Ep 010: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Sell In Times Of Uncertainty

Aug 28, 2020

Why shouldn't you be afraid to sell in times of uncertainty?

I know this is always a huge roadblock for a lot of entrepreneurs who almost feel ashamed when it comes to asking for money for a good or service. But, given the current situation with COVID it can make it even more difficult to sell and ask for money.

Let’s kick those old thoughts to the curb right now so we can and start owning the sale, because we know the impact our product or service will have on our clients lives after the YES


Have you guys ever watched a sales presentation, went to a seminar or watched a webinar where you could tell the presenter was SO excited and just loved the product they were selling? 

You see it on a show like shark tank where you’ll have someone ear to ear smiling, full of excitement about the product they’ve created, ready to share it with the world, because they believe in it.

But, then it comes down to the sale, the ask, getting a customer to pull out their wallets and purchase what they have to offer… and they freeze, like a deer in the headlights. 

You’ll see it happen again and again where they get people so eager to buy what they’re selling they are nearly jumping out of the chair to get it right this second. Then the would be customer sees the presenter lose their drive during the most crucial part, the sale, and we’re left wondering if the product is even worth it anymore, because it doesn’t seem like they want us to have it very badly…

Now, in times like these with so much uncertainty going on in the world, people are losing their jobs, struggling to feed their families and having to create entirely new routines. 

On the other side of things, how do you sell in times of distress and why shouldn’t you be afraid?

...and how do you maintain that excitement throughout the entire sales process?

First though, I think it’s important to address why we feel this way about selling or asking for money. 

Many times this mindset becomes ingrained in us at a young age, maybe you would overhear your parents talking about money, or even fighting about it, how they shouldn’t have bought this or that and now they have to save to pay off that debt. 

We start to associate these negative feelings towards money with families having issues.

Or we may believe if we take someones money for something, they’re going to miss out or have hardship.

Think about it, If you believe if you sell things you’re going to be greedy and they’re going to be left with less, how motivated are you to make the sale?

Most likely not… 

It could also be a fear of selling because you’re worried about rejection or what others might think of you for offering what you have and charging for it. But, fear isn’t something that’s new to us, we should be used to it and we’ve succeeded before even with our fears.

We also need to understand that our competition that’s out there is also paralyzed by this fear, so if we can learn to overcome it, we can propel our businesses forward. 

Alright so the question is why should you not be afraid to sell? 

Money is not a zero sum game. If someone gives you money that doesn’t mean they don’t have any left to buy what they need. For all we know, they will forever keep printing more of it and there’s always more to be made. So we shouldn’t have a scarcity mindset about money.

If you don’t learn how to persuade the best or close the best, then that person you’re called to serve, that person whose out there struggling without your product or service, can’t get the results they’re after because you thought you would be hurting them by selling to them.

And the reason they found you or your product, the reason they’re coming to you or listening to you now is because they need you. 

You have to understand that you’re doing them a disservice by not selling to them!

That person who needs you will stay in the exact same position they're in right now if you don’t sell to them. Or they’re gonna go out and find someone else doing what you do to help them and give them their money, and who knows if they will actually care as much about their success as you do. 

When people buy something from you they are making an investment in themselves and the outcome they hope to receive after the purchase.

After this investment they are much more likely to follow through with the actions they need to take to see a change in their life.

I used to be afraid to spend money on things, especially when it had to do with self education or personal development.

I would get all of these free courses and challenges with the hopes of propelling my life forward and gaining clarity and direction… 

But what happened was that life usually got in the way. Something would come up and consume my focus or draw me down another path and I would never open the program again. 

I’m sure you’ve opted into something before and done something similar where you just lacked follow through.

What I learned was that as soon as I started to pay for that knowledge or pay for the product, I started to use it more and put it to work in my life.

You see, when you pay, you pay attention. 

It can be a 7 day challenge you join for $27 or a course you buy for nearly $2k - it’s all the same. When you have made the investment you’re much more likely to put in the work.

So by being afraid of the sale, you’re missing impacting peoples lives and by not charging them for what you’re giving them you’re missing making a true difference for them because they will most likely take action. 

You have to change your mindset about money and start thinking with abundance! 

There’s always more to be made and think of the difference you’re making in someone's life when you can get them to that yes. 

You deserve abundance in your life and your family for everything that you do and by you selling what you put your time and energy into it’s giving you that drive to keep going out there and changing the world. 

As far as selling during times of uncertainty, fear and doubt… this is usually when your people need you the most!

Now, I’m not telling you to go buy up all the masks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper and go selling it online for 10x the price, that would be wrong…

But if you genuinely have something that you can offer someone that will bring true value to their life, then it’s your job to sell it to them. 

Many people feel really down right now or have to make a serious life change. It’s also opened a lot of people up to the idea of new opportunities and possibilities in their life and they have to just kinda roll with it.

If you have a product or service that can help them reach that other side, their ideal outcome, then you should be confident to offer it during a time like this.

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