015: Freedom Without Sacrifice with Valerie Schoenfeld

Sep 08, 2020

Hey freedom makers. Today I have a very special guest, and her name is Valerie Schoenfeld.

She's a former public school special education teacher of 11 years, who decided to pivot careers in 2019 Well, eight months pregnant with her third baby.

Valerie now runs a business teaching mom's online photography education while raising three boys, five and under. Today, we're going to discuss her journey of building her passion business and what it's meant for her life and family. She's here to share some insight and drop a few value bombs in.


What I loved about talking to Valerie, more than anything was her story in her drive. You can hear in her voice how excited she is to share what she's doing. And she just loves the freedom this business has given her being able to stay at home and homeschool her kids while having something fun for herself to focus on.

I love how during a time when most clean to safety, she knew it was her time to take the leap so she can increase her impact in the world and create something for herself that she could be passionate about.

She continues to push through her fears of starting her entrepreneurial journey. And she started when she was eight months pregnant and she's allowed herself to pivot so she can give her all to helping moms start their dream businesses too.

If you're interested in joining Valerie's photo challenge head on over to her website, and she's going to teach you how to take authentic photos of your family so you have memories for years to come, and maybe photography is your calling too.

Alright, Pritam makers, I'll catch you in the next episode where I'm going to pull back the curtain for you guys, I'm why I pivoted my business during the world's largest pandemic COVID-19 Right after I found out I was pregnant. Don't forget to join my Freedom Maker Tribe!

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