072: How You Can Start Creating Your Dream Life , TODAY

Sep 01, 2021

How can you start creating your dream, TODAY? One really important thing is first to make sure that the actions we're taking every day are in alignment, the life that we actually want. So I want you guys to think right now, What your dream life, actually looks like. It's interesting because a lot of times you can ask somebody what they want, and they're not sure, but they can tell you all day long, the things that they don't want to have happened. Right, so I don't want that to be you. I want you in your head, to get very clear right now on what goals you have. It can be anything. It could be extravagant like driving a Ferrari or a G-class Mercedes, it could be. Being able to vacation 365 days a year, or maybe backpacking the world, maybe it's hitting $50,000 hunts, or maybe it's something a little bit less crazy. Maybe it's working five-hour workweeks. I want you guys to take a minute, maybe you need to pause this episode. You could journal this out. You could start a vision board, do something that's going to make it very clear to yourself what your goals actually are because it's really hard to get somewhere where you don't know where you're going.


So step number one, you guys to creating your dream life today, is to be very clear on where you actually want to go, what these goals, look like for you. Don't be afraid to dream big here, remove all of the obstacles that might be popping up in your head. Any excuse any obstacle just remove them right now in the perfect world, if there were no limitations if nothing was standing in your way. What would your dream life look like? Okay, get clear on the house that you would live in what your office would look like, what your work hours would be, how often do you see your family. How often do you see your friends, what kind of vehicle do you drive.
Okay. What kind of clothes are you wearing. Okay, I want you to get clear on what this looks like.

Alright, now. Secondly, I want to get clear on where you are today versus that goal and where you actually want to be because what's interesting to you guys is because you're not who you need to be today, to get that dream life that you're striving for, because if you were that person, you would already have that life. So what we need to figure out is, what's the kind of person who is that person who already is living your dream life because they're out there, they exist. There is a person that is living a life similar to the dream life that you've created to envision for yourself. So we need to figure out the differences between you, in your current reality and what this other person has achieved, okay, because only then can we figure out what does that person does each and every day. And what are you not doing that they do? And where are they showing up, that you were not great?

So let me go back, step one is getting very clear on your goals so you guys hit that pause button to ensure that you are very clear on what your ideal lifestyle actually should look like. And then it's figuring out, okay, what is the person who has achieved this goal, due every day. Do they wake up at four in the morning, or five in the morning, is do a killer morning routine, followed by a very healthy breakfast, do they do that, ask yourself, Am I doing, if my dream life consists of a person that wakes up at 430 in the morning, does a killer morning routine has a healthy breakfast right maybe it's like avocado toast with flax seeds and so I had this morning, right, maybe it's a nice smoothie bowl that's all beautifully made by you. Right. What are they doing each morning to show up as a person that they need to be for the rest of the day to live in streamline, then ask yourself, Am I doing this right now? And if the answer is no, then you're not being who you need to be in order to reach your goals. In regards to life.

Okay, now that's just one example that goes a little bit deeper than that. Okay, so what is their morning look like. After that, how does their afternoon look, this person is living your dream life right now, you guys? How are they showing up in the afternoon? How are they showing up for their family? Like, envision what their day-to-day life, and routine, actually looks like. Okay. Now, how's their evening. Are they working eight hours into the night probably not right, they're living your dream life so most likely they're working shorter hours. They look like they have their shit together right so get really clear you guys on what this ideal lifestyle would look like for you because only then can you point your boat in the right direction. And actually achieved these goals.

Okay, this is all about who you need to become because you're not that person yet. But that doesn't mean that you can't. Once you have clarity on who that person actually is, you can work backward and say okay, If I'm sleeping until 8 am right now. And my person who's creating the dream life of mine that I'm actually striving towards every day if they wake up at 5 am 4:30 this example, they wake up at 4:30 am, they do a killer morning routine, they have a healthy breakfast, I need to start implementing that today.

No more excuses because my dream life is not going to be in. It's something that I'm going to get. Once I become the person who deserves it. And that's going to take work on your part. But it's also getting
very very clear on what that actually looks like.

