Empowerment of Freedom with Penelope Layzell

Nov 12, 2021

 Penelope is a LIFE Freedom Mentor, leading High Achieving women with children to success by eliminating burnout and stress using 5th dimension earth healing. She is a conduit for Soul Freedom, empowering clients to live their best lives within their careers, enabling them to free succeed.

Penelope worked in the corporate environment for 30 years, conforming to the restrictions which caused burnout and mental health, and eventually severe illness. From this, she changed the way she worked and received amazing results throughout her life.


Welcome to mom's free to make your podcast Penelope!

Thank you, thank you for having me. Of course

Well, I would love to kick this interview off by asking you what freedom as an entrepreneur means for you.

Freedom as an entrepreneur means so much to me, it's the ability to be able to just have your own time back to be able to organize, and just be able to fly, fly free, is what it's all about.


I love that word so much. That is what it's all about, isn't it? Day to day. So I would love to hear more of your story. Can you go a little bit deeper into where you came from? And it talks you talked about how you went through a bit of burnout and sound your illness? I want to hear the story.

Yes, so my story is very traditional for a lot of high achieving women. So I grew up in a very controlled family environment where you know, to order to be the best daughter, you learn to live, doing what they say, you know, in a roundabout way. So you learn, you learn from quite a young age just to be able to adapt yourself. And obviously when you go into corporate world that's expected to in order to fit in, particularly if it's a male dominated, corporate world, which is where I started, you know, you have to make sacrifices somewhere along the way in order to just, you know, get that promotion, get that next step, make them see that you've got no family life outside. It's it's almost expected of you. And but yet being a mother and I was a mother at 90s was among quite young and married quite young, I was married at 23. You then learn as a woman to juggle in a different way you learn to be the corporate woman, her wife, and mother, it just those three different things. And what happens is, as a woman, you tend to then withdraw ourselves from everybody else, we put her husbands or partners, children our work before ourselves. So learning to my first big anxiety attack, my first panic attack happened when I was about 26. And I was working away I was manager quite young. So I was I was working away and literally almost passed out. And I had about six weeks of work. I was having panic attacks. But then it's not cool to admit that you're having panic attacks and I couldn't leave the house at about six weeks of work, to pull myself together with bakau went into a sales profession. In my late 20s. High pressurized, you've got targets to me. So I learned to hide the panic attacks and hide the anxiety. And, you know, it was just something I lived with. Until I got to 2015 when family life crept around, and I ended up with breast cancer. And I know the universe's way of going you need to stop you need to take time you need to find yourself and that for me. I always call it my blessing in disguise because it helped me to reevaluate my life and I went on a holy journey myself.
Is that correct? Long story when I try to summarize it up for you.

No, absolutely. And I think you hit it spot on with it just causing so much anxiety and stress in you. You do you put everybody else and all these other needs in front of yourself and it's going to be detrimental to your health. And really it's like a one point you have to weigh is this thing that I'm working for really worth what it's doing in my life. And I would love to hear what happened after that, where did that shift take place from there.

I didn't learn straight off. So I said, I've had breast cancer, a long combination of days, and my mom was diagnosed as secondary breast cancer at the beginning of 2015. So I then became a mums, carer as well as everything else. And I was really burning the candle at both ends at that point. But everybody else needed me. So I then over compensated for my time with my family to try and juggle it. My mom died on December 2015. And I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 23rd. So my immediate the inborn part of me that was I need to protect everybody. I'm not important, kicked in temple, my dad was impeaches. He just lost his wife for 46 years, my children were devastated. And this was her grandma. So we hit it over Christmas, we kept it quiet, we got through Christmas with the loss of their grandma. And we got through that. But my first operations the day after my mom's funeral, so I needed to get, I needed to speak to my dad and I needed to shoot the girls down and help family. But then I didn't want them to suffer anymore, so I didn't want them to have this man's decided this. Now my mom's gonna have this. So my protection mechanism came in even more, and I didn't, this is gonna sound nuts and negotiate chemo treatments to suit my family. That's how we stream how I got. So I would have chemotherapy on a Friday. I would sleep over the weekend, and I would be back at work on Monday. Which looking back now how that how the hell did I do that? But what then calls was problems. You know, yes, my girls were okay. But my husband and I were getting he was seriously concerned about me having been with me Sprint's tree to see me burn out the ceiling have anxiety, he wants to help and I'm pushing him away, because I'm like, I've got this backoff, you're not going to get hurt, I've got this. So by the end of 2015, my marriage was pretty much getting to the point where that was the breaking point. And it was the following Christmas that we were away at, we were away at your local campus seeing the store designs because of the rally that was going on in our house, and I knew at that point, I needed to do something. So I started at that point, to just reevaluate, I started to search for something, there must be something out here, I shouldn't have to live like this, I shouldn't have to live with everybody else be more important to me. And, and that's where my healing journey started really was. And I started the spiritual awakening at the beginning of 2018. That's where the rest came from after that.

