059: Finding Your Zone Of Impact

May 09, 2021

Freedom makers. Today, we're going to be talking about how to find your zone of impact in stay in it, and this is so crucial to your success. Because if you're listening to this you want to run a successful business you want to increase your impact income and freedom. But what happens next is completely consumed by learning how to do something, how to create content, how to create graphics design a logo, a website, how to actually close clients showcase your expertise keep track of leads, and learn marketing.

Oh, my head is spinning as yours. We have a million things to do as business owners and then follows the implementation so actually putting all of the how-to work inside our business which makes us put on a bunch of different hats that we're not actually supposed to be wearing that actually pull us away from the true reason we started this business in the first place.

Okay, we end up getting buried inside our businesses, we start to wear all the hats and further ingrain our position as the doodle entrepreneur, and my friends, this just is not how it has to be.

So the very first step to freeing yourself and jumping off of the self-employed hamster wheel is figuring out what your zone of impact actually is, and this is where you can start to be known for one thing, and start to stand out against others within your space, and once you understand what you bring to the table it's knowing what you should be doing and labeling it as a distraction, and then either automating delegating or eliminating it.

And don't you worry. I'm going to walk you through how to do all of this, this episode is go hand in hand with a guide that's going to help you find and stay in your zone of impact. 

This guide is going to take you through three steps.

  1. Step number one is finding your zone of impact.
  2. Step number two is learning how to stay in your zone of impact every single day.
  3. And step three is how to say no to the rest without dropping the ball.

Step one is finding your zone of impact, and I have to tell you guys, this was a long, long journey for me to figure out for myself. A few years ago I found myself actually Googling, how to combine your skills passions, and expertise to build a business that you're actually passionate about, and nothing came up, so I hate to be the bearer of bad news but what I've done is invested heavily into learning how to build a business that you're passionate about and that's actually aligned with the reason why you started it and so I'm going to share what I did with you.

And then I'm also going to let you know that even if it feels like you need to start a bunch of different businesses, right, you need a business for this passion of business for this expertise of business for this skill that you have, it's most likely not true, because the cool thing is that you are unique, you're unique as an individual, and the more different skills and expertise that you can bring to the table, the better.

And so it's actually learning how to combine these things into one solid game plan that's going to be your secret sauce, it's going to be your secret weapon because in reality you guys your superpower is being you.

Okay, so finding your sort of impact. This is where the magic happens, finding your zone of impact means building a business that you're passionate about, and being able to truly show up and showcase your expertise without burning out. If you fail to find your zone of impact it's impossible to really know where you should show up each day and it increases the chances of you overworking and burning out as an entrepreneur because you simply don't know where you need to be showing up, so we're going to kick that to the curb today.

If you fail to notice. It increases the chances of you becoming overworked and burnt out, entrepreneur, your zone is you fire your secret sauce into your passion. It is the one thing that you do that lights you up and that you would never want anyone else to do in your business because you love it, and you're the best at it, it's something that you would want to get better up and become the go-to expert at, it's the thing that you wouldn't want anybody to talk. If you think about it, it's usually the main reason you started your business in the first place. This is your sort of impact.

So take a few moments and I want you to brain dump. So whether you're following along with me on the worksheet or you scratch the pen and paper or if you're just thinking this through in your mind that's okay to take a few minutes in brain dump the things that you truly love doing, and consider yourself an expert in.

So personally I would write down speaking, strategizing business, Funnel Hacking building on offers, creating digital products, and automation with workflows, and I also love learning and growing so as I'm leveling myself up, I can help my clients do the same. So, think to yourself, what do you consider yourself an expert in, maybe it's graphic design, Maybe it's teaching others. Starts to really think, what am I an expert in, and I want to ask you if you were asked to give a TED talk, okay I'm asking you right now if you were to do a TED talk, what could you speak about for 30 minutes straight. And share with her room.

Okay, that's what you'd be an expert and you love doing. Okay, what would you love learning more about to be an expert in? Alright, I hope this is getting you thinking now, next I want you to think of the skills that you currently hold. Okay, so maybe you're not an expert at this but maybe you're skilled at graphic design, maybe your skill that editing podcast episodes or editing YouTube videos is your skill that creating social media posts or sales scripts. Okay, so what are some of the skills that you have, maybe it's more hands-on, maybe you're skilled at actually showing up on camera. Maybe you're skilled with public speaking, but you're not an expert at it. Okay, so what are some of the skills that you're currently holding right now?

Right now further what are some of your passions? So what is your passion? What are you passionate about what lights you up inside. So for me, I love giving back and helping others, you know, taking somebody who's been through something that I've accomplished and getting them through to the other side without overwhelming. I love helping the environment and donating my time to higher causes. I love sharing the knowledge that I've been getting right guys, it's sharing it's giving back.

