Ep. 042: Positive Parenting with Lindsay

Dec 06, 2020

Hey Freedom Makers! I’m so excited to have you here today as we interview Lindsay Ford who is a parenting mentor and the author of The Positive Parenting Framework. She helps moms interpret what their child is really saying when they act out and gives them the strategies they need to restore a sense of calm and cooperation back into their homes.

Lindsay gives us the details about what made her leave her 9-5 job and start her positive parenting business about a year ago. She works with parents to interpret what their children are really saying when they act out and strategies to help the parents. She does one on one coaching, courses, and virtual classes to fit any parents' needs.


As a mom of two, Lindsay knows how personal it can feel to have your children acting out and not know how to fix it. One of the issues she sees the most is parents that feel like they have tried every strategy out there and she really digs in and helps guide them to the next step. 

One piece of advice she would give any parent is to put on your oxygen mask, so to speak, and keep yourself healthy and happy too. When you’re constantly feeling like you’re speeding through the day and depleting yourself it will make parenting much harder. Your reactions will be bigger and you’ll be more easily frustrated if you’re not taking care of yourself. 

In Lindsay’s new book, she goes into the 6 reasons that kids act out and misbehave. She goes on to the approach that all misbehaviors are a miscommunication. They’re acting out because they’re struggling to tell you something with words or in a clear way. The Positive Parenting Framework teaches you the basic framework of how to understand your kids and yourself, and how to figure out what is going on with your kids, and potential ways you can deal with it. 

 Lindsay also goes into what she uses to keep herself organized, like a daily checklist. She makes it easy for her “win” and keeps her motivated to keep the momentum going. She loves the book “Everything is figureoutable” by Marie Forleo and recommends it to all the freedom makers. If you would like more info about Lindsay including her book, or ways to work with her check out www.theparentingframework.com. She has a free program to help with dealing with tantrums on the bottom of the page that you do not want to miss!

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