091: Your Words Change Your Perception Of Reality [choose them wisely]

Jan 10, 2022

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And before we dive into today's episode, I've got to make a very special announcement because you guys have. Oh,2022 mom's freedom maker is getting an upgrade once again. And what that's going to look like is a few different things. The name will be changing to aligned with purpose podcast. I will still be your host. 

Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere, but the episode frequency will also be changing. You will be getting solo episodes from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, very first thing in the morning. And then every so often on a Tuesday, we're going to bring in an expert series. So I will be interviewing really successful thought leaders, entrepreneurs and authors on aligned with purpose podcast to help give you guys an outsider's perspective and a fresh new take on building a business. 

That's a little. With you and your purpose here on this earth. So I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this before I go changing the name on you and the frequency. So be prepared. Come February 2nd, 2022 things will be shifting around here, but it is all for the better. And I can't wait to bring you guys along this journey with me. 

I have loved Moms Freedom Maker from the bottom of my heart. And it has been so transformative for my life in business. Okay. I don't know where I would be without you guys and this podcast. So I'm very appreciative of this journey, but it's time for a change. I feel like Moms Freedom Maker fit with me for a long time. 

But this new name and this new direction, my business really seems in greater alignment with me and the direction that I've been heading and something that I can more grow into. So I appreciate you guys for your support and your understanding. And I just can't wait to see what's in store for 2022, but without further ado, let's dive in today's episode. 

What we're going to be talking about today. Is how the words that we use change our perception of our reality and how we can actually start to intentionally shift our internal dialogue. Therefore it begins to manifest what we actually want in our external reality. And we can do all of this with the power of our words, but I want to start with talking about the psychology of words, and then we're going to dive into very specific ways that you can begin to actually shift your verbiage. 

So then shift your external reality. Okay. And if we can start to make these subtle shifts and make them more habits in our daily life, we're going to be able to have a greater appreciation for the things that you already have. We're going to be able to get the heck out of our own way. Our brain is going to start to feel empowered, to take on the tasks that are in front of us, rather than feeling defeated, having that negative self. 

It seems to hold so many people back. Your perception of your reality is going to be able to shift from what you've been conditioned to believe in your life and to what you actually believe to be true. Okay. The words we use, they have the power to shift our entire lives. They crystallize our perceptions that shape. 

And those beliefs drive our behavior, which in turn creates our reality. So words don't in themselves change our reality, but they change our perception of that reality. You seeing the power of words, you guys words change our vibration energetically. They changed the way we show up and the way the world perceives us. 

Not just the way we perceive the. It changes our character in who we are at our core, the level to which we show up and the way others perceive us, our words hold so much power it's time. We all search, choose them a little bit more wisely so that we can start to shift our internal dialogue and our external reality. 

Your words have the ability to change your lives. And that's something that's not talked about enough. One word that you say to somebody can shift their entire day. One conversation could change the trajectory of somebody's life. And in knowing that these words shape our beliefs with jive, our behavior to ultimately create our reality. 

I'm going to ask you. What words do you need to throw away? And what words do you need to start using more? Because I guarantee you, if we dive in, there's some words you're using right now, subconsciously that aren't the best for creating the perception of the reality that you're seeking to create in your life. 

So I want to encourage you right now to really start listening to the words that you're using. But also the words that others are using around you into you, you might start to be a little bit shocked at what you hear. Because when I started doing this more intentionally, I started hearing the root is limiting beliefs that are held within so many people in the world around me, coach, Jamie wanted to come up every single time. 

You better believe that, but it's really interesting what starts to. So when people ask you how you're doing today, this is just a simple place to start. Do you say I'm fine. I'm good. I'm a right. I mean, let's say you say that. Let's say, oh, I'm good. Thanks for asking. How are you, where, how did you feel in that moment? 

Did you feel empowered? Did you feel fired up or did you feel good? Did you feel all right? There's an energy behind your word. So if you're telling people, you just feel okay, you're going to feel okay in the moment you're going to have an okay day. You're going to have an okay life. So it's learning to speak in the verbiage of the reality of looking to create. 

