Ep 044: Your Power Name

Dec 14, 2020

Now, right away, I have to give Tony Robbins credit for this exercise. I promise you it is so extremely powerful. I literally get goosebumps thinking about this experience that I witnessed. I was at funnel hacking live and Tony was wrapping up this convention on the last day and what he did was incredible. He took someone’s confidence from about zero or a negative three to a ten in a matter of five minutes. Now, if you know Tony Robbins, you know, that’s nothing new. He’s notorious for doing things like that. But I’m going to share with you guys the exercise he used that made that transformation happen. You’ll be able to implement this into your life and see the transformation that’s possible.

What I want you to do is to think about your future. Think about the person that you need to show up as today to get the future outcome that you desire.

I’m going to go ahead and give you my example. My example is that for me to be a powerful, strong, motivated leader, somebody who has an incredible business who is flourishing, and just making a huge impact on the lives of others, who do I need to show up as today? In order to make that happen? It’s very hard to get yourself into state sometimes, right? Everybody has an off day and you can’t just snap your fingers turn into that person that you need to be. I mean, it’s just not possible, right? We’re gonna have days where we feel sluggish, where we don’t feel like performing at our best. You need to basically create an avatar for the version of you that needs to show up in order to perform at your maximum level for the task at hand.

What I did was pictured the woman who’s a strong leader, I pictured that person that I just explained to you.

I pictured her in my head, and how she would show up.

I pictured how she looked, how she stood, and how she walked. She walked with confidence, she walked into a room and people noticed her. She wasn’t afraid to speak her truth, she was willing to open up about things that others were hiding, or not confident enough to speak about. She was willing to open up about these different areas of her life that maybe she didn’t feel confident about before. All right, now what he has you do is you put a name to this avatar, and you put a noise to this person.


after that, the third thing that you do is add in a power pose. Okay? So the psychology behind this is that when you have the name, you can get yourself more into character. Think of it as an actor, right? And actors will show up

as that person when they need to perform. But then they can also shut it off when the cameras aren’t rolling. Or you hope they can shut it off when the cameras aren’t rolling. So think of it like an actor or an actress, right? So you’re going to give that person a name.

And then you’re going to make a noise that that person would make that makes them feel the way that person would feel.

Now I don’t know if you guys are Game of Thrones fans or not, but I am when I picture that woman, I pictured Daenerys and named this version of me after her.

Once you have your name picked out that helps get you into a state you can associate noise with it.

The noise I chose was that of clearing your throat like you’re requesting the attention of others in the room and waiting for them to give it to you.

Next, I thought of how she would carry herself or the posture she would have my power move. If you can picture Game of Thrones, you know, her power stance, like she is the woman in charge, she just showed up, and you better pay attention. She’s standing with confidence, she walks into a room with confidence, as I picture her, right when I picture this person that I need to show up as, obviously, without all the dragons and the craziness.

It’s so important to be able to put yourself into the state in these different scenarios and this exercise is a great way to do this.

Own it. You can find these “avatars” for all of your personality types; It can be somebody who’s loving, genuine kind, like anything that you need in your life. Right now, you can do this for every section of your life. So for each part of your life, you think of this person you need to show up as and you can kind of shut the other ones off.

I don’t want to be Daenerys if I’m sitting down for a romantic dinner with my fiance, that’d be really intimidating. He’d be like, whoa, I’m just trying to chill, I don’t need this boss babe, showing up telling me what to do, right? So, I might have a different type of person for my more romantic and lovable family side of me. I’m not saying to have multiple personalities in a way that makes it so you aren’t true to you.. But a way for you to amplify the true you and be able to bring out the best version of you when the time is right.

Find those parts that are already inside you. And let this avatar let this power name this power person that you’ve created bring out these aspects in you upfront without you having to be ashamed or afraid of anything, just lay it out on the table.

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