074: How You Can Slow Down Time & Start Living In The Moment

Sep 13, 2021

Freedom makers. Today we're going to talk about how you can start to actually slow downtime and start living in the moment. Today, we're going to talk about the shift from doing to being and why it's important when building the lifestyle of your dreams.

I've noticed so often, people are just in fast-forward mode. They're spending either so much time running on a day-to-day basis, filling their time with the business. Or they're spending so much time reminiscing or living in the past or too much time daydreaming or worrying about the future. And what happens when all of these things come into play along with the to-do list long with kids running around a business that needs you. It's pulling you in so many different directions, clouding your clarity, and making it very hard to feel present. Be present, and live in the moment.

So in this episode, we're going to talk about how to break up with that old way of doing things and step into a clearer, a more present self, so that your body and your mind can show up more powerfully today because, to be honest, you guys, the only thing that we have is the present moment. And so every single day, your actions should be in line with making you more present, so that you can show up more powerfully for yourself, for your family, and for others.


Really important that we talk about eliminating things, right? eliminating those distractions, minimizing that to-do list. Because a lot of times we fill our days with so much busy work and running around that it doesn't allow us to just be where we are. Right, we're always planning for the next thing for always running out the door, getting things together, packing and unpacking bags, shopping, everything that feels like our day-to-day life. I mean, I've been there, I've done all those things. And what happens is that it prevents us from just being from just soaking up the experience that we're in, because we're always moving to the next thing. And when you're always moving to the next thing, it's really hard to appreciate where you're at and to feel present where you're at.

So if you're always rushing your kids off to school, then rushing home, to get some work done rushing to go get your coffee, then you rush to the store, rush to get home and make dinner, your life is in a constant state of forwarding motion. It's hard to be present when you're always running when you're always checking things off that to-do list. So if that's you, and you feel like you're always running out the door, or you always have something else on your to-do list, I would encourage you to take a few moments and say what here is actually essential?

If you're going to the store a few times a week, for example.

Is there any way that you could scale that back to just going once a week?

Can you plan a little bit better?

Could you make a better shopping list?

Is there something you could do that would prevent those extra trips to the store each week?

I bet it is right? Little ninja trick here if that's you pull out the notes on your phone. And you can make a checklist right there that you can actually share with your spouse or anybody else in your household. And they can actually add items to it.

So if your husband said, Oh, will you please grab milk when you go to the store and you forgot the milk. If it was on that shared list and he had added it there you would see if you'd be able to check the market once you get it done.

Alright, so there are ways to increase your communication here as well. Now from there, if you feel like you're always driving your kids around, right, maybe you're always taking them to soccer practice or picking them up from school or driving them to school. Now it's one thing if you love to do that, and it lights you up and everything, right, but maybe you could ask for help. Maybe you could do rideshare with another parent. That way, you can just eliminate some of that back and forth for you as well so that you get more time.

See what's in your schedule, what's in your life that you could eliminate? Maybe you do laundry twice a week. But if you're anything, like most people in the world, you have plenty of clothes for a miniature army. So is it really necessary to do laundry? That often, maybe you could scale back laundry to once a week, and then get on like my schedule, which is once every two weeks? Okay? Because it's just not necessary to do something like laundry all the time.

Or if you check your mail every single day. Okay, maybe that's something that you could do once a week on Sundays, right? You just make it routine. Every Sunday, you're going to grab the mail, and you're going to check it all at once. And get it all done with so if you have bills to pay, you get them done right then in there, okay? It's figuring out what can you eliminate distraction-wise, and get yourself into a bit of a routine so that you can be more present. When you're doing other things, right?

You're not going to, you're not going to wake up on Monday be like, oh, shoot, I forgot to pay that bill. Because you're going to know that on Sundays, you go through your bills, you go through the mail, and you get the things done. So the way to be more present is to make sure that you're not dropping the ball every other day of the week, and putting out fires, people who are very reactive, find it hard to be present because they're always putting out fires.

