064: 5 Steps To Free Hours Of Your Time To Focus On The Things You Love

Jun 27, 2021

Today, I’m going to take you through a simple five step process to free up hours of your time. If you’re an entrepreneur, this is going to explode client results. Or if you’re a mama or dad that stays at home, this is still something that could be implemented to help shave time off of your day so that you can spend it on more important things.

A mistake I often see people make is they do this same processes again and again, every single day or every single week now, things that they’re doing. Like back and forth emails, scheduling things, answering questions, or asking questions, sending out materials, all of things like that. What’s interesting about them is that if you actually take a look at the things that you’re doing every, every day, they’re actually a system, they’re a system that leads to the desired result.

But what hasn’t been done most of the time is that these systems haven’t been audited. So today what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through my five step system to building out workflows that automate these back-end tasks that are actually a distraction for you and pull you out of your zone of impact.

You guys, following this system is vitally important because it’s not only going to get your clients results faster, right? If you’re going to automate and create a workflow for your signature program. But it’s just going to make every part of your life run seamlessly. So for example, if you’re at the beach with your family, you understand that your business is running without you.

This is going to save you loads of time. Like I said, this works in every aspect of your life. Not simply in business, there’s a process for everything that you do. This stuff needs to be happening without you. If it’s outside of your zone of impact and there’s ways to do that with workflows, if you guys start to set up your systems correctly, you’re going to have a business machine that starts to work without you.

So you can live guilt-free when you step away from your desk. Okay. Like raise your hand. I know I’m not with you right now, but raise your hand. If you’ve ever been away from your desk, say Monday at noon and felt guilty about. Or you’ve been on a walk with your family or at the park with your family and you realize, oh shoot, I forgot to send that email, let me do that really quick. Or, oh my gosh, I have to send this questionnaire to Janice because you know, she needs this to onboard her as my client and you have to stop what you’re doing and either get onto your phone and fix it. Or you’ve got to go home and sit back down to work because there’s too much guilt around you not actually working.

I am so guilty of doing these things. So if you’re listening to this and like, heck yeah, this is me girl. I understand you. I’ve been there. Hence why I’ve built these workflows and freed myself from the backend of my business, because I realized every email that I have to send again, every scheduler that I have to send every question that I have to repeat myself on again, and again, is a distraction from the moment that I’m currently in.

This whole process throughout my pregnancy and now having a baby has been to remove myself from life’s distractions that pull me away from the moments that truly matter. And that’s so important. So what we’re going to do now is get into my five steps to freeing hours of your time, and actually allowing yourself to let your business in life, run in the background.

So you can be present for all these moments in between. So step one, whatever workflow or system you need to create. So this can be for multiple areas of your life, like I’ve said. So for me, I would have one for my YouTube channel. I have one for my podcast. I have one for Instagram. I have one for my Facebook group.

I have one for client onboarding. You guys, this can go so deep. I have one for every day, right? Like everyday use. So pick something that you feel like could really use a word. And maybe you’ll understand a little bit more after I go through these five steps in new me, you can implement this after you listen to this episode, maybe even go back and relisten to this episode.

Once you’ve decided what, one thing you want to create a workflow around. Step number one, document your entire process that you take from A to B. I want you to even get as crazy as documenting the mundane tasks that you don’t think matter, because guess what? Those mundane tasks are usually the easiest to either eliminate completely or automate.

I want you guys to be looking for things that you do every single time, like any back and forth emails. That may be maybe even have a template for that. You just copy that email template every single time and you paste it and maybe tweak a couple things and then send it off to your client.

Maybe there’s emails, maybe it’s a schedule or maybe you’re constantly having to schedule calls. And so you have to send out your calendar invite, maybe that part’s automated, but then you have to follow up with them and make sure they were actually remembered to get on the call.

Maybe you have a questionnaire questions that you’re always going back and forth with your clients. And you’ve got to always ask them the same couple of questions, or maybe today you found out a new question you should be asking and you add that to the list. All right. What questions are you asking people?

