070: Enjoying the Seasons of Life

Aug 08, 2021

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She's really reflected on as she's drinking now thinking about all the different seasons, and beginning of childhood I just remember, I never thought this time. I just remember being in my backyard, jumping, running inside of people. Dr. Max DMC game Guitar Hero with my friends and having ogres. Writing pillows down the stairs. We had, miles and miles of horse trails in their backyards. I just remember, I was alone most of the time during that and just closing my eyes and just noises around. And then I would drive to this little part that was right down the street.

And that's the problem right like that quote goes the utterances insurances, you have time. Fast forward I remember when my parents sold that house that they felt like at that moment, my own childhood kind of shifted from what I was used to, to, then this entirely new normal where we need to have a backyard anymore hardly. So I went from living on a couple of acres, the trampoline upon a garden to us being on top of each other, we losing all of that space. So, that was a large shift at such a young age. My parents divorced as well, right, going back and forth to different locations, and eventually, that stopped too guys.

Search, reflect back on your life, your view I said well the days were so long. The years flew by the seasons. So, whatever shift you're in right now whatever change you're going through, try to just enjoy whatever season you're in. The next one is bad, it's probably gonna be out this season, it's gonna be over, something's gonna change something, something's gonna shift in your life right now for us as we're leaving knowing it's hard right now, because everything you've built here, all the things. For example, right, all the things that we've decorated our space with that's going to go with selling everything. Remember shipping back over friends have not received a routine here. I love to hear.

Even right now I'm outside or no birds chirping outside, and I have this gorgeous. They come up here every morning.  Going into a yoga routine, overlooking a beautiful sunrise right now, it's about to come out, outside of the clouds with the most beautiful, sunny outline how to lit up. It's just, there's no sort of conscience and then there's also things like the birds chirping, as I know, just a couple of weeks. This is gonna hurt.

Right now, we're using Kylo, he just turned eight months. For some reason right now, he's really not wanting to cuddle. He just learned how to crawl around. Whenever I try to cuddle up to him, even right before that, he is trying to push me away. And it's really really squirming. He just wants to go. And I found myself last night, Googling like did I do something wrong? because I thought I had it to two years old, to lose the cuddle face, and I have been breastfeeding for the longest time and I took a bit of a break, and I started just pumping so that deeper coming in, to be honest, I was really, really scared it's gonna fight me. And I can't breastfeed him anymore. I tried to breastfeed him last night, and three times, it couldn't latch. So that's another example of how this season of life that you're going through is temporary.

And in a way, I'm fighting right now so hard to hold on regards to where we're living in Kyle, because I can't believe how fast it's going. It's not even a year old yet, and he's crawling around he's independent. I just got, I have more time to travel with everything. We think we have. So Freedom makers, please take the time to just be fully present in whatever it is that you're doing, because it's gonna be over before you know it, and I'm not saying that sounds morbid, I'm not saying that to make you sad. It's simply just how life just has to focus on the present moment.

Just so I would love to leave you with this. Do something that puts you where you want. Alright guys I will catch you in the next episode. Join my Freedom Maker Tribe.


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