So if you can jump ahead of the game, make sure that you're actually getting the things done that you need to get done before they're due, then you're going to be more present. Okay. So when it comes to being more present with your family, a lot of times business owners that I work with, right, a lot of my clients, always feel like they have trouble being present with their family, because they have a business on their mind, as a business owner, I understand it can be very difficult to shut it off. Alright.

So a good tip there is first off not doing things in your business alone. And it's setting up your business to run without you. But it's making it very clear that you as a business owner will start to show up more powerfully when you can be present for your kids. Because your business is going to be there. Right? It's understanding that when you start to think of something if you're with your family, go ahead and write it down because then that kid gets it off of your mind. Right. But it's knowing that that time off where you can shut off business shut off work is vitally important for your mental health in the health of your family and your relationships. Because if you are constantly beating it with a stick, so to speak, and you can't ever get it off your mind, it's just not beneficial for anybody, you have got to be able to shut it off, you just have to. So if that means turning your phone on airplane mode, and like putting it in a lockbox, if you have to, or shutting your computer or letting it die, you have to be able to shut off electronics.

Alright, but I'm gonna give you a few action steps that you can do to make yourself feel better when you're not working. One of which is setting vacation settings in your email service provider. Right? If you guys were to email me right now, I have a message that actually directs people to email, my personal assistant, if it's necessary, because I don't check email there very often. It's something a lot of people wake up, they check their email, they check in multiple times a day, I have a vacation setting turned on all the time, that lets people know that if it's urgent, they can reach out to my personal assistant who will then get in touch with me. Okay, so it's one thing that I do so that I could have some clarity that if it's urgent, I'm going to be notified. All right, but most things aren't right. Most things can wait, your family's more important, right. So that's one thing that you can do.

Another thing that you can do is make it clear when your work time is and when it isn't. So make sure that you have a schedule set up because it's very easy to not be president when there are no clear boundaries in place. So make sure that you set clear boundaries.

Okay, from there. One of the last things I want to touch on, as it's really actively focusing on the present moment, and not getting hung up on the past or present. I touched on this in the beginning, but if you're always thinking and worrying about what's to come or planning for the future. You're not living here at the moment. Now, I understand if you're about to plan something for the weekend or go on a road trip, I get it you need to have a plan in place, but there's also something beautiful about being fluid and living in the moment. Now I'm not saying you need to travel like me where I basically do know it temporary. And basically just let the day take us, right? I think it's good to have a little bit of structure. So you can live in the moment. But you can also make sure that you get the things done that you want to get done, right. But it's realizing that the more you can just actively be just living in thinking about things that are happening around you right now. But not overly articulating things, not looking too deep into the present moment, that's when you're truly going to feel like blissful peace inside of you, because you know, that you're just living.

And I think deep down, that's what we all want to feel, right. We want to feel a sense of purpose, we want to feel alive. And I truthfully believe the only way to really really feel alive is by embracing the present moment, no matter where we are. And that's why daily reflection is great, right? If you set aside a certain period of your day, whether that be a little bit of time in the morning, and a little bit of time in the evening, for reflection, that might make you more present throughout your day. Because you know that in the morning, you're going to set intentions for the day ahead. And in the evening, you're going to reflect maybe you journal on past or present, right, I think it's good to plan for the present, you guys know that or plan for the future, I should say, you guys know that from previous episodes. Right?

But there should be a lot of time in your day to do this. So that the rest of your day is free to be in the moment. Because that's all we truly have guys. All we truly have is this present moment. So you guys, everything that you can do should be ways to make yourself more present today. Everything you do, it's automating it's delegating, it's eliminating to free up your mental space, so you can be more present with the people that you love. So I'm gonna leave you with this plan to make a decision today. That puts you where you want to be tomorrow. And then once you make it there, shut it off, and be present.

Thank you, guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you loved this episode and feel like it would resonate with somebody else that you know, please send it over to them and share it with me on my Instagram. I would love to hear your major takeaway from this episode, as it really drives me to keep putting these out there for you. I would be glad to connect with you in Freedom Maker Tribe. Thank you guys, I'll catch you in the next one.



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