016: How Pregnancy Jump Started My Business

Sep 10, 2020

Right now, I would say part of the craziest thing about starting this business pregnant was like knowing, oh my god like, Okay, the second trimester is going to be the best time for me to really focus on this business.

By the third trimester, I'm probably going to feel like crap again like it did in the first, so really had like three months, right you like okay you have got to grind in these three months, and then who knows what's gonna happen in the third trimester and then you can always come early like you never know.

So I really in this whole time I felt like such a time constraint, like, really unsure of when he's going to be here, how I'm going to feel, to it's been like so weird compared to just building a business, normally, because I've got this like ticking time bomb so to speak, where it's like.

Okay, girl, you've got, you've got three months and right now I've got like six weeks, seven weeks, like, okay, times taken, like, get to work. Okay, like not sleeping, you could take a little cat nap, but then you've got to get up because you've got a mission. You've got people who need you. And you've got to do the damn thing.

Hey, mom's freedom makers, we're back with another episode about all about pregnancy and how am I pregnancy jump-started my business.

Why I completely pivoted my business after I became pregnant. And what that means for me and my business moving forward. I want to start by giving you guys a little bit of a backstory. So, before I found out that I was pregnant I was selling physical products for many years. Okay, for 10 years I was doing this.

And over the past three years, it's allowed me to work from wherever while running my business from my computer, which has been absolutely incredible. I've had so much freedom. It's been a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it's completely worth it in my mind because I just, I just know that I have the freedom that I've craved for so long, and finding out I was pregnant.

I'm not gonna say that I ever took that for granted because I didn't take the fact that I could work from home for granted. I just didn't realize how many women wanted that, and couldn't have it. Okay. And so I found myself in these mom entrepreneur groups, and I was in there for support.

You know I would be at home working and just felt sick so exhausted and just, I really just wanted to connect with other moms I really don't have any friends who are pregnant or who haven't been pregnant, so I felt kind of alone. So I jumped in all of these groups. And as I was looking for support, I realized that a lot of these women needed support too, but it was in a way that I can help them.

Granted, it wasn't how to help them with pregnancy or their kids so much because this is something completely new to me, but it was how I could help them stay home because I started to realize that all of these women felt like they had to sacrifice something, they either had to go work a nine to five job and put their kid in daycare, and they weren't able to stay home with them, or they were able to stay home and they felt like they had to give up a part of themselves, right, like they couldn't.

They couldn't have a business, they couldn't work. They had to literally give up everything. Stay home and raise their family. And granted, I just I like I said I didn't take it for granted. I never want to forget the fact that I would be able to be a stay at home mom, and run a business and still, you know have financial freedom and be building something for myself but as soon as I realized that that's something that so many women wanted, I was like, oh my god I have to share my story, I have to open up and I have to start teaching other women how I did this because it breaks my heart to feel like they have to sacrifice and such a huge piece of itself. In order to have fulfillment.

Okay, and that's time you guys like that time with your kids, it's something that you don't get. And after I started opening up about my story, and reaching out to women who I felt like I could genuinely help. I got even more connected. I started hearing their stories. we started digging deep into their wives, and it connected me on a whole new level. Like I became like deeply, deeply connected to this movement that I want these women to be able to run a business from home or work from home while raising their babies without having to sacrifice without having to choose. And that became my mission.

I'm telling you guys, I was lost for what felt like forever trying to find my purpose. I knew I had a message to share. I knew that the lifestyle I had created was something that many people, you know, looked up to and really wanted to, you know, have as a part of their life too. But once I connected that to a mom who genuinely can't stay home with her kids. You guys, it changed everything for me. Everything in my business clicked together, it all started making sense. And I had an epiphany, right I had that aha moment. And I just realized that I wanted to help these women. And what I did was I gave myself permission to. I gave myself permission to step into the Jamie, that I had been wanting to be for so long and I just became quickly sure that I had to be the answer for these women, right, if I can make things, these things like happen in my life.

These things come through, there's no reason that I can help them. And my mission has been that I want to help these moms navigate this time, and have done it all. Absolutely. So I started living in the reality I wanted to be living, which was helping these women. I started running my business from a completely different place, write a piece of giving back, adding impact adding value as often as possible. Instead of just receiving instead of just selling a physical product that had no real vision, no real story or purpose behind it. And, granted it gave me this lifestyle so in a way like I needed that I had to have that experience to get to where I am right now, but without that.

Don't get me wrong, pivoting my business, you know I started this pivot and I was probably 12 weeks pregnant, so I was like the first trimester, just like, oh my god exhausted, like facedown in the bed like half the day. Eating ice cream, like it was nobody's business. And like dance around the house, one minute and crying to Property Brothers, the next.

So building a business was definitely a big complication. It was very hard. But, like I would be lying if I said it wasn't, honestly. But I know deep down that when he gets here. And when I see the impact that I'm having on other women's lives, that it's all going to be worth it. What I'm doing right now is I'm setting myself up for the future that I crave right impacting lives and giving back. So who is this next Jamie as a coach? I'm still figuring it out.

Okay, but who I am in my business and who I show up as in my life. I'm constantly growing. I'm constantly evolving and leveling up myself to reach my next level of potential, and I found I was really looking to what the industry was doing, I was watching a lot of like mentors and coaches and kind of like modeling their success for a really long time. And as that worked incredibly well, I kind of feel like I lost myself and a little bit of my mission, along the way. I started to realize that a lot of, you know like that drive that greatness that stuff can come from me.

