Ep 038: 5 Ways To Make Extra Cash Before The Holidays

Nov 23, 2020

We are now in the holiday season and I can’t even believe it. So today we’re going to have a really interesting episode where we’re going to dive into five ways to make some extra cash before the holidays, because I know given the current season of the world and these crazy COVID times that we’re living in right now, you might just need some extra cash. I am going to dive into the five different ways that I have used to make some extra cash, and would also work for just about anyone wanting to make an extra income. 

It doesn’t need to be only over the holiday. These are things that you can do all year round to make some extra money, but definitely with the holidays approaching. One of the things I’m going to talk about specifically at the end is perfect for black Friday. And just with all the holiday sales that are coming up to make you a ton of extra cash. I will even give you guys some crazy examples of the things that I have done in the past to earn extra income. If you guys have not heard my episodes before, I’m all about generating that passive income and not having to exchange time for money. Some of these items that I will go through are more items that you will have to spend some time doing and changing and exchanging that time for money. But I do have ways that will basically help you make money while you’re sleeping. So we’ll get to those too. It should be a lot of fun.

The first thing I want to talk about is something that I’ve been doing for 11 years. This is something that each and every one of you listening can actually do right now to make extra money from home. This might sound silly to you. You might kick and scream a little bit at the beginning, but I promise you not only is this going to make you a ton of extra cash, but it’s also going to make you feel good at the end of the day. This is reselling unwanted items online, and I know what you might be thinking, Jamie, how am I going to make extra cash selling things that I already own? But I will tell you guys, most people have over $2,000 worth of items around their home that they just simply aren’t using and aren’t even going to touch in the future.

These items are basically sitting around your home collecting dust, where you need the cash for them and other people on the internet are out there waiting to buy these things. And trust me, I’ve thrown the weirdest things up on eBay or in the Facebook marketplace with no intention of having anybody actually buy them. And they’ve sold, they’ve sold for more than I even expected them to sell for. I know that you might think, Oh my gosh, this stuff is just junk. Nobody’s going to want it. Truth is that’s probably not true. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially when it comes to selling items that at one point you liked enough to purchase. So the truth is somebody else is out there with the same mentality and they’ll buy it from you. What I will start with is saying that I’ve had a lot of luck with say nice designer purses, that I’m no longer using.

I used to go a little bit crazy in the purse department and I had a ton of Kate Spade, Coach purses, Michael Kors, etc. I realized like I never used any of them. And especially with moving to Hawaii, I knew that I definitely wouldn’t use them there. So I went crazy and I sold everything. These purses that were just collecting dust, I ended up making, you know, 250 bucks each, which a lot of them, I actually purchased for that because I did outlet shopping to get them. I ended up basically breaking even on the purses, which is crazy. Other things that I’ve noticed that sell well is shoes that are either brand new or lightly used, same thing, name, brand stuff sells really well.

The only thing that I’ve kind of struggled with selling online is clothes. Unless you sell them in a big bulk type of situation because people just really want to be able to try them on. And when they’re not able to do that, it just lowers their trust in the sale. You might get some returns, which is just kind of frustrating and annoying. So at this point, unless it’s an item that’s new with tags and also designer, I just don’t even mess with it. I just donate that. Old electronics can be a great seller. I guarantee that you guys have an old cell phone laying around that’s worth probably $400r $500. So you could start there, post that up online. If your new phone breaks, you’re going to go buy a new phone. You might use your old phone for a day. But at the end of the day, that old phone is depreciating in value for every second that you hold on to it. So if you sell that old phone and if your new one breaks, which knock on wood, that it doesn’t right. But if it does break, you can easily jump on the Facebook marketplace, jump on eBay, go to Verizon. However, you want to buy your new phone and you can get it in one day super easily. So don’t ever think you’re going to be out of a phone and hold on to those old items for the sake of maybe I’ll need it someday. Especially right now with the holidays coming up, you guys that’s like an extra $500 that could probably really benefit you and your family right now.

