Ep 014: Starting Small, But Starting On Your Dreams Now

Sep 07, 2020

If you have a big dream a lot of times it’s scary to think about it - You don’t know how it will change you, you don’t know what will happen along the way and you don’t know who you’ll become once you reach the other side.


My friends, don’t be afraid to dream big. But what you have to realize is that the dreams you have that exist without goals - are just empty dreams in the back of your mind.

So why might those dreams stay tucked away?

Starting anything creates a change in your life and many times you respond to starting a dream the way you respond to anything, with a little bit of fear. Honestly, you may just be scared of change in general.

Learning how to start a dream is learning how to deal with change.

You have to be honest with yourself, why haven’t you started on your dreams yet?

Are you uncertain, worried or maybe a little scared?

Many times you feel this way because you lack experience or competencies in that area - whatever skills or expertise you may need to follow through with your dreams may be lacking - or you’d already have worked towards this dream you have.

Other times the hunger for your dreams goes away once the uncertainty creeps in and your normal life starts to take over.

It’s so important to hold a hunger for your dream, to want it so badly that you almost obsess on it and you take steps towards making it happen each day.

You have to stay focused on it consistently or you’ll never start on it. That’s how you start. You have intense focus and you don’t let yourself slip back into old patterns.

How do you stay focused on your dreams?

    • Create: a dream board is a great way to see your dreams daily. It’s a way to craft the life of your dreams and imagine it’s already happened. If you haven’t listened already check out Episode 3 how to set goals and execute like a boss.
    • Visualize: Put yourself into the mental state of already having your dreams come true. Feel the feelings you would have if they came true, imagine how you’d feel and who you became in the process. Who do you need to be today?

So let’s say you’re focused on your dreams and you want to get started… what could be holding you back?

Many times people are embarrassed to be seen starting small - this is typically how you’re going to feel when you start chasing the dream. A lot of times we compare ourselves to people who have already done what we want to set out to do. We see their success and achievements and it seems so far off. It seems so out of touch or like SO much work… Like such a huge accomplishment and we get overwhelmed. We think there’s no way we can do all they’ve done. So we stay stuck.

You have to remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and most of the time that somewhere is starting small.

But, no matter how small you start, start something that matters, something that scares you and makes your heart feel fulfilled.

I know it may not seem like it now, but mostly every big company, project or business starts small. So don’t be embarrassed to start small.

Don’t be embarrassed to pivot or step outside your comfort zone in front of your friends, family and co-workers. This is your time and I promise once they see you starting something impactful - they will support you or you will gravitate towards those who do.

It’s okay if no one is watching you or the content you’re producing in the beginning. Think about it, if you wait until you have thousands of followers to start opening up it’s going to be much scarier. Start now, start small and don’t be afraid to take the leap.

Only until you keep building and keep moving - do you ever become big. If only a handful of people listen or watch you, a handful of people heard your message.

So never be embarrassed - it’s part of the journey and that's the way it’s supposed to be. Honor that and don’t let it paralyze you.

I read a book by Dean Graziosi called the Underdog Advantage which is all about owning your underdog advantage and using it to propel you forward. Because, along your journey you learn as you go. You find your voice and you’re able to get more comfortable with yourself with less eyes on you.

Think about the President of the United States or some A list celebrity you hear about. All their moves and actions are watched 24/7. They have no room to make mistakes and they’re judged constantly. One wrong move could be detrimental to the career they’ve spent years building.

But you, as the underdog - starting small - you can make errors, you can be messy and you can still be figuring things out. You have a unique opportunity to grow before you grow. Does that make sense?

If you start processing how it will feel to chase the dream...

You may start to fear that it won’t turn out how you wanted and that you wasted all this time and energy on something that didn’t go the way you wanted it to.

But you need to rewire yourself about the journey and the process it takes.

You want to learn, grow and change in the process.

You could be scared to start your dream because it seems like a huge huge thing - your large dream - so starting now feels super overwhelming. You don’t know where to start.

You have to stop thinking about everything being perfect and how everything will fit together… take it one step at a time. Think: Where can I start today?

And try not to get intimidated…

It becomes so easy to compare yourself to people who have already put in the work and have created what you want to. You feel intimidated by them. Don’t try to make it huge in day one. Chalk it up a day at a time, get momentum and find motivation and get into progress.

You have to be okay starting small.

So how can you get started on your dream now?

Clarity, confidence and momentum will keep you going after your dream and no matter how small you start, just start. Once you get that momentum you’ll see progress and that progress will lead to happiness.

You just have to take action and be honest with yourself.

Perfection comes after you start doing something, after you start figuring it out and tweaking it to align with you.

STEP #1: Be Honest With Yourself

STEP #2: Start Learning

Think about this:

What do you have to learn and master to start on your dream?

After you've figured that out, schedule your time to learn those things.

Start by taking a baby step, what are you going to learn this week?

Gain real competency in this area, which will lead to confidence and action towards your dream.

  • Start consuming more of the content that’s going to lead you to your desired outcome.
  • Hire a coach or a mentor
  • Find an online course or program that’s going to help propel you forward and get you on the right track so you’re not doing things alone.

Those things will put you on the right track, the fast track.

STEP #3: Set A Start Date and GO FOR IT. (or you’ll never start…)

Your mission is to start. To develop the capabilities to make it happen. Equip yourself with that hunger and start experiencing that progress.

STEP #4: Take Action

Do something every single day to keep your dream moving forward and to keep you falling forward.

Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. You shouldn’t accept small - you should be living the life you’re meant to be living, even if that means starting small.

Do what you feel passionate about, take a risk, take a chance and bet on yourself and don’t be afraid to fail, because it may just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

You have a gift, now you have to decide what you’re going to do with it.

As Denzel Washington has stated, he’s okay with falling, as long as he’s falling forward. Even if you fail, even if you fail 100 times before you succeed once, fall forward. Know where you’re going to land because you’re not falling backwards anymore.

Fall forward towards success and take risks.

Remember, if you don’t fail - you’re not even trying!

I’m going to leave you with this because Denzel Washington says it best:

“To get something you’ve never had you have to do something you never did.”

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