Ep 017: The Secret To Happiness

Sep 15, 2020

Right, at the end of the day we all want to be truly happy. So what is the secret to happiness and how do we start embracing it every single day?

First, we need to address the blueprints we have for our lives. Each and every one of us has a blueprint for how we think things should be for us. These blueprints we’ve created have the power to propel our happiness forward, or sink us into unhappiness.


Tony Robbins does this exercise where he has you think about an area in your life that you feel truly happy about. Think about that now, wherein your life are you truly happiest and feeling content? This could be in your relationship, your career or business, your body or fitness level. Some part of you is excelling at something.

Personally, I feel truly happy about my relationship, I love my partner, we spend so much quality time together and our bond together is so strong. I’m so happy in this area of my life because my blueprint of how I think things should be, aligns with how things are.

However, for a while the blueprint I had for our relationship made me hold a feeling of resentment. We moved in together right away and have now been together for 5 years with a baby on the way, yet we aren’t engaged or married. For a long time, this made me feel upset and I almost didn’t feel content because of this. It wasn’t until I was able to truly appreciate the deep unconditional love we had for each other and push the standard customs of marriage aside where I felt true happiness here.

Think of an area in your life where you feel truly happy.

Maybe you’re much further ahead in your career than you thought you would be. You're much happier with your spouse or your kids than you ever have been before or you feel confident in your body for the first time.

You feel happy because your reality matches your blueprint or the way you think things should be in that area. Does that make sense?

But on the other side of things, there’s probably an area in your life that you feel unhappy about. Maybe your finances aren’t where you want them or you don’t have much free time. You could have a setback in your career or you're not where you’d like to be in your relationships.

Once again the blueprint you have for where things should be aren't aligning with your reality and the way things are for you right now.

If your life is different than you think it should be, you’re unhappy.

But what if we started to realize that this blueprint we have for our lives we create for ourselves? Sometimes even society manipulates our blueprint and increases our unhappiness. Like my relationship example above. Society makes you believe you have to be married before you move in together or start a family, it made me unhappy for a long time until I realized that our situation was different.

What if we could choose to live in a beautiful state even when things weren’t aligning with our blueprint?

We could always be striving and growing towards the way we want things to be, but we appreciate the process, the journey. We are content with the way things are because we know we are working towards our blueprints.

It’s a matter of trading our expectations of how we think things should be now for an appreciation of where they are. This simple shift could cause our whole lives to change.

The truth is, if we want to feel alive we have to always feel like we’re growing.

There are 3 ways we can start to grow.

  1. Create your success habits: What are the habits you want to be doing consistently? What are the areas in your life that are the most important to you that require your time?
  • me time, time for your relationships, time for your business

If I’m focusing on these three areas of my life I feel content and successful.

For example, I need to be making podcast videos each week and posting value on social media every day. I want to spend a big chunk of time with my partner each week and at least some time with him every day. I also know that in order to be successful I need to spend time on myself and my personal growth.

This will look different for everyone, but where do you need to be focusing your time and energy to create your success habits?

  1. Develop a powerful morning routine: Don’t fall into your day! We want to start each day off powerfully. Think about this, if you wake up in the morning and start your day by hitting the snooze button first thing, you’re telling yourself it’s okay if you don’t hit the goal you set for yourself last night when you set that alarm. It’s okay if you don’t accomplish it. We want to start our day off powerfully knowing that we are fully executing our goals.

What is your powerful morning routine?

Is there something that makes you feel unstoppable?

Maybe it’s mindset work, meditation, going for a walk or hitting the gym. Start incorporating something into your day first thing that will set yourself up for success.

  1. Chunk your time: Think in weekly chunks. What am I doing each day of the week? Do similar tasks on similar days. Think back to number one and the success habits you need to focus your time on and plot them in on your calendar.

Where do those things fit in? Protect that time by scheduling it.

Anything you do multiple times per day, do once per day. Anything you do multiple times per week, do once per week.

By chunking your time you’ll start to feel progress because your putting your success habits first before anything else.

Think: if I did these habits would I get closer to accomplishing these goals? Am I happy with my life?

If I do these habits will I feel successful?

Truthfully if the answer is yes you should start doing them consistently to help you reach your ultimate level of happiness.

Know that happiness is in each and every one of us, sometimes we just have to push aside our feelings of the way we think things should be and embrace things as they unfold in front of us.

Our lives are so full of abundance and it’s up to us to really think about the blueprints we’ve created for ourselves and understand that no matter where we are now, we can always be striving towards our next level while appreciating where we’re at.

Freedom Makers now that you have a better understanding of your blueprint and how you can re-write it to achieve happiness the sky is the limit.

Cheers to showing up for another episode and stay tuned because we’re going to be chatting next with Dr. Betsey, a pelvic floor physical therapist who launched Yes Mama Co. In order to bring women’s health issues to the forefront of the internet. We’re going to discuss her journey of building her passion business and what it’s meant for her life and family, she’s going to share some insight and give you a glimpse into the world of mompreneurship.

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I’ll catch you guys on the next one!

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