So if somebody asks you how you are today and you want to feel freaking fired up, you better say I'm feeling fired up. I'm feeling lit. I'm feeling incredible. I am excited. I'm ready to take on the day. I'm feeling impactful. Like use the words that you want to feel, because words are texts attached to energy, which is attached to the emotion and the feeling that you receive and you put out when you're giving them. 

Okay. So start to think about how you're reacting. When people ask you questions and the words that you're doing. And when you speak of other people's success, do you call it luck? You say, oh, that must be nice for them or, oh, they're so lucky. Must be nice to have a beach house on now. It must be nice to have a mountain house up in the ski. 

This cute little ski town must be nice. How do you speak about other people's? This is a lot about your character and who you are deep down, inside. Okay. Start to acknowledge the way that you're approaching and using these words in your own life and in your own conversations. Do you talk about wealth? 

Like it's out of reach, you say, oh, well I can't go to the honeymoon in the Maldives. It's just way too expensive. Oh, I would love to go on a ski trip this weekend, but we just, we can't afford it. Like you say, Kansas. It must be nice. Uh, I just, I don't have the money for that right now. What are, what are the verbiage? 

What kind of verbiage are you using to speak about the wealth that you have in your life? Because I promise you the words that are shows associated to that are creating your reality. So if you're speaking about your wealth, like it's pretty shitty, it's probably going to be pretty shitty because that's your perception of the reality that you've cracked. 

Don't worry. We're going to get into ways, how to actually shift the verbiage and ship that reality here in a minute. Well, let's get real about how you're speaking to yourself and to others. First, what words do you use to disempower you and reengage in your perception of the reality of what is in your life right now? 

You say I'm always. They have it easier than me. I'm not that lucky. Maybe I'm not made for this. Do you say any of those things, are you guilty of this? If you are, you're not alone and this is not to make you feel like shit about it, but it's to raise awareness so that we can then in turn, change it and we can rewrite that story. 

So even further than that, what words do you identify yourself with? I'm overweight. I'm. I'm not a runner. I'm not an athlete. I'm not a leader. I'm not successful. I can't keep the weight off. I don't set goals because I don't achieve them. Like what are the words and the phrases and the sentences that you're telling yourself again and again and again, that are making this perception, your reality. 

And it's the reality that you don't necessarily want. What are you saying to yourself now? Can you flip that? How can you change the verbiage that you're speaking to yourself into others? So it changes your external reality to match that, of what you truly want, instead of what's the cheapest way to do this, flip it to what's the most cost-effective, simple shift in verbiage that makes a hell of a lot of difference. 

Or instead of I'm fast, I'm lazy. I'm sure. I'm working on myself. I'm motivated to be better. I'm working through my stage, right? It's as simple shift that will make all the difference in the world. Shift the language to what will empower you and not make you feel trapped. Like you have to be and identify with these words because you don't, and it all starts with you. 

We've all got that. That negative self-talk that wants to creep its way in. So when you hear this inner critic, when you hear that little voice start to creep in that says, Ooh, you probably shouldn't show up today because what would your family think if you posted that post, what would your friends think if either front of me's right. 

When you hear that inner critic where you to. Can you stop yourself to become aware of what you just said and rewrite to what would empower you. You are here on this earth for a reason to do and be more, you are here to inspire others and motivate the lives of others. You are doing a good job. It's shifting from what you feel like your current reality is to what you want it to be. 

And that's where you're going to start showing up different. And your external reality will change based on the words that you're saying to others and saying to yourself, it's quieting that inner critic. So just for the guides, what you want to do is become very aware of how your inner critic and give it something else to feed off something. 

That's going to empower you to be the best version of yourself. And you can do this by switching to positive. Self-talk right. Ask yourself. When you've got that little inner critic, pop-up, you've got that little flash of, maybe you can't do this. Why are you? You can't go to the gym. You're just going to fall off. 

