A Busy Working Mom’s Journey from Overwhelm & Frustration to Joy & Fulfillment With Karen Church

Jan 03, 2022

 Jamie: Karen Church is a Success Coach for high-achieving women who are stuck with designing their best life. Karen uses a unique holistic approach with her clients combining different modalities including yoga, meditation, quantum theory, Ayurveda, and natural medicine. Let's dive into how to build your dream life holistically.

To determine the root cause of the problem and resolve the underlying issues that are holding our clients back from living their dream life. Karen Church, welcome to Mom's Freedom Maker podcast. And I would love to kick this off by asking you what freedom as an entrepreneur means for you.  

Karen: Thank you, Jamie. 

Thank you for having me here today. It's such an honor and pleasure to be here with you. Freedom to mean to me means to be able to live your purpose and joy in life, and really provide that service that you have as a unique individual. We're all here as unique people. We all have. Talents and skills. 

And when we can combine those into providing a service for humanity, that's what freedom means to me because then we're doing it from a space from our heart space, you know, in yoga, we talk about our heart, our heart chakra. And when we do that, it doesn't feel like work.  

Jamie: So that's so beautiful and so true. 

And I'm sure it's why you are where you are today. Because you've found your purpose, your life's purpose, your path. I would love to hear more about your journey and what led you up to finding your path.  

Karen: Yes. So I've always been a very driven person. And from the start I knew I wanted to be an engineer or that's what I thought when I was young. 

My father was an aerospace engineer. He talked to me, about being an engineer. From an infant. So my mom thought I was probably brainwashed a little bit and, I did, I enjoyed my career as an engineer and I still do. I actually still do work as an engineer part-time but it got to a point in my career where it wasn't fulfilling for me. 

It was not. , well I spent so many hours doing so much and at that point, I had a family, I had two children. Uh, I was married and as a high achiever, I was trying to hit everything a hundred percent all the time. And it was too much to do. And I thought, well, What is it? You know, I, I still want to have a career. 

I still want to have this amazing family and spend time with them. So I need to find a way to bring balance to my life because that's, that's, what's missing. And, you know, I was climbing that career corporate ladder, you know, I was, I was very successful and it was like, okay, they're going to give me my next promotion. 

And I thought, is this what I really want? Is this what's going to bring me that happiness. Yes. You know, what does success really mean? And at the end of the day, I took the year off and really looked deeply inside of myself of what was successful would be a successful life for me. And was it to move up that career ladder to senior, to director, to vice president. 

And I realized that that wasn't the success I was looking for. And I was looking to do something more in service of working with individuals, providing my knowledge, my skillset, my mentoring, and it came back to when I used to coach a girls lacrosse team. In California before I was married before I had children and I still work full time. 

And then after work five days a week, I would go coach for two hours and it was just uplifting to watch these amazing young athletes with just simple. You know, coaching the direction and the changes I could make in their lives. , we went to Northern county from your sexual championship game three years in a row. 

Every year that I coached the last year, we had built the team. We won by 19 goals. We were stoppable and it was just because of the mindset that we worked on for four years and the skill set. And it was. When you can take those high achievers and really build upon that and watch them succeed in, they got scholarships to the school. 

You know people say, well, didn't you get paid? As it as a coach. I said, they gave me a stipend at the end of the year, but this is high school guys that stipend didn't cover the gas that it took me to drive to that school or to the games. I did this because I loved it. So when I went back and really looked at mine. 

What my purpose was to really go back to my engineering job and come back in teaching and coaching and mentoring and passing on my 25 years of knowledge to that next level of employees, which we critically needed. And it also inspired me to start my business because working with, you know, just a handful of folks. 

And my engineering job was not going to really touch a lot of lives. And I felt like I had so much more to give that I wanted to reach out. And I was like, ladies, you don't have to be grinding all day long. You know, as high achievers we are, you know, we're all about getting stuff done, but is that making us happen? 

And when we can align ourselves to what makes us happy and also be able to prioritize and be present with our families and not worried about this and that. And it was just, there's so much that I learned and, and how to pull it all together. So that's, that's my story.  

Jamie: It's so beautiful that it started from a really selfless act. 

You working with these girls on the team and realizing that that's, what you're called to do is help more people in that way. It's a beautiful thing. And I want to know then what business you're running today and how that connects to that past experience.  

Karen: Yeah. So I've ran a success life coaching business, where I work with high-achieving women that are, that are stuck or struggling in their lives. 

They're looking to, they may have a lot of chronic stress overwhelmed. They might be reaching burnout in their careers, or it might, it might be they're stuck in some, you know, And something in their life maybe could be health in their relationship with their selves. And I really, I really have a system and process that I walked through to get them unstuck. 