wow, that's such a powerful story. And it sounds like you poured so much of you into everything. And hearing that you were going through these treatments, and then boom, right back into work that had to really hit you and just say, You know what, I need something that's gonna work with life now in with my family. And I want to know more about fifth dimension, earth healing, this business that has come of this story, and made you who you are today, can you explain what this means?

Incredible part of my early journey was learning to work with my higher self and learning to understand who I actually was. And the secret to success effectively is put yourself first. It's something as women were not taught to do. And as I started going through, obviously, the healing with it, I learned to understand that we have higher selves, and we have, everybody else has higher selves, and we have guides and there was an energy force around us. And fifth dimension to healing is it taps into so I work with my clients by yourself. So it's like a bridge between them. So I can work with the energies and my higher self will dictate to me what's coming from their higher self in that fifth dimension, effectively. So the healing that I can do is very, very targeted to specific needs, because you might go to wiki is a good example. So you go to a Reiki healer. They will do energy and they will feel where the blocks are. But what your higher self to do is well that's a block, but that might not be the original course. So for instance, you could come to me with a shoulder injury. But actually it's caused by something you've held some fear you've held in your body somewhere else. I wouldn't go treat Shoulder I'd go treating the fear that something needs. So that's why it's quite a unique ability to be able to do it. And it's incredible to see the transformation in the women's lives that I held my my specialism is within the soul and life force and connecting souls and life forces not necessarily illnesses, or like candidiasis.

How incredible. And have you known that you've had this special ability for a long time?

I've always known it was connected to energy. always known that I could do that, but not the healing side of things only came about last year. And it started to get real big nudges from the, from the universe, but that's what was needed, and I have a disability. But even then, I'm still going for Worlds, I don't do the healing that doesn't go hand in hand. It was the pandemic that taught me that it did actually go hand in hand. When I put it into action at work, the results were so phenomenal. I was I need to do this, I need to do this to take it out into the world. Because I understand now, this is my purpose.

That's interesting that a part of you said, well, since I'm in corporate, this can be my path. I can't do both. I feel like a lot of people might be listening to this right now saying, You know what, I had that feeling once and I stopped myself. So how did you push yourself through that to actually pursue this dream of yours?

It was seeing my team. So I was mentioned, I worked in sales from the late 20s. Recruitment is what I worked at. So I work in health care for grievances. I'm a regional manager for a three-county branch. And obviously, the pandemic hits, care homes, close their doors. So our branch shrunk by 75%. overnight. The fear that my team then had who were making redundancies, they were worried they were fighting for their jobs, they were having to sell, sell, sell, just trying to keep keep the wheels turning effectively, what was coming in coming in. And I literally saw their stress levels rising. And one of my colleagues, one of my team, if she didn't ask me daily, am I going to lose my job? You know, it wasn't a normal day. That's how fear has really governed us. And I remember getting to the end of May, and thinking, Well, I'm doing all this healing. I know how to manage my energy, I'm not stressed, I understand where I'm going. But I was watching them crumble. And I called an emergency meeting, and I told you to stop selling. And you can imagine their faces. They were sat there just going, sorry. The branch is falling, and you're telling us to stop doing our jobs. We don't get we don't get it. And I said what are you going to lose? Go with me on this, I believe that I have, we have all have higher cells, I believe we have guides, I work with essential oils as well, like in meditation, I said I wrap it all into my daily job, you don't see that. That's separate. Let's give it a go. They were quite open. Although they were a little bit frightened, they were a little bit open. Because at that point, they were really tired and burnt out really struggling. And they were just like, Okay, let's do this. The interesting thing was their stress levels didn't just drop, our brand started to grow. And watching that pivot, and then go, Oh, my goodness, this is actually worth it. Watching them no longer stress and strive to push against that recall effect was when I realized that that was my calling. And that's what I need to do as a living.

