061: Rent 2 Rent Success From $0 - $100k in 9 Months

Jun 06, 2021

Today I have a very special guest, and her name is Stephanie Taylor she is co-founder of HMO heaven and rent. Rent success HMO Heaven is an award-winning Property Management and Development Company, Stephanie along with her sister and business partner Nikki grew their business in secured contracts with over $2 million in under three years, Stephanie launched the rent to rent success, to inspire others to change their lives to the power of ethical property investment. Her focus is on helping women who didn't think they could get started in property to achieve an income stream, which works with family life, Stephanie debunks the myth that you need large sums of money to get started in property through her inspirational rent to rent success podcast, YouTube videos, and talks. Stephanie has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. The Telegraph newspaper, property investor today, and many many others, her best selling book rent. Rent success, the ethical way to get started in a property without buying has over 125-star reviews on Amazon and their passion now is to help others to realize that no matter where you're starting, yes you can, and she lives by these three little models down here at the bottom, you can get started in property with little money, you can sack your boss within a year and you can create a life you love, and live on your terms.


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