I mean, that's, that's really what you want to do as a coach. And it's not about telling folks what to do. It's helping them realize for themselves. We all have that infinite wisdom inside us, but sometimes it takes that outside perspective to help us move forward. And that's, that's what I.  

Jamie: Hm, incredible. 

That has to feel so good every single day to get people past that feeling of being stuck. I think everybody listening to this has felt that way at some point. So the fact that you can show up every day and help people breakthrough that barrier. Oh, that's got to let you up. I would love to touch on now. 

You don't have to go too deep into your process. I would love to hear what that, what that's like. So somebody comes to you, they're feeling stuck in their life and their business and their relationships. What does that process look like to help get them to the other side?  

Karen: Right. Well, we really want to start first with, delving into, like we talked about earlier is their purpose. 

When we understand it's figuring out your purpose in life and yoga, we call it our Dharma. And start from there and create that vision. You know, our life, you know, as high achievers always taught, you know, you go to school, you get your career, then you get out and start working. You get married, have a family. 

It's like check, check, check, check. But is that success? You know, what, what about happiness? What am I looking for here? So the first is really, what is my purpose? Why am I here? What is it that I really want to be doing and creating that vision. So really outlining what my vision is for. How, what I'm doing at work, what I want to be doing at home with my children, you know, if I'm married with my spouse or partner, , we may have other activities that we want to be doing out that are extracurricular. 

Those are so many facets to life. So how do we prioritize all that? Creating, creating that system? And from there really going into understanding and creating a rhythm in your life, you know, in business, we talk about creating a business rhythm so that everything flows, naturally, things get done. Same thing in life. 

If we don't have a rhythm to our day to our life, that's sustainable, then that's going to be, we're just going to be dragging ourselves through. Right. You're going through the motions versus I'm really present. I'm really here. I'm doing what, I'm, what I want to be doing in this moment. So, how do we create that? 

How do we create that rhythm for ourselves, and then really understanding ourselves at our core. And this is where I touch on folks and understanding your dosha, which is our, and yoga is your constitution. And aryuveda, we're all born with a constitution and there are three types in RD. Veda. 

We talk about. The cough of the piton Nevada. And so understanding what is your primary dosha will tell you so much about yourself will tell you, you know, the things that uplift you, the things that bring you down, the things that can unbalance you and help. So it helps you pivot in your life when something comes out, you that you know is not right for you because you know, you know yourself that well, that. 

So understanding yourself is really key. And then working through any limiting beliefs mindset. I mean, we all have them, it comes, this is huge. And you don't even realize that you're making a lot of decisions throughout your day unconsciously because of these beliefs we have. So I delve into a lot of mindset work. 

To uncover, what's really holding people back and having them understand and work through this is what's holding them back. And how can we change that? How do we go about changing those limiting beliefs to having empowering beliefs moving forward and the changes that they're interested in making. And then finally, I'm all about creating your future. 

And really delving into how to, you know, use neuroscience to reprogram rewire the brain so that we're making the decisions that we want for ourselves each and every day to really start to move that needle in the direction that we want to be in to create that dream life, that life that we want first. 

So I hope that wasn't too long, Jamie. No, that was so perfect. And  

Jamie: I just love how you're really focused on building an aligned life and fulfilling your purpose because I feel so often people. They strive for the external success, the nice house, the car, the highest position at their job. And then they wake up one day and realize, this is this, wasn't it. 

This wasn't what I wanted. And I hope that people come to you before they even get to that place. I hope that you're able to help them. Before they start to feel that way. I mean, we've all heard of the millionaire who wakes up and is just depressed and unhappy because they realized that they set their life up on the wrong path. 

So it sounds like you really do a good job and, and completely course correct somebody to really help them build that align lifestyle. So what was an awakening point in your life that caused you to radically change how you were living?  

Karen: So my wake-up point was when I was. Working full time. And I was traveling and I had the family and, you know, I had the successful career. 

I had the multi-million dollar home. I had, you know, I had all these things and, and I wasn't happy. And I was burning out. I was burning out in my career. It was like nonstop at home with the kids and the work. And then I was like, wait a minute. This is. This isn't how I want to be living. And I remember coming home from a business trip and telling my husband, I am so unhappy. 

I don't want to be, I don't want to do this anymore. And he's like, so mine, he felt in the same position, we were both just going non stop. And it was like, there's gotta be a better way. There's there's gotta be, there's gotta be a better way. You know, I, I started looking into just what we could do to make changes in our lives, because I'm all about pivoting and it had to, I waited too long. 