That is such an incredible story. Honestly, I like the fact that you were able to help so many people.

Fact that I now bring this into my day because like I've mentioned to you, I've still got to I've got you to know, the healing side. But I'm also still involved in my, my day job. And I can do that because I manage my energy and I know my energy levels, but it's lovely to watch them being able to say to me, not feeling quite right and the energies of it. And having it in a workplace is just incredible to be able to do it. I know it's difficult for a lot of companies to bring it into the workforce. But there are little techniques that you can do that don't need your team to take themselves off often sit in the corner and do big cross-legged meditation. Essential oils, for instance, I use a lot of essential oils in the work that I do to just reset and just balance. You can meditate on the go when you can just, you know, pull yourself away from the computer for a few moments. Take a deep breath, meditation. So it's all those little techniques that I teach my clients.


That's awesome. And I Yeah, we'd love to ask you, when people find you, what are they normally struggling with? What's your number one tip that you would give somebody. So hopefully someone listening for dealing with this can take that home with them.

Yet, they are normally struggling with what I was struggling with, with that whole putting everybody else first, you get lost as a woman, and particularly when you're high and trying to want to prove to everybody that you're successful. So you overcompensate with everything, you overspend because you want to spoil your family and, but you also want to look at, you've got that image that everyone can be successful. So you need to keep up with that image. So that's when the women tend to come to me as you get left in this brain for this first sort of signs of burnout, that normally a bit overwhelmed, they're not quite sure where they are, they're not quite sure who they are. Yet a little bit confused with that. And fatigue is a frequent tiredness, not really sure how, how to sort of get out of it, you just sort of get lost in this bubble of I call it the fall, gets caught in that problem of just where you are.

okay, and so people coming to you feeling this type of overwhelm, what is your number one piece of advice for them?

So you really need to connect inwards is quite difficult when you're sitting there in that fog to be able to connect them with different techniques, smelling essential oils, writing, journaling, just taking moments for yourself, which can be incredibly difficult. So I work with my clients, I have a signature program that takes them through how to connect, how to do it how to work, work in tandem with their highest self. And when you can actually learn to work with your higher self, everything can flows. So it's like it's almost learning to switch on that flow. And as soon as you can switch that flow on, then you're off and you know how to do it. But it's, it's quite difficult to embed those techniques. And when you're not used to doing it, just to embed those tiny, different things.

I love how what you're mentioning right now, it's not. Okay, you have to meditate for 30 minutes in all of these things that are unaccessible. To most people. It's very actionable, I would look into Wales a few different times do you have a specific one that you'd recommend?

I use Young Living, just because it's 100% Yours. So it's, it's 100% you're the straight off the build. So I use Young Living, I'm just trading now as a practitioner, so the obvious practitioner in it. But there's a simple technique called aroma reset. And it is literally three is three oils and one blend and then two other oils and you can literally in a second, reset your body. So that and then you just use your from your desk and you feel like you go a bit further down. You just got them on your hands sick for a few minutes that you have in front of you, which my team doing well regular basis now and sees the kind of standard standard laugh in the office that I've got this one.

Oh, that's so neat. And I think that's something that I'm missing in what I do on a daily basis. But like I said a little bit earlier, we just moved off of Maui. And we sold everything that we owned their essential oils included. We literally got rid of everything except for what we could fit in a suitcase. And I'm thinking I need to reorder some now. So Young Living, I live in the pack of them.

Yes, younger than a bunch of tools. So you know that they are literally taken from the blocks. But then you're just using nature. As you know, when you're out in nature, it just uplifts the spirit anyway, so why would they not work? Just breathing those in frankincense. So the memory release blend is frankincense stress away and lavender oil and mix just a couple of drops of each one. And that's all you need throughout the day. Just a little bit about

I can't wait to order these. And I would love to go deeper on more of good mentioned your higher self and being able to really connect with others in this way. I would love to hear more about this process.

