Ep 034: Prepare Your Business To Run On Autopilot During Maternity Leave

Nov 08, 2020

Today I want to talk about preparing your business to run on autopilot while you’re on leave. Now in my situation right now, I am going to be on maternity leave soon. I figured this would be a great time to kind of pull back the curtain and give you guys a little insight into what’s going on and my world and how I’m getting my businesses ready to run, basically without me and how I’m setting them up to go on autopilot. While I take time with my little man and my new family, and just really soak up those moments without having to worry about business or clients. So that everything is going to be running smoothly, without me, because I’m putting these systems in place before I actually need them.

When I found out I was pregnant, I pivoted my business to helping others. And instead of just doing physical product sales for myself, I started helping other moms start a business on a steady foundation and pick up other streams of income. So side hustles, so to speak. Upon doing this I started to create new offers. What this has meant as far as prepping for maternity leave has meant making sure that my offers are ready to sell themselves. That means putting evergreen systems into place that are going to continue operating even without me. In my situation, what I’ve done is filmed a challenge. Kay. This means I teach, or I train for four to seven days. While I was doing these trainings live in my Facebook group, I was recording every single  one. 

What I did from there was I actually put them in a really fancy looking hub online to where now, if anybody wants to gain access to that training that I’ve already done, all they need to do is type in their name and email address. Then they gain access to all the trainings that I did, but better yet. On the last day of that training, I actually offered them another way to keep working with me. So I gave them a ton and a ton of value answered a lot of questions. This was actually a training on Amazon and private labeling. I basically taught them how to get started correctly, private labeling. If they wanted to keep working with me or wanted to go further in depth, I do launch an offer at the end of that. The beautiful thing is that now that this offer has been created that program basically sells itself.

I put in the work at the beginning so now I’m showing up without having to physically be present. Now I have to show up in a different way,  if they want to continue working together, but that’s different. I don’t have to show up and continue providing that value because I already made the asset and stemming off of that, I started to realize that not everybody had enough time to go through a four to seven day challenge. It was really just coaching for an hour each day, but four to seven hours. That’s a long time for someone to commit to. I actually condensed that training even further into a  one hour web class. So in that web class, the same scenario I teach, I teach strategy, the blueprint, the outline of Amazon FBA and private labeling. 

At the end, there is an offer if they would like to continue working with me directly. I built something that will sell my offer for me. And all they need to do is give me their email. This evergreen strategy has been amazing because now where I just hired a social media and ads manager, they’re going to go out and help interact with my ideal clients, get them into my challenge and what class, where my offer is going to sell itself. So I hope this is starting to click and get the wheels turning for you if you have any offers of your own. So it’s basically just creating some type of system in your business. That’s going to make your offers sell themself. And you guys, by doing this ahead of time, I made sure that even if I wasn’t working, even if I took off a month or  two months, three months, I would have a way to continue bringing money in and continue helping my ideal client. If I can still be impacting lives while not working, that’s my dream come true. 

The next thing that I did after I had those systems in place, I knew how to speak to my ideal client. What I did was start to outsource and take off some hats. If you guys haven’t yet listened to the episode about outsourcing, go back to episode 26, that is Outsourcing 101. I actually filmed that episode while I was in the process of outsourcing a lot of different aspects of my business. So I definitely give you guys good pointers tips and tricks on that episode. So definitely check that out if you’re looking at outsourcing, but how I did this was I sat down, and just really thought about my business. I thought about all the time that I was spending in these different areas and how I needed to buy back more of it. I realized I was doing so much work in my business that I really couldn’t work on my business. I was showing up in these different ways, which I think is really important for you to do until you know how to do those things. But at what point you’re stuck in, you’re not staying in your lane and you’re getting overwhelmed and you also need to buy back that time. It’s time to start outsourcing. What I did was I wrote down all the things that I do in a day, and it was a shock to me once I got a highlighter and told myself, okay, what things do you actually have to do here? Where do you need to show up? Where are you passionate about? Where does your face need to be in this? It was really just 1/10th of the things I was doing because there were so many things that I was focusing on that were really just a distraction from where I should’ve been staying in my lane. 

Then from there, what I did was broke it up into categories of basically people that I could hire to help with each area. So for example, I’ll just use, use podcasting as an example. When I wrote down everything I did for a podcast episode A to Z, and then I highlighted where I actually needed to show up, which was right now.  Just speaking from the heart and talking to you guys, and bringing you guys value. That’s where I need to show up, but I don’t need to do all the other stuff on the backend, like editing the episode, adding music, all of those things I didn’t need to be doing. In reality, by doing those things, it was really just making it. So I couldn’t show up 100% for you guys when I needed to. I was able to start taking some hats off?

And outsourcing these things. And by making these hires at least a few weeks before your baby is due or before you’re taking a leave of some sort, you’re going to give yourself enough time to train these people, get to know them and let them hear your voice and just really get to know your business before you’re out of the picture. And so obviously with a baby, you have no idea when they’re actually going to come, could be any day. Right. But just as soon as you can think about outsourcing  one or  two aspects of your business, that would help it run on autopilot. So that’s how I made my decisions on who to hire first. I was like, okay, what areas are really going to help my business keep going when I am not working? Okay. So that made that a lot more simple for me. 

And then another importance in this was keeping the business alive and socially active. I wanted to be a month ahead on content. So I basically took my baby’s due date and tacked Cn a month of content after that and said, I want all of my episodes to be done. I want all of my social media content to be scheduled and created. And I scheduled all of that out for a month after he’s due. So I was planning on giving myself a month of downtime. Granted, I will have a few calls every now and again with clients, but for the most part, I can be completely hands off of the business side of things. And I want to STEM it back actually to the offers that I have created before I made sure those offers in my business were to a course or to some type of offer that I did not need to be a part of a do it yourself offer. 

I skipped the done with you offer and I skipped a done for you offer just for the time being, I actually removed those from even being an option, because I know that right now is not a good time for me to get more clients. I just really want to be able to focus on my baby. After I get those three weeks with him, I am so excited to start welcoming new clients into my life. But just until then, I don’t think it’s fair to me or the clients to start our one-on-one sessions until I have a little bit of extra time with the family. Keep that in mind too. I know it’s so, so, so hard to tell people that they have to wait to work with you but it’s so worth it.

That was for one aspect of my business. The other aspect is for physical product sales. Okay. This would be my Amazon business and my Ebay business, my Etsy business. Those are all pretty much already passive income businesses that I have because I have Amazon doing all the fulfillment for me. Then I also have somebody working out of a warehouse doing my fulfillment on the other side of things. That stuff’s all pretty passive already. What I did was just make sure that we were communicating really well on if they needed any supplies, they needed anything updated. I just made sure to do my part so that they have all the tools that they need before they need them. That way they don’t have to feel like they’re going to bother me in the near future. 

I want to be able to fully give my attention to my son. But learning how to put your business on autopilot is going to put those habits into place and set yourself up for success. So that moving forward, you realize that in reality, you don’t need to be all hands on deck in your business. You don’t need to wear all the hats. If you learn how to outsource now, and you learn how to automate things now to buy back your time and be present with your family. 

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