I would've loved to do it earlier, but that's why I want to reach people because as you said, That getting to that point in my life and saying, oh, I need to make some massive, massive changes and having the courage to go and go out and do that. So that was, it was, it took a lot of pain that takes some times it just takes a lot of pain for people to want to make, make a change. 


Jamie: That sounds like a very eye-opening experience. And. A learning lesson though, that really catapulted your success as an entrepreneur, because you went through this and you got to the other side, like that's so beautiful. And to anybody listening to this, I mean, I would love for you to share a few tips that helped you break through that. 

Karen: Sure. So my number one tip is to check in with yourself every day, really in, at your heart. What is. What is it that you want to be doing that day? What is the most important things for you that day for what it is for you at work? What it is for you at home, or maybe with your children and maybe with your spouse, just do a quick check-in, you know, it takes. 

A minute or two to just set, set. We talk about setting our intention when we meditate or we do our yoga practice. So it's really setting your intention for the day. And when you do that and you know, you're programming mine, this is what I want for my day. Then you kind of align and make those decisions throughout the day for yourself. 

So that's, that's really my number one tip for, for folks to really how you start your day. , you know, depending on what they're struggling with, there's other techniques that I'll show people to use. You know, if they're, if they're under a lot of stress, you know, w we talked about breath work, we talked about maybe some, some different types of meditation or different types of yoga. 

Most people. I think of yoga as, as just one thing. There's, there's so much to it. There's so many different facets, , and, and meditation as well. You don't need to sit down to meditate you. And for certain people, certain constitutions that is not their way of meditating. They need to be out in nature and walking and do a walking meditation. 

So there's a lot that you can do to set yourself up. To be, , successful and, and find that rhythm for yourself and that rhythm for life, that passion, right. That you're feel reinvigorated. You're you're excited to wake up. And go. Yup. But I ha I know what I want to do. This is where I'm going to focus on. 

And certainly other things come up. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I have a perfect day. Every day. We're all human. We live on this planet, earth things come up, there's challenges, but you certainly can, , handle things a lot better, a lot easier when, when you do that for yourself.  

Jamie: And would you say that setting the intention for your day has been the number one thing that you've started to do differently? 

That's helped you really step into this dream life?  

Karen: Yes. Is that's the first thing I do when I, when I get up in the morning and then I have a very structured morning routine that I go through that. But I've worked through that as, you know what I need to help me set myself up for the day. It can be different for everybody else. 

So I don't want to say everyone do what I do because I don't believe in cookie cutter anything. , I don't, you know, I think everything needs to be tailored to the person, to your specific, you know, needs and, and all of that. So that's why it's, you know, I can tell you what I do. I have no problem with that, but I'm not, I wouldn't recommend do exactly what I do. 

And this is going to solve everything for you.  

Jamie: No totally understand it, but even having the framework sometimes, and then kind of expanding on the areas that feel right for you is really powerful. Uh, I would love to hear it. Yeah. I mean, if you want to talk about your morning routine, I feel like that might be really helpful for people  

Karen: with. 

Okay, sure. No problem. So I always start my, my day off with going into, I have the little space that I created in my office where I can lay out my yoga mat and I have a little, , salt lamp that I turn on and it's just kind of, it sets my mind and where I want to be. And I just take a few moments to set my intention for, for that day and then, and ask for guidance. 

Now, part of that, , I very strongly feel that part of who we are is, is very spiritual. And so when we connect in with our spirit and, , you know, I don't believe in any. Uh, telling people that they need to believe in a specific religion. Like yoga is not a religion, but you know, if you're a Christian, if you believe in, you may be talking to God, if you know, whatever it is that you believe in. 

If, if you just believe in a higher power, just connecting with that spirit outside of yourself. As what I do and just ask for guidance and wisdom throughout my day, you know, this is my intention. This is where I want to be going, provide me the guidance and, and, uh, to get there. So really making that connection first thing in my day. 

And then I go through a very simple, , assign movements. I go through with different, uh, sun salutations, just to get movement into my body for me. Just to get movement, you know, you've been sleeping for maybe eight hours, hopefully, maybe last, when you're got young children and just to get that movement in that breath, you know, connecting the mind and body. 

And I do that with connecting my breath to the movements that I make. And it's just, you know, 15, 20 minutes to get that movement going. And that really sets me up. That's that's like, okay. I feel grounded now. I feel I'm ready to go with my son up for school. Boy, he's not a morning person. So getting him up out of bed is always been a challenge. 

And before it was like, , I'm always like, come on, let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Like, I'm ready to go. And so we're quite the opposite. So it was always, , a little bit of a challenge, but when I come in grounded and settled, I can help him wake up in an easier way. I feel like I'm pressuring him or rushing him. 