Yeah, but your higher self is the eternal politic. And when you connect them So Mike, my wife, she's called Tori and she she she's always with me. So once you learn to connect with her you can I can literally ask them questions on my intuition or she will guide me through the day so if I get stuck on a project, I will just connected ask for help and she will guide me through. They are been with us from birth they are who we are there are extensive They are eternal part of us. And it's an incredible energy and some people will hear them, some will see them, some will just feel them, I'm an ideal energy. But really the energy, when totally comes in, I get goosebumps. And I thought about I spend most of my day talking, talking to her. And just working alongside her. And she's, she's just incredible. And each one of us has our own Higher Self.

So just, I guess on a personal level, I would love to see if what I have experienced before, it's what you're speaking of. So sometimes there will be this like little voice in my head that tells me to do or not to do something. And a lot of times before I started to realize that this little voice was usually right, I would not listen. And then something bad would happen. And I'm like, Damn, if I would have listened to that the bad thing wouldn't have happened. So is that what you're referring to?

Yes, think back to that exactly that so some people call it intuition. Some people call it downloads, but it gives your higher self is your internal parts. So it is huge. In the spirit realm. So toryism Eight, seven. And she has had many guises physical incarnation on Earth. So you, you will have had many she will have many lives, many physical lives, but they all transmute into the life we live in now. So parts of my previous incarnations, or her previous incarnation, will have taken shape and form. So in some of my past, lives have always been in freedom. I've had leaders and tribe leaders and women have been restricted through marriage to areas so it's, it's incredible when you can choose with them. So what you're hearing is exactly your higher self. And if you spend more time developing that connection, you will find that you will get the answers to everything, and anything at any point in the day.

That's so extremely powerful. And it is something especially after this conversation, I'm really going to intentionally take notice of and you had mentioned, almost really understanding past lives. So how does one develop that type of connection to their higher self to where they could understand a life that had been previously with.

So it's I it's about tuning in to, when you get really experienced with your higher self and learning to connect, you can understand where your journey has been, and where you've gone and what you've taken it from. So I've I've worked with other coaches that have also taken me through my Akashic records, for instance, that's a good way to do it, when you you understand previous incarnations that they will also sometimes come back as guides. So one of my guides, has come back. And if she, you know, she's explained that she was a previous incarnation. You understand, so she was a, she was a leader, but she was a tribal healer, but she was also a leader within the tribe itself. So it sort of fits with why she's working with me, because I'm working in the healing and the leadership side, as well. So I, I've taken elements with her, so I will work with her quite a lot, as well, which is just fascinating. It's fascinating that your life do tend to you learn in each life. So each life, you will step back and learn a different thing. And then you'll step up and your highest self out.

This is so powerful. If anybody's listening to this right now, and it's like, I want to get more in tune with my higher self, what would you recommend you do to at least start down this journey?

So the best way to start is spending moments so some people really struggle to journal and I know that some people journal for the best way to sit, just find a quiet moment and sit with pen and paper. And just that tension so don't even think so I created a journal just for that reason so that I can give prompts. You just allow those words flows. I don't physically sort of disconnect yourself from it really just allowed that tend to the more proficient you get the best way to deal with non dominant hand because you know, it's not you know, you might pull up through the scribbles you might just allow that pen to move and the more What you do that the more you will connect with your higher self. The other thing you can do is when you're cooking, if you're cooking and you're you're not sure what ingredients are put in your home self, particularly ingredients, just hear what comes into your voice is the voice in your head, or what you feel like need to be in there, just start tuning into your intuition and little things like that grow the technique, it's taken me a good, almost three years to get very tall, in the way that I have. It's a long, long process doesn't happen overnight. So that's exactly how it started. Just those processes, and just allowing and letting your head not leaving your heart instead of your head. Allow your heart, not your head to go. Is that really me? Or is that then you've got to learn to fix that voice of your own voice.

Right! Oh, I understand that when it will make sense just slowly starting to listen, even if it's just little things like an item in a recipe. Like that's where more will start to come through. Because you'll realize that, okay, if you're not leading with your head, you're leading with your heart. You're making decisions and nothing bad's happening. So keep going with that. Right? 

Yeah. And we all we all have to be, that's who we are. So actually, your heart says more signals to your head. It's just the head gets in the way. And if you can learn to switch off that subconscious mind and go back away from that and listen to my heart and said, you will naturally just flow through it.

Okay, thank you so much for all of this information. My head is I'm just thinking of all the ways after this, I can start to be more into myself.

Yeah, just message me, and I can give you

I would love for you to share with the audience, how they can get in touch with you?