Just put it up online, put it up on the Facebook marketplace and see what you can get for it. Now I recommend before you post these items, do a little bit of research, spend like three minutes and look on eBay and type in your exact item. Look on the Facebook marketplace. See what else is out there. See what other people are getting for these products. So you can see the price that they’re selling for, which is awesome because you want to make sure that you’re pricing yourself competitively. You don’t want to lowball yourself and sell it for $50 when it was worth $500 or even if it was worth $150, that’s still a hundred extra dollars. When you’re doing this, you have to change your mindset from  Oh, it’s just junk. I just want to get it outta here. This stuff actually has value. I spent my hard-earned cash on this and somebody else is willing to buy it too. 

I won’t go too crazy into reselling, but I will give you guys one more Ninja tip. And that is, I totally recommend doing basically a room-by-room sweep. And take every item that you no longer want and make a pile. Now, as you’re doing this, your pile should then be separated into two separate piles. One pile is to donate pile because it’s maybe clothes that are kind of ratty. You don’t want them anymore or shoes that are too dirty, you put those into the donate pile.  And then your other pile is your sell pile. So by the end of your maybe hour or two that you spend doing this, take that sell pile, photograph everything all at once. And I’m not saying take a big picture of the pile and post the pile on the Facebook marketplace. I mean go item by item and capture good photos of each item in that pile. And then sit down at your computer, upload all of the photos at once, and list every single item one by one. Then obviously just make sure you’re priced competitively. And if your pricing is too high, your items basically won’t sell. If it’s too low, they’re going to be like flying off the shelves. I recommend just sticking to eBay and Facebook marketplace for this little bit. 

Now let’s jump into the second way to make some extra cash before the holidays, which is doing some jobs around your neighborhood or for friends and family. This is definitely something where you’ll be exchanging your time for money, but it’s totally fine. Especially around the holidays. A couple of winters ago. I actually helped paint out an entire house. And then I painted out rental properties. I made an extra $8,000 in like two months doing this. And granted it was backbreaking labor. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t do it again at this point. But when you want some extra cash to say, invest, or just save up for your family, it’s definitely good to do. I recommend finding these gigs around your neighborhood by joining some local Facebook groups. Just type in your area, followed by community or followed by a neighborhood watch or something like that, just type in your community, find Facebook groups nearby and just see if anybody’s posting like wanting help or having a job available. There’s also neighborhood apps as well, where they also post a ton of stuff. If they need yard work or organization tips and tricks, painting work, maybe child services. So jump into those local apps. The opportunities here are just endless for things that you could be doing. So don’t discredit that and make some extra cash for the holidays. By helping some neighbors out, you also might meet a new friend.

Number three, this is a really fun one, especially for you animal lovers out there. I want to talk about a little app called Rover and don’t worry, I’ve got a link for you guys. If you want to join Rover, basically it is the dog walking and pet sitting app. What you do is you basically just go in there and you create a profile, set your rates, and even here in Hawaii, I’m still signed up for this. Um, I’ve only accepted a few because I love watching dogs and I feel like my dog, Charlie just loves having another dog around.

So we enjoy watching some pups every now and again, but you can either dog sit or you can do dog walking and yeah, you set your own rates, which is super awesome. And it’s just a good way to make some extra cash. And you, especially with Christmas coming up, so many people, you know, giving COVID so many people are about ready to start traveling, especially just to go see family. Since you know, we haven’t been able to do that in so long. It’s a great time to jump on Rover because so many people are going to need a dog sitter and who knows they might come and find you. 

Let’s dive into number four, the fourth way to make some extra cash before the holidays. This one is a little bit more interesting and I’m going to break it up into two parts. So it’s basically online work.. And that can go as deep as doing VA work. So finding people who need admin assistance, who need social media help, basically just finding somebody who’s willing to hire you to take some off their plate. Okay? Tons of people right now are searching for VAs. A lot of people have had to pivot to online. So it’s just a really awesome time for somebody to jump in and just take the reins on their business and just help that business owner take off a couple of hats. You can charge somebody monthly or hourly for your services, but you will be exchanging time for money most of the time here, but on the other side of that, another online opportunity would be online teaching there, especially in other countries. There’s a lot of people who are willing to hire you to tutor their children, to teach them English.