Cause he's like, mom you're rushing me, you know? So he can start his day the way he needs to, to feel grounded and settled because I've done that for myself. So we get, we get going. I'm able to have breakfast with him. You know, we ride our bike to school, which I love that we live so close that we can ride our bikes. 

I love being outside. And then on the way home, I take a little bit of time to just kind of loop around on my bike, depending on how much time I have before my next, , my next activity that morning, just to get out in nature and get some sunlight, some great vitamin D. And, you know, if it is just 10 minutes just right around, come in, I usually will do a quick workout for myself and then get started in on my day. 

And that's, that's my morning routine. That's  

Jamie: beautiful. And I feel so often people wake up and just jump right into. I love how your morning routine is really putting yourself first, because you are so aware that the more time you can give yourself, the more you can pour into yourself, the more you're going to be able to give to others and your son. 

And it's so beautiful that you take the time to ride your bike with him to school. I just love that so much so beautiful. And for everybody listening. I know that you have a gift for the audience. I would love for you to talk about this now because I'm sure you're hitting a lot of people right at home right now. 

And they're going to want to connect with you.  

Karen: Yes. Thank you, Jamie. So I have a workshop that I created all about how to manifest your dream life and it's free. I offer it for free. I've given it. And all, I have it within my Facebook group, which is a life by design, the high achievers club. So you can just request to join and, , you can put in there, there's a couple of questions when you request to join. 

So, , If you, one of them is what are you struggling with? If you just put in that you're interested in the workshop, just let me know so that I can make sure I send you the link to that. It's already in the group, but I can guide you to where that is in the group. And you don't have to search around, spend a bunch of time on Facebook. 

You know, I remember when I first joined Facebook groups, I'm like, what are they talking about? Where am I supposed to find this? So I want to avoid anyone being frustrated. So just let me know, and I can make sure to point you in the right direction when you get into the group. But I have a guide and a bunch of videos already, prerecorded. 

All in there on a lot of different topics actually, but that ones, that workshops in there. So I thought that would be appropriate for your viewers to  

Jamie: absolutely. I'm sure they're going to rush over there. And when it comes to manifestation, it's like, this is a good kind of angle to go down with manifestation. 

I feel like people create the dream boards. They understand that vision that they have for their life. And then. They want to just look at it every day and have it come true. It really sounds like your holistic approach is making sure that your actions every single day are actually going to put you closer to this dream life in this reality, rather than just feeling like it's so unattainable, is that what though go through in this workshop is things that we're really going to help level up their daily life to reach that. 

Karen: So part of the workshop is how to, so if you're, I'm a visual person, you having a board is really, really great, but I find that you want to also write down what your vision is and very, very detailed and how you word it. And the language that you use is really critical. So I go through. What pitfalls to avoid and what you should be putting into your vision and how to word things. 

I also talk about, you know, you don't just want to write it and, or put up the board and just kind of look at. And put it away. This is something that you want to read to yourself every single day, that if you're an audio person, you may want to record it. This is what part of the watch. And you may want to record it and listen to it in the morning and the evening so that you're programming yourself to make the constant decisions on the direction that you want to. 

And you know about how is it is not just about writing, how bent a bunch of ideas and steps down. It's about how you do it in the process about, about that. So that's what the learned in the workshop and what to avoid and what not to do.  

Jamie: I love the idea of recording them. Obviously, we've got a podcast here that I love to film, and I read this long, long note every single morning, which is amazing, but listening to it, hearing the energy come through would probably be a lot more beneficial to me. 

So I appreciate that. I'm going to actually probably film that right murdered when we're done here. 

I would love. Do you have any other last remarks you would like to leave everybody with today? Maybe something they can take in with them throughout the week?  

Karen: Sure. I just want to leave people with that change is hard and difficult, but it's not impossible. And. You know, what I found was best is to really find support is in, in for me, I didn't do this on my own. 

You know, I, I had the idea on my own because I was there, but really look to get that support and invest in yourself. We are, you are your single most valuable asset. We invest in so many things. And so many times, especially as moms, we don't invest in us. We'll do everything for our children. First biases for parents. 

What about us? So invest in yourself, ladies, you are the biggest asset that everyone has. And when you can show up as the best version of you, you are going to be so much bigger and greater for everyone else in your life. 

Jamie: Thank you. That is amazing. And I'm sure everyone's going to think of that every day when they kick off their morning with a wonderful morning. I appreciate you for coming on today. Thank you so much, Karen.  

Karen: Oh, thank you, Jamie. I it's been a pleasure. 

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