All right, those are the things that I enjoy. I'm passionate about becoming a good mother and learning every single day. Okay, so what are some of your passions? what are you passionate about, are you passionate about yoga, spirituality, doing meditation, traveling right? Now, you're not really going to see yet how this all links up because I remember the first time I did this I just saw massive lists of things, and I was like, how can all of these actually become my business, but I promise you they can be so bear with me here.

So now I want you to think, what is your zone of impact. What could you show up and do that combines most of your skills passions and expertise, and you might be looking at me like a deer in the headlights, but I'm gonna give you an example. I love teaching. I love speaking and personal growth business strategy lights me up I don't know why. And I love thinking about the mind and mindset work. So as I read the books that I love a lot. I read books that are about business because I genuinely want to learn about business.

So then, in turn, I learned how to help my clients, I teach them by speaking through my podcast and clubhouse and as I work on my own personal growth, I can help others. So mindset work is also directly related to what I do along with full-blown business strategy, and I realized that as a strategic, I can combine the majority of the things that I love, and from there you guys. I also donate my time to support my passions by supporting wildlife organizations with their business growth. So that's how mine started to intertwine right, and I make sure my clients love things that I do most of my clients are mamas, right, they want to be able to stay at home with their babies.

Okay, hence moms freedom maker podcast. A lot of my clients love to travel if they're not moms and so they want to have businesses that give them flexibility so that they're able to travel for their passions, right, and a lot of them are skilled and similar things when they want to coach and help others. So you guys from your ideal clients even, you can make sure that you're hitting some of your passions and working with people who are directly aligned with you and your goals.

Okay, so I hope you're seeing how this can start to fit together.

So, look at you the things that you're an expert with and think of how can I intertwine these things with skills that I possess, and then intertwine my passions in a way for the people that I work with this charities that I'm supporting and the mission that I stand behind all of these things don't necessarily have to be the business like I love doing graphic design, but I'm not a graphic designer, and I'm not even going to be doing my own graphic design for much longer so it's something that I like to do with the skill, but it's something that I'm not going to be doing forever and so that's where step number two comes into play. It's pretty cool because we're going to take this knowledge that we just found, which is staying in your zone of impact every single day.

So, circling back to you guys to what is your zone of impact I want you guys really to think if I was showing up every single day fully impacting the lives of others. And I had plenty of money, plenty of time. There's my baby going off in the background you can probably hear. If I had plenty of money plenty of time. And I was impacting in the way that I wanted, how would that look like to me, and I was showing up every single day, only in my passion zone in my zone of impact, how would that look like, and I want you to write that down.

I know I'm in my zone when I'm _________.

Okay, so for me, I know I'm in my zone when I'm learning and leveling up myself, and using that knowledge to teach and help others while reaching their goals. So I want you to sum up your zone of impact in one sentence, okay. It can be that simple. And then, you know, when you're staying in your zone of the impact that you're moving the needle in your life and your business and you're not wasting your time trying to learn things that are all of the different hats and entrepreneurs should not be wearing.


But what typically happens for a self-employed entrepreneur, and we want to avoid that Freedom makers, I hope you take some time today to truly figure out what your zone of impact is because I 100% believe with all of me that it is the number one key to success, to know exactly where you should be showing up every single day. As an entrepreneur, and what staying in is going to impact me it's because if we're distracted, and we become self-employed, we are not going to reach the level of impact income or freedom that we desire because we're just going to be doing too much.

And what happens after that is we don't have enough energy to fully show up in our zone of impact because we're just too busy with all of the other things. And so you guys, this is absolutely crucial to your sanity and your success, to make sure that you do this right, so if you want to go through my worksheet, feel free to dm me on my Instagram @jamie Kullman or Join my Freedom Maker Tribe. Many of you may have heard zone of genius but I love zone of impact because I feel when you stay in your zone, you're able to fully impact in the way that you were meant to and grow as a person and an entrepreneur and build a truly aligned business that is right in line with your passions, okay, involves your skills and expertise as well.

So you guys, this was step number one of our worksheet finding your zone of impact, and in the next episode we're going to dive into step number two which is how to actually stay in your zone of impact every single day so stay tuned next week, we're going to be hitting step two, and the following we will be on to step three, which is saying no to the rest without dropping the ball, we're gonna get into what to automate delegate and eliminate first, and how you can stay in your zone of impact because that is the key to having a thriving business that impacts the world.

If you have someone you feel like needs to hear this episode or you're like, they might be borderline self-employed, they need to be able to find their zone of impact and stay in it, I encourage you to share this episode with them because I am telling you, we did not start our businesses to be self-employed and I would love as many people as possible to hear this message so we can rake them free from the self-employed hamster wheel so give this episode, a share, tag me on your Instagram stories. And remember, you do not have to be self-employed and it's time to step into your next level of life.
Till next time.

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