Who Is
Jamie Kullman?

Hi, I'm Jamie, a small town Nebraska girl whose entrepreneurial journey began at 15 years old. I was covered in grease slinging automotive parts out of my garage, sexy, right?

In love with "being my own boss" I started a few other business ventures, but that's where a new trouble began. Quickly my 4 hour workweeks turned into 20, then 40+. I was bootstrapping my way to self-employed, not what I signed up for.

After finding out I was pregnant with my little man, Kailo Shae, I knew I had just 9 months to figure out how to build a business machine that worked for me, not the other way around. That's when Moms Freedom Maker was born. 

I invested heavily into my personal growth and development spendings thousands of dollars and hours in the trenches, upleveling myself for this moment. Ditched the stage fright and started speaking up about these often glamorized entrepreneurial problems.

Now? I'm here to drive my Freedom Maker movement and notion that you don't have to make sacrifices.

You can build a business that doesn't hold you back, you don't need to feel guilty when you step away from the desk and you can fulfill your life's purpose without it jeopardizing your quality of life.

That, my friend, is what being a business owner is all about.

Your family deserves the best of you, not the rest of you.

Many entrepreneurs start their business for time and financial freedom, but on their journey become consumed by the how and quickly become the "do-it-all" technician inside their business. I've realized the vital shift that needs to occur to transition from the doing to the being. Becoming the version of you necessary to manifest your deepest desires.

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Mother, coach, entrepreneur, podcaster

  •  Host, Moms Freedom Maker Podcast - Top 2% of podcasts globally.
  •  Started first 6 figure business at 15 years old.
  •  Brainz 500 Global List 2020 and 2021 as an influential leader recognized for entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others.
  •  Yahoo Finance Named Top Mompreneur To Watch In 2021 
  •  Coached by industry leading titans Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, Bryan Dulaney, Vanessa Lau and more...
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Get to know me

  •  What do I love most about the ocean? Exploring it. I'm an underwater astronaut. Certified with specialty cards like project aware.
  •  Once started an ocean cleanup while backpacking through Thailand when I started picking up trash on the beach, it became a full-blown movement.
  •  After living in Bali, Indonesia I started my Amazon private label business so I could continue traveling while working less.
  •  Documentaries are my jam, after watching "What The Health" I woke up the next day a vegetarian and never looked back.
  •  My sophomore year of high school I decided to finish my education online through a homeschool program, which may explain my love of independence and DIY projects.
  •  Spent two years living on a lava rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean, Maui, fell in love with essentialism and simple living. Along with the value of Aloha.