If you have any interest in working with kids, definitely jump online and check out online teaching for children. A lot of times you’ll be working super, super early in the morning, just due to the time change, but you could make, Oh gosh, anywhere from, I would say $75 and up per hour. Especially around the holidays, if you’re interested in making some extra cash. 


Lastly, I would like to say that I saved the best for last, because this is a little trick that could make you a lot of cash, especially given with black Friday, right around the corner. And this is retail arbitrage, okay. Something that I have done for many, many years, basically what retail arbitrage is, is looking for really awesome sales at stores. And then you’re basically in a buy the product brand new, low at a discount.

And a lot of times on black Friday, you can get anywhere from 60 to 80, maybe even 90% off. So you buy the product for cheap and then you sell it online for MSRP or retail. Now, a lot of people know that there are sales on black Friday. So don’t go maybe posting right away on Black Friday trying to sell your item. But if you give it a week or two after Black Friday, and you sell these items for more like retail price or even right in the middle of where you paid and what it’s worth, you can make a lot of cash doing this. Now I mentioned that I may or may not have had a slight purse addiction at one point. And so on black Friday, this was quite a few years ago. I went to both Kate spade and coach, and they had like, I was at an outlet store actually.

They had like 80% off their purses and they had a limit. I want to say it was either 10 or 12 purses that you could purchase there. I ended up buying as many as they would let me for 80% off. And I literally filled my car full of these purses. And I went home. I took pictures of all of them, listed them all up online. And by Christmas, I had sold all of them. And so a month and literally made, I would say 150 to $250 per purse. And granted it took some work like going to the store, taking the pictures, listing them, and then shipping them out. But at the end of the day, like for the profit that gave me and I was, I was like young, actually, this was like, I know I had just started driving. So I was like 16, maybe 17 years old.

And to make that kind of cash at 16, 17 years old, when you don’t have a big girl job is like a huge extra bonus. I mean, could you imagine making an extra even thousand dollars before Christmas just reselling items that you bought on Black Friday? I mean, it’s crazy. It was a no-brainer for me. So it gave me just a lot of extra spending cash for the holidays and to buy the things that I actually really wanted without breaking the bank. If that makes sense. So retail arbitrage is awesome for basically anything. Um, I mean you can do it on electronics. You could do it on purses. I mean, obviously, I keep saying that, but those are like the things I kind of focus on, but anything, I mean, even like a pot and pan set, I mean, that’s kind of heavy to ship, but you can sell it on the marketplace.

Just anything that you guys find to be a good deal that you think people would be interested in buying is probably fine to sell online. If you want to be extra cautious, just try that little trick that we talked about before on eBay, where you just check out the sold items and just make sure that those types of things are selling in, in a price range where you can make some cash. And I don’t know, I would say with a combination of these five extra ways to make cash, you could really, honestly, you could sit down today and start doing all of these things. And so they’re not with a high barrier to entry, right? You guys can easily do all of these things and, or pick one or two that you want to focus on and make a goal, say, Hey, you know what, I need an extra thousand dollars for Christmas.

So I’m going to make an extra thousand dollars in the next two weeks and then just do it, sit down and do it. And I’m telling you guys, it might sound if you’ve never done this stuff before, it might sound crazy. It might sound difficult. But trust me, I teach people how to do this all the time. I do it all the time. It’s totally doable. You’ve just got to learn how to be resourceful and just give it a shot and tell him you, you guys are gonna love it. And to be honest, I would love to hear if you take this advice and I would love to hear how much you make from doing this. I do teach on these topics and I go so much more in-depth with video training and live videos in my Facebook groups. So I would love to welcome all of you there.

And you could definitely post about your wins and see what other people are selling. I just, I get so excited about this stuff. You guys, because I just I’m so about that freedom lifestyle. And I’m so excited to just teach you guys how to earn extra cash without having to answer to a boss, be resourceful in learning those extra ways to make income. So if you’re interested in joining my tribe, head on over to Facebook and type in the freedom maker tribe, this is a group in a community that is growing exponentially fast. It is so exciting to watch. I would love to have you guys be a part of the conversation over there. So head on over to Facebook and type in the freedom maker tribe. And I look forward to welcoming you guys on the inside.

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