020: Changing Lives Through Service with Tobie Spears

Sep 20, 2020

Today I have a very special guest, her name is Tobie spears, Tobie fell in love with traveling when she was 17 years old, backpacking through Europe, and she also did a cross country road trip with his best friend.

After college, she started traveling with her husband and her two daughters, and her family spent three months, backpacking through Central Mexico.

She now stays busy running her nonprofit Guatemalan humanitarian tours, where she leads 11-day tours, showing volunteers the reality of life and in developing countries, giving back well having a blast.

Tobie graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in sociology and political science and a certificate in criminology. She is lucky enough to have one awesome husband two amazing daughters and three Crazy Cats.

Today, we're going to discuss her journey of building a compassionate business and what it's meant for her life and family. She's here to share some insight and give you a glimpse into the world of mompreneurship.


You can learn more about Tobie on his website. 

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