So, as much as I love to sit behind the screen, and be invisible to the world. I know that it's really important for me to open up and really tell my story. I've been teaching how to do it. Okay, but I forgot to share the reason why I did this right, I started teaching, Amazon FBA. I started teaching, you know how to travel, it makes an income, but I stopped sharing, why I stopped sharing what it was meaning for my life, and that has to change because I really want people to understand why I do this, and why I'm making such a drastic change, and I'm no longer going to hide behind the systems I'm no longer going to hide behind the strategies and what I think should be happening. I know that I can help others, and I know that I can also wait, I could wait till I have everything figured out before I start helping but I know that anybody I know that I have a vision, and I have a mission to share. And I know that there's somebody out there who needs me.

Guys, we create our own reality. We can manifest our own dreams. We just have to get really clear on what it is that we want so when I found out that I just saw my whole life-changing. I saw a greater purpose in everything that I was doing. It was no longer just like throwing products up online. No longer did for me, like I want to show this adorable little human I bring into the world, what his mom's all about how she's helping and giving back and serving a greater purpose. And as wonderful as it's going to be able to stay home with him. I want to have that human connection. I want to be speaking to other moms, and I don't want to feel alone either.

I think it's really important that you know not only do I open up about what I'm doing but I want to continue opening up through this entire journey, and just pulling back the curtain on how things really are. You know, being a coach, people are very vulnerable with me, and I think it's important that I'm vulnerable to, so I'm really going to share my process I'm really going to share my journey. And I just hope that you know, you guys can embrace that and learn what you can from the process, and all of the things that I've gone through because there've been so many roadblocks.

There's been a lot of hardship, but at the end of the day, I really do consider that my success tax if I think that after everything that I've learned. If I can help somebody through a mistake that I've made or anything that I've had to go through that you've considered difficult. If I went through that so somebody else doesn't have to, then that would just make it so much more amazing to me because I didn't just go through it from nothing, so I would love to be able to just share that vulnerability with you guys and know that it helps you in some way shape or form.

If you're pregnant, and you are just like, I absolutely don't want to go back to my day job after my maternity leave. I know I have to figure out how to stay home, how to stay home with my baby and not sacrifice one or the other, then I encourage you to come and find me. Come and find me because I can help you. I can motivate you and help put you on the right path that will lead to your success as a stay-at-home. Boss Mom, and I've been there.

I've been there and built a brand new business, throughout my pregnancy. And it's not just any random typical business, it's a business that I'm passionate about that I've been manifesting, to create for the past couple of years, and I'm finally seeing it in the light of day and it's so exciting. And I know that being pregnant, you know, it's, it's a lot. it's a lot of work. There's a lot of things going on in your mind and it can be really stressful so you might be like, oh my god this is not the time for me to even think about quitting my job and going all in and myself but at the same time like, what better time. I'm telling you, like, It brings out our instincts and assess mamas we like kick it in driver like, oh my god it goes time sister, like, now is your time to, like, craft this life that you and your family.

And I just want to encourage you that even if you just found out you were pregnant and right now you have a day job to go back to like, it doesn't have to stay that way. For me, it was a huge driving force to pivot my business and start helping other people and it really just ensure that I was going to be able to keep staying home with him, because, in my opinion, that's super important and I will say the hardest thing for me at this point is knowing that my partner won't be able to stay home with me. That's so hard because the two of us are so close like we spend so much time together on a regular basis we're just like, the best of friends, and he is a therapist right now. And he absolutely loves helping the Kupunas components is like a name for no elderly here in Hawaii, and he loves helping and giving back. So, doing the online business world is something he's so interested in. But for him, it's really about that one on one in-person connection so I've actually been working with him, not only have I've been spending so much time on my business while I've been pregnant.

I've actually been working with him throughout my pregnancy so that he can start a business from home too because he really wants to take his therapy practice online, so he can stay home and have freedom with us so as a family. We won't have any ties to a nine to five job and we can just continue traveling, and continue just living the lifestyle that we love so much. And you guys just like hearing how badly he wants that has been like such a driving force for me to like, light a fire even more than like my whole family can have this right like me and Steve can have this together. And before getting pregnant. In, like he was fine working his job he loves it, right, but now he sees how much time he would be missing out on. And it's just, it's so sad to him to know that he would have been missing any part of his life.


So he's been working his nine to five while starting a business. On this side, with me, and I'm just so excited to see what the future holds you guys and just knowing that I've inspired him to, to not want to give up that time with his son has been, oh my gosh, it just makes me feel so good. And I just can't wait to keep, you know, inspiring others and helping in every way that I can so I want to say that if it's a pregnancy that makes gives you a little kick in the pants to get started on your dreams, then I say go for it.

I say you've got nothing to lose. Mama, And honestly, when your baby gets here and you've started something that you were just so passionate about. It's just gonna make you so excited and as they grow, they're gonna see how much you love this business that you've created and talk about setting a great example for your kids, right, like, after you've been able to create something out of nothing. And it has given you freedom as it will. I mean that's just, in my opinion, I think, the most powerful form of education. You know it's just for kids, you do it. So keep it up, keep your head up, find that motivation finds that drive, and if you're not pregnant and want to start a business, go get pregnant, but just find your wife, right, find your wife find your dream and just start whenever you've got to start. But getting pregnant.

If you're pregnant, or if you just are a mama who wants to be able to stay home and raise their kids, feel free to reach out to me, I would love to chat with you. And you know give you any type of support that you may need right now. So you can find me over at moms freedom maker.com. You can apply for a free strategy session there, where we can work through your biggest roadblocks, your struggles, and just work to put you on the right path to help you reach your full potential and get to that passion, purpose, and drive towards starting your online business, once again that is momsfreedommaker.com. And also join my Freedom Maker Tribe!



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