So the best way to get in touch with me is probably through Instagram, Penelope lays on Instagram, the easiest and most straightforward way to get in touch with me. And I am on Facebook as well. My company is called dimensions. But it's not an easy one to put through. But it's full dimension because obviously I would like my higher self for diamonds, diamonds in the dimensions where it came from. So you can lead me through that. But it's probably on instagram.

Thank you. And I would love to ask you then, with this new work this new created, how does this work create freedom for those who work with you?

 I use myself as an example, I've got two jobs, I've got my own business. And I've also got my my day job as a regional manager for a health care agency. I have freedom in that. Because I know when I need to stop, I know my levels, I know my energy levels. So what I do when I'm working with my clients is I learned help them tune into them myself. But do they actually are I help them to understand how much their energy and how much they can say. And I've helped them to heal themselves so that they can start to step into their own power and put themselves first so my signature program does just that. So the signature program which is called life, which is swear for myself, so it's liberates Friar. Mo and enrich is where it comes from. That literally takes you from eight weeks from start to finish. So learning how to connect right away through reading into the deep dive. And within that idea of three Healing Meditations to start lifting those locks. When you're working with your higher self, you need to connect to the fear that stops you. And it's turning the fear to love labelled so you can start to raise your vibration. And as you start to raise your vibration, Freedom appreciates, you're completely in harmony with everything around you and I know, flow a lot, but it's it creates the flow. And it creates the freedom I haven't had alluded to the anxiety and the panic attacks that I used to suffer with. I haven't had a panic attack for anxiety for two years. Because I do this work. And that's the freedom.

That's beautiful. It's so well-rounded. 

And it's so needed. It's so needed, the corporate world is so worth the world, you know, high achieving women. You know, we have this need to sort of step forward and I think Chris, we've turned more into sort of that fifth dimension. The feminine power is stepping up, we are really stepping into our power ramping itself. And, you know, if we don't do it properly, we'll end up top messages because we're trying to prove that we're in the feminine energy now when we need to step forward. It's so important that we do it right and do it the correct femininity that we are.


And why is it for women to step into this in transform their lives specifically?

Because they learn to love themselves, they learn to love themselves and in doing so, everything. It's like, when you put that light bulb on, everything around, you just attract back to it. So you don't only attract success, you attract more money in your life for me and my family life is so balanced and so well rounded, like, you know, couldn't, couldn't even express how, you know, my life is so valid, irritable mum used to come in and get stuck with the dishwasher. You know, I've just come in from work, and I've done 10 hours out, you know, just as a body sort of just flows up. And it's almost like you put this magnetic field around you. Okay, just just me, I reported. I'm here to everybody else does fits in around you, and not in a bad way that that could be seen with a way that? Yes, because you suddenly find to have time, everybody really weird. But when you, you lift that sort of exalt themselves, your time comes back at you. Because I think you spend a lot of when you're caught in that cycle, you spend a lot of negative time worrying about everything else, that when you're not worried about that you totally grab everything else because you have more time.

Beautiful I love the freedom aspect of all of this. For mamas perfect guests for moms do to make your podcast Look at this.

Yeah, yeah. The most, the hardest job to do. Particularly if you've got a career, you know, it's the hardest job to do. And when I have my oldest daughter, I'm sharing my journey. But when I had my oldest daughter, I went back to work when she was two months old. There was no maternity leave. So, you know, we just did this whole juggling cycle of you know who's having baby today. You just become this. You become an expert juggling to juggle the baby, but juggle the career but juggle the family, you just lost, completely lost within it.

I would love to ask you for a book recommendation, do you have something that you'd like to share? 

If people are really looking to connect with their higher self, you need to read the lead by living graphic Tanya. And that is that will take you through the changing fear to less and connecting with your higher self. It is a bit of a book coming up. You could probably do away with it. And it's quite heavy. But if somebody really wants to get involved with their higher self and learn to understand that will take you right

Amazing Yeah, I added to my list of recommendations. And anybody listening will add the book into the show notes as well as Philippines, Instagram and her website as well. Do you have anything you'd like to leave the listeners with today?

Yes, take time, even if it's just a walk with the dogs that nobody else just take time to do that.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful tips and advice. We can't wait to connect with you.

Thanks so much for having me.


Link to her offer: https://book.diamension.co.uk/

Penelope's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penelopelayzell

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