You always do. When you get that little voice inside of your head, ask yourself, would you speak to a child this way? Would you tell a five-year-old what you're telling yourself? Would you speak to somebody that you love in this. Are you your biggest cheerleader right now? Instead, the answer is no. Say what can I say to myself to support myself today? 

What can I celebrate today that I've accomplished? What milestone have I gotten through? It's shifting things for yourself to a positive self. By becoming aware of this negative self-talk and the inner critic and flipping it to a positive, you're going to be able to boost your confidence. Have you take back control of your life and your thoughts, and by filling up your cup and being your biggest cheerleader for yourself, you better believe you're going to pour that out to. 

You're going to raise awareness for what you truly need to work through, because if you're realizing a lot of the inner critic is coming through, when you're doing specific type of tasks, that's an opportunity for you to sit down and journal and figure out what the root of that causes. So you can shut that inner critic off core. 

Good. Then it's going to bring you guys into a state of gratitude and acceptance for who you truly are. These words that we tend to use, have a way to cripple us and hold us back from that next level. You have a way to take, what's been ingrained in us from childhood and have it prevent us with bridging that next success, which you don't have to live like that you can make a change. 

You can make a shift by simply choosing your words. Why is it. 'cause your words have the power to change the perception of reality, which in turn will change your reality when you learn how to do positive self-talk and be the leader that you were born to be to those you were called to serve the next time. 

You're about to see something. I want you to take two to three seconds. Just pause and ask you. Why am I about to say this and is this going to serve me and my happiness and the happiness of the person I'm speaking to? And if the answer is no, don't say it. We don't always have to be speaking sometimes there's power. 

Not saying anything at all. So to. You really dove into how words crystallize our perception, that shapes our beliefs drives our behavior and in creates our reality. So I hope from this episode, you're more aware now of the power of your words and that you are the creator of your life. You're in control of the words that you use. 

I only gave a few, few examples today, but you start to raise. Of the words that you hear others use. A lot of times, a lot of people are using the same disempowering words. See if you can start to notice those, see if you can start to notice it in terms of finances, right? See how you can start to notice in terms of how they speak about others and their success in turn starts raising awareness of your inner critic in the words that your speaking. 

Into the external world around you. And if they really truly embody the happiness that's inside of you, that you're looking to spread to the world, that's homework, section number one, homework section number two would be to really take a good hard look at the people you're surrounding yourself with. If they're disempowering you with the words that they're using. 

I've said this a million times and I'll say it again. You are a combination of the five people you spend the most time around. So if you're noticing that their words are extremely disempowering, just realize that that will rub off on you in somewhere deep inside your subconscious mind. It will affect you in some different way. 

So you could try to use your words to make these people understand. And they can choose as well, or maybe it's time to dial back that time with those people so that you can put yourself around others who will empower you to step into your most authentic self. As you start to use more empowering words. 

Thank you so much. You guys for tuning into today's episode. And I am very excited for what's to come in February, 2022, as we shift to aligned with purpose. There is a lot of growth that has to come. And another fun opportunity that is launching this month is my group coaching hybrid program. This is backed by popular demand as my one-on-one containers have filled. 

And I wanted something that was a little more tangible for the rest of you. Who've been reaching out, looking for a more intimate, intimate level of support. So my group coaching program hybrid is available. Please head over to momsfreedommaker.com/breakthrough that is momsfreedommaker.com/breakthrough.

You'll be able to apply for a one-on-one call with either myself or my team. It is a breakthrough session for a reason as we get massive breakthroughs here, I've had people say that I've saved their life on this call, that they have just changed the trajectory of their. It is a transformative experience on its own. 

And if we decide that it'd be good to move forward and bridge that gap between where you are and where you're looking to go in 2022, we will open that up for discussion. If you are a good fit. And we could talk about the group hybrid that is launching end of this month. So once again, momsfreedommaker.com/breakthrough.

And you guys, I look forward to catching you in the next. 

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