friends from the beginning. You already feel like a deep connection to this person. Like you’re friends with them. It’s like the weirdest thing. And maybe I’m the only one who feels that way.

But like, I feel connected to the people who follow me on Instagram from clubhouse and I engage with their things more. I’m literally trying to build a community here and you guys, I know that was a lot, but it’s, it’s just, it’s wild, how impactful clubhouse is. And so what I’m doing now, As I’m pulling different pieces from my program and I’m creating different room, topic ideas.

Yes. So when I show up strategically, I know that I’m hosting on room set. You know, if people want to go much deeper, they can choose to, you know, go deeper with my paid program. Right. So everything that I’m doing is strategic. Now let’s go a little bit deeper into the other things that I have learned on clubhouse.

So I’ve learned, uh, kind of like I touched on earlier that doing them later in the day, isn’t necessarily better because there’s people who are in clubhouse all freaking day long, but at some point they get off, you know, whether it’s two or three in the morning, people are literally on it all day.

They’re tired, so they go to bed and then they jump on it. First thing in the morning, kind of like revamped and ready to go. So if you’re getting on first thing to host your room, Like in the evening, it’s not very beneficial. People are tired. Second thing hosts under a club, especially in the beginning before you have a tribe.


And I tested this in a few of my rooms. I started in a host club and then what I did after about an hour of me talking, my rooms had been going for about three hours each time, which is crazy, just because so many people keep coming in there. I don’t want to shut them down. So what happens is I start them in a co host club.

And what I did eventually was I opened up the club to everybody on clubhouse. Basically I removed the host club from clubhouse and my room. And what happened was I lost a lot of people and then people weren’t finding my room any longer because it wasn’t in the club anymore. And so my advice to you, at least for now in the clubhouse space, as it sits is to host in a host club.

And you’ll see a lot of times in your specific hallway, your seeing everybody’s rooms who are in a host club. So strategically hosting a club host early in the morning. And then I recommend hosting rooms by yourself until you find somebody who completely vibes with you and has your same energy can go deep on topics, kind of like a mastermind.

And then you guys mastermind on stage together and then pull people up because I have been very distracted trying to jump into rooms with existing moderators who maybe aren’t at the same level as me. Maybe you have different motives with clubhouse and it’s just very obvious. And so it started to attract the wrong crowd into my rooms and just into my Instagram feed, I wasn’t also able to really show up and provide the value that I know I can because the room wasn’t led by me. It was led by somebody else. I’m not going to discredit the fact that if you’re in a room and you’re down in the audience, raising your hand, going up on stage, providing brief value. I mean, introduce yourself, give a brief background on you. I’m talking like a sentence and then showcase your expertise in some way. And then briefly explain your hot tip. Like something that has not been said, something that will position you as the authority and then mute yourself right away. Say you’re done speaking and then get off the stage after a few minutes because you guys, by going too deep on things, it just it’s obvious that you don’t know what you’re doing so less is more.

Okay, so briefly host in the morning, host under a club, debrief with your introductions and your value bomb that you’re going to drop. And then also like don’t get distracted by just co-marketing with people, honestly, start your own rooms. Be very strategic with the rooms that you start based on the name and the topic.

If your room’s lightened up, go for as long as you can, but I mean, don’t, don’t wear yourself out, but like, don’t be afraid to go for three hours. I’ll be honest. I had no idea that my room went that long. I thought it had to been like maybe an hour. I looked at the clock, it was three hours later and that my friends shows you I genuinely love what I do because I was just so unfired like, I was literally spitting fire and I was like, Oh my God, I can not get out of this room right now.

It’s so fun. And then what happened the next day? So I was like, okay, I’m just going to start a room in 50 people are going to join again. I did it under a different topic. I did not do it in the club room. And, you know, I only had about 10 people, which bless their hearts. You know, it’s still 10 people, but yeah.

You know, you’re gonna see that the name, it means so much the host club means so much and your time of day means so much. So it’s like you guys be willing to make those tweaks with your room because they’re going to make or break your clubhouse experience. And when you’re realizing something’s working.

Like keep rolling with it. If you realizing something’s not working like you guys, it’s all about tweaking and that’s the same thing in business. You’ve got to learn how to make these simple adjustments that are really gonna help, like 10 X, your sales, 10 X, your clientele, your leads, everything like that.

So it’s all about this tiny little tweaks and what you guys can expect to see happen. If you start implementing these tips, implementing these strategies, which are. Subject to change as clubhouse. You know, everything could change tomorrow, but start doing this now. Okay. Start showing up posting rooms on your expertise.

You guys, people are going to start to reach out to you in your DMS about the services you provide, because you help them so damn much in a short amount of time that they just have to have. And they’re banging down your door for your paid offer. No more going out and doing lead generation or trying to like get into people’s DMS and sell them and convince them that you’re somebody to work with or sending them to your confusing website.

No more doing that, go on clubhouse own that stage, showcase your expertise and have these clients banging down your door. All right guys. That’s all I have for you today, please, please. If you are on clubhouse, come and find me. I can only share so much on these podcast episodes. And if you really want to get deep and you want me to strategize and get deep down in your business.

Find me on clubhouse. Jamie Kullman and once you follow me, scroll all the way down to my profile, the furthest clubs, the entrepreneurs club. Go ahead. Follow that club, join it. I’m going to be hosting crazy awesome rooms within entrepreneurs club. And I hope to see you inside you guys.

We are going to blow this thing up and I am ready to share so much value with you and strategize with you Vive right on stage. All right guys, that’s all I’ve got for you in this episode.

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