Ep 054: Automate Your Sales Process With A Funnel

Mar 21, 2021

When’s the last time you took a look at your sales process? Did you have to copy and paste documents you’ve read a thousand times, did you have to manually onboard clients? How much time did all of these repetative tasks take? Or did the process flow seamlessly and lead your customers through a journey?

I’m going to just say it – websites are dead. There was a study that came out that said humans had the attention span of goldfish – meaning you have just seconds to convince someone they should spend time with you.

Websites and confusing sales pages are DEAD and DONE because they throw too much information at your prospect.

They also require a lot of back end work to help streamline processes.

Now, sites like Amazon or eBay that act as a search engine are a different story and other successful brands such as sephora don’t count as well. I’m talking to those of you who are just getting established as a business and just starting to fine tune your brand.

What you need to focus on is perfecting one program or signature product and developing a sales funnel around that SINGLE product that has language speaking directly to your ideal clients.

You can then incorporate up and downsells that would also be of interest to your ideal clients.

This funnel can be the start of your value ladder and you can continue warming up this audience.

If you can create systems to automate your sales process through funnels you can capture and convert leads through tested methods and TAKE THEM THROUGH THE SALES PROCESS YOU’VE STRATEGICALLY CREATED.

By creating a simple, to the point sales funnel with good copy and a clear CTA you will see your conversions skyrocket and you will have clarity surrounding who you are, the problem you solve and who you solve it for.

If you can ditch the outdated website and focus on creating a sales page

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