Okay, so clear, what is the morning look like for your ideal person and then actually set goals to start living that today because interesting what's going to happen you guys that you can figure out how to do this correctly, is that your dream life is actually going to start manifesting itself into your reality, because you are now up-leveling yourself to become the kind of person that's going to attract these other things into your life because you're setting up your days, intentionally, you're not just waking up and letting the day take you by storm, you're realizing that, okay, in order to achieve my dream life today. This is the kind of person that can make it happen and then automatically what's going to begin. Is your day is going to start to look like how it needs to, in order to actually get your dream to happen.

So, get very clear, where are you right now, and where do you need to be, how do you apply yourself to be the kind of person you should be attracting all of these things into your reality because if your routine right now sucks. If you're overworking if you're stressed if you're taking forced action. It's not going to lead you to your dream life because you're simply too clouded, you're not clear in your mind and with the actions that you're taking so it's only when you can learn how to actually embrace this dream life and work towards every single day and realize that it's really not about the destination, it's about the journey and I know that sounds so freakin cliche. And I don't mean for it to, but it's the truth because the journey is who you become. It's about who you become. On the way to your destination. Right now I'm going to pull up something that I read to myself every single morning, This is my morning ritual. And I really want to read this to you guys because it's vitally important that you get this constant reminder to help you. We were trying to become, to read your dream light and so here it goes. If you want to know how your life is going to turn out. Look at your day, your life is determined by choice. I believe this is a quote by Mel Robbins, but it's not on. Because your life does not happen to you. It happens because of the choices that you make at the moment, and I need you to understand something. People are very reactive in their life, meaning they think that life is just happening to them they don't think that they have any say about what happens but the opposite is actually true because you are in charge of your destiny. You are in charge of little things like waking up at 5 pm for speeding. You're in charge of whether or not you let your day take you by storm or whether you're taking it by storm right. And so, it's spending time and getting very clear on what your dream life looks like who you need to become to actually see that dream life through, and understanding that you can actually make a change today to be who you need to come to pick your dream life. And it's important to realize that no matter what action you're taking this day one of two things is happening. Thing One is that you're actually in pursuit of your dream life and you're taking actions that are in alignment with that and that one day you're gonna wake up and realize holy shit. I actually did. Because like we've talked about before, it's not about the destination it's about the journey because it's not just gonna happen. You've got to make the moves every day starting today, starting now. But the other side of that is not knowing what your dream life actually looks like, thinking that one day is just going to be handed to you, and not making these incremental changes, changes to actually get to have meaning. Each day, you're getting further and further away from your dream life. And it actually feels further and further away because no little incremental changes are happening that are going to put you closer and on that path. So, if nothing else you guys I want you to understand that, you can change today. You can make moves today that is going to get you closer to that dream life. Now, you might be like Jamie I cannot go to the store right now and buy a Ferrari.

So, yeah, I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, but you can make sure that you're lining yourself up so that in the future a Ferrari is possible based on the business you're creating, based on the amount of time you're devoting to your business. Right. Or let's say you're listening to this and you want to have a husband one day. What you might say well I'm not gonna eat my dream husband today. So, I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, but you could make sure that you know who your husband is, ideally be in your mind that way tomorrow if you're getting coffee, and somebody, you would know that attend because we're clear on what you're looking for.

Right, you're showing up as a person that you should be in order to attract that person into your life, but if you don't know who that person is. If you don't know what your dream vehicle is, what your dream house is, You're not going to know what you need to do to make sure that you're going to get back. So I hope that this message is resonating with you. This is something that's just coming through so strong for me right now, as we are just lining up our life and going through so much change after leaving Maui, which was our home for two years because when you leave the islands, you have to get rid of everything. Unless you ship stuff when we were not interested in doing so, we're basically starting to thrash so we've gotten very, very clear on what home we're looking for what type of vehicle, what our routine should look like. It's something that we're going through at this very moment so this episode he really strong today as yesterday we bought ourselves a new car ditched our Maui cruisers. Now in cruisers, you guys don't know our vehicles with like 100,000 miles on the island forever, and sometimes they don't work. So, just got a new vehicle and we're aligning our lives up now, we are treating lifestyle. We're making it our reality. As of now, and you guys can do the same thing. So, if this message resonated with you, please be sure to subscribe, leave a review for the show that helps other people just like you find this message because I'm just trying to impact as possible, to hear this message, feel free to send me a message over on Instagram and let me know.
I appreciate you guys for listening to not wait to see you in the next episode.


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