What materials are exchanging your hands constantly. So start to really think about what are these things that you’re doing every single time, that kind of step number two, look for these back and forth tasks that are time consuming. All right now, number three is put all of these steps in one place, so that they’re saved for you in the future because like technology, I mean, one platform could be here today. One might not be tomorrow. So maybe in a Google document of some sorts, write out these steps so that it’s saved for you and for you. And also have this be the hub to where all of these worksheets are saved. All of these materials, all of these questions. You have a place where it’s kind of like your hub of knowledge. It’s like your hub of your process.

Step number one is document your entire process for getting something from point a to point B. This could be getting a client onboarded, right? This could be a podcast workflow. This could be a YouTube channel workflow document, your whole process.

And then step number two is look for the things that you’re doing every single time, like back and forth emails, scheduling questions, materials. Step number three is going to be putting all of these steps into one place so that it’s saved for you in the future. Maybe this isn’t just a Google worksheet.

Maybe it’s a Google drive folder where you have all of your materials in one place. All of your emails saved. Okay. And step number four is to actually build out a workflow. That’s going to automate these backend things. All right now, once you have this workflow created you guys with the touch of a button, you can start a workflow.

That literally makes it so all of these tasks send automatically without you. So there’s no more like hanging out at the beach and wondering like, oh shoot. Did I remember to send that questionnaire to Janice today? Ah, no. Like I got to stop what I’m doing right now and first off worry about it. And second off actually, like get it done.

Right? There’s no more of that because you know that it’s running with. And then step number five is to continuously improve these workflows so that they’re optimized to increase your. It’s definitely a set it and forget it model, but you’re always going to want to be upgrading and tweaking and maybe finding your voice a little bit more, a little bit more spunk in your emails, you know, whatever you need to do, or maybe you’re onboarding a client and you realize, oh, I wish I would have asked them this question first or told them this thing.

Then you just go back in it and you edit the work. So I have to tell you that this alone has saved me so much stress in my business. My favorite workflow that I’ve actually created is my podcast guest workflow. That’s just something that used to require so much back and forth. And now with the click of a button, they get everything from me that they need.

Now that is an episode for another day. I will dive deep into my exact podcast workflow for you guys, but for now, You guys follow this process and offload some of the things that shouldn’t be stealing your attention from the things that actually matter. And I want you to think about this systems are key.

What you’re doing through a workflow is you’re building out a system. It’s a repeatable process and what’s beautiful about workflows is that usually it does the work of a VA or an extra team member without you actually having to hire an extra team member. So why are systems key? They are key because it gets your clients results faster and takes them through your proven process.

Think about this. What if you built out a workflow or a system for your actual signature program, right. And you’ve got your client’s results super fast because they’re following your proven process because you’ve documented it and you’ve been able to make changes to it and actually optimize your program because you treated it like a work.

Okay, it’s going to save you loads of time and loads of stress. And you guys, if you set your systems up correctly, you’re going to have a business machine that starts to work for you rather than you being in the trenches, working for it. You’re gonna be able to live guilt-free while you’re actually away from your desk.

Now, after we’ve looked at this workflow, I want you guys to start looking around at the world around you, and you’re going to start to realize that everything around you is. It’s actually quite freaky. When you think about it, everything’s a system. Everything has a process. And I’ve talked about this example before, but I want to go a little bit deeper here if you guys think about McDonald’s.

Now I’m not a huge McDonald’s lover. Although we could go for one of their smoothies right now, because it’s extremely hot in this room. You guys McDonald’s is a system. There’s a reason. They’re the largest fast food chain in the world. If you think about that, the reason they’ve been able to build so many different McDonalds is because they have a system and a process that others can follow.

That’s basically what you’re doing here. So remember this, when you go to create your workflows, especially for those in your business, you want to basically create a franchise as your business so that it can be copied and pasted and repeated again and again, and again. So you guys, I hope that you found this episode helpful.

I hope that you work on building out your first, second, third, fourth, fifth workflow to just save yourself, time, energy, and sanity so that you can spend this time doing things that actually move the needle in your life and keep you. In your passion zone. So please send me a message on Instagram, if you’ve this to work in your life.

And I want to know how much time this is actually saving you. Find me over on Instagram, @Jamie Kullman or join the Freedom Maker Tribe on Facebook!

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