Ep 053: What Offers Should I Have In My Business?

Mar 14, 2021

I see you over there, entrepreneur. I see you wanting freedom. And so you start a service-based business online as maybe a coach, a consultant, or maybe even a virtual assistant. You’re offering some type of service and providing some type of value to someone online. But what I see happen all the time is that you think the only offer you should have is a one-on-one experience where you offer a done with you solution.

So you don’t put together a value ladder for your services. And what happens when you do this is you’re cutting off an entire segment of people who would pay you for something where they do it on their own, or they’re going to want you to do it for them. So there are three different offer types. I believe every single business should have.

And if you’re not utilizing these other offers, you’re cutting yourself off from that segment of people who would pay for them. Your offers should not only consist of done with you services. Now, I want you to think about this for a second. If you’re always working with one-on-one clients or helping someone directly, that is not a scalable business model, because if you dove vide down the amount of time that you have per week, Into the amount of time that you have per day, you’re only able to work with so many people.

And in reality, what happens is you’re exchanging your time for money. Now, I don’t care if you’re making $30 an hour or $300 an hour. The point is you’re still exchanging time for money and you can’t build a freedom-based business if you’re exchanging your time for money. Okay. I will repeat that. You do not have a freedom-based business.

If you’re exchanging your time for money. So we want to figure out a way so that you can generate passive income. So what I want to do is I want to talk about your customer journey. Now what a customer journey really is, is your unique way of solving a specific problem for a specific customer in a more hands-on or hands-off way.

So let’s chat really quick about a value ladder and what that is. So right now I want you to picture stairs. Okay. Now, with each step that you take up those stairs. That’s the more time somebody gets with you and that’s the more money you’re going to charge. For that service. So starting on the bottom level, you might have something such as an opt-in or a freebie that gets somebody to start on their journey with you.

Now on the first step, you might have a do it yourself, offers something that’s very low ticket. Okay. Now, as you continue progressing up this stair set, you’re going to go from a, do it yourself, offer to something that’s done with you to something that’s done for you. And you can continue growing from there.

So what I see a lot of times, especially for new entrepreneurs is during their entrepreneurial journey. They’re actually working on these offers one step at a time. But what I see happen is that at the done with you coaching level, the one-on-one coaching level, that’s where a lot of people plateau. They stay there.

And so what happens is they either book themselves out to where they’re fully booked, which could be, say 10 clients, if you are working with each client for an hour a week, and what happens is you’re not able to grow anymore, unless you sacrifice more of your time because you required time to work with these clients individually.

And think about it, you only have so much time in a day. So by you neglecting these other steps on your value ladder and not spending time focusing on these other items that bring you more of that passive income and allow you to make money while you sleep. You’re really cutting off. Not only an entire segment of people who maybe don’t want to work directly with you, one-on-one maybe they don’t have time.

Maybe they don’t have that much money right now. So they want to maybe do something on their own. Or on the other side of that, maybe you have a really busy entrepreneur who is too busy for one-on-one coaching. Doesn’t want to do something on their own and they just want you to do it for them.

Think about that. Think about how much money you could start to charge somebody if they just want you to go into their business or into their life and just do the thing for them. They don’t want to learn how to do it on their own. They don’t want to pay you to walk them through it with you. They just want you to do it for them.

So you guys, by creating your value ladder for your business in being able to. Put people on this customer journey where you can really establish their fit within your business, and you can have it laid out so that you would know exactly what you offer, who you offer it for and help you can, how you can help them.

That’s really going to be beneficial to you and your customer, and you can meet them where they are. That’s the biggest takeaway from this is that by creating a value ladder, you’re meeting your customers exactly where they are. So imagine this, instead of you working only with one-on-one clients, you can scale your business through other offers on your value ladder and start charging more for those who want more access to you.

Therefore, you’re no longer exchanging your time for money and you start to really value that time. And those people who choose to work directly with you, if you want to build a scalable business model that allows you to have more time and financial freedom, what would you pick? What would you pick?

Would you choose to continue working one-on-one with people or would you choose to create. These other steps on your value ladder that are going to give people options. Now here’s why you’re stuck. Let’s say right now, you’re at a plateau in your business and you’re working with one-on-one clients.

You’re stuck because you’re only creating that one part of your value ladder. You’re not thinking of how you can spend less time working for even more impact and even more income. And you’re not offering these potential clients different ways to receive value from you. So when you stop making this mistake and you stop only working with one-on-one clients, you can stop exchanging your time for money and start making impact and income while you sleep.

My friends that is freedom. While you’re at the beach, you can be cashing checks and seeing that fitting bidding or touching. As what happens as an entrepreneur, you hear that little cash register going off while you’re doing things outside of working behind your desk and creating content. And that is when I feel you’re a successful business owner, in my opinion, is when you’re making money, when you’re not actually working so free up more of your time.

So you can focus on your business instead of in it, because as you’re making money away from your desk, you’re going to have that time. Freedom. And further perfect your signature program and become the go-to authority in your niche. So as you continue adding these items to your value ladder, you’re able to further perfect them and you can start staying in your lane more and become that go-to authority, which means you can start to genuinely increase your prices as you go.

So you guys, I hope this helped. I’m going to give you a few action steps. Go create a value ladder for your business. Have a do it yourself, done with you and done for you type of step on this ladder and start pushing offers that aren’t just one-on-one coaching. Or one-on-one service providing, okay. We are not building this business so that we are trapped behind our computer and we’re not going to try to scale a business that consumes all of our days and all of our times now I understand if you still want to continue working one-on-one with some people, that’s great charge, more money for it.

And only accept a few clients a month because this should no longer be the number one offer that you push, honestly, especially if you’ve already verified your signature program. And if you’re interested in actually watching this training with me at live or watching this training with me, Where you can see my face chat net screen, and you can actually look at the slides that go along with this information.

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