Ready for the FREEDOM you've always dreamt of?
Build a business machine through automations while streamlining your processes. Uncover a way to scale your signature offer to impact the lives of more people... without spending more time behind your desk.
Imagine If...
... you were able to make money while you sleep, instead of charging hourly or only taking on 1:1 clients

... you had back end systems in place to land you dream clients on autopilot

... you were able to implement high level strategy into your business, without the overwhelm.

... you were able to utilize automation & systems in your business to create time and financial freedom.

... you were able to help more people, provide unforgettable results and have referrals / testimonials pouring in from your clients.

... you knew how to find FREEDOM from your business without taking a pay cut.
... you were able to finally stop procrastinating and actually get shit done to produce REAL results in your business.

... you knew exactly where you needed to show up each day in your business without burnout

.... you had systems to SCALE without spending more time behind your computer
Want to make this your reality?

The Streamlined & Set To Scale Intensive Is Your Ticket To Freedom

Business can be anything you DREAM it to be ... and SUCCESS does not have to come at the expense of your quality of life.

The Streamlined & Set To Scale Intensive is a 90-minute strategy sessions that takes a deep dive into your current business model and any area in which may be holding you back. I'll be looking for any gaps that exist in your current systems and customer journey that may be costing you time and money.

Throughout this intensive we strategize future business growth that gives you more freedom and impact through digital product creation and automated sales processes plus take a look at the current systems you have in place and where there is room for improvement... 

By utilizing systems, creating automations and going through business strategy aimed at FREEING you from the entrepreneur hustle to experience FREEDOM as a CEO.

Furthermore... I'm here to turn overworked and overwhelmed solopreneurs into CEO's.
We will create a customized roadmap for you to follow after our session to implement what is addressed on the call and you will leave with action steps to keep you on track.

All sessions are recorded so you can refer back to them as you implement these strategies.

Many times as entrepreneurs we start a business for freedom and start doing all the "things" in our business only to wake up one day to realize we created a hectic "job" for ourselves. 

It's time to free yourself from the self-employed hamster wheel and build a business that's fully aligned with YOU and your ideal lifestyle.
"... Jamie was on top of making sure she provided all of the information that I needed."
"... I felt like she delivered the information as if it was directly towards me"
"... the decision to work with Jamie has been the single smartest decision I've made to date."
By the end of the Streamlined & Set To Scale Intensive you will:
  • ​Have a freedom-based business model that fits the life you want to live, giving you ultimate freedom.
  • ​Be prepared for your next level of life with a back-end system audit that gives you back TIME. 
  • ​​​Have a value ladder that includes offers that make you money on auto-pilot (while you sleep).
  • ​Understand exactly what you need to do in your business to scale without spending more time behind your desk.

Coached By Industry Leading Experts Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Bryan Dulaney, Nick Unsworth, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher and more...

Jamie Kullman is a business growth strategist who helps solopreneurs find FREEDOM from their businesses so they can show up more powerfully and stay in their lane. 

She believes a business should act as a driving force to help your message reach those in need. You shouldn't have to wear all the hats in your business and have feelings of overwhelm or burnout, that's not what we signed up for.

Host of Moms Freedom Maker Podcast she's on a mission to take overworked and overwhelmed solo entrepreneurs and help them step into their next level of life as CEO.

I remember the seasons changing outside my office window and there I was - working another 12 hour day so engrossed inside my business that I didn't even take the time to step away to eat.

I was the accountant, funnel hacker, customer support, face of the brand and content creator (amongst many other things), yet I still wondered why I struggled to stay focused throughout the day.

I never felt like anything got done and my to-do list was STACKED 24/7. 

How could I relax when I wasn't working with SO MUCH TO DO?!

So I worked and worked... until one day...

I realized I didn't build a business, I was self-employed.

I had started this business for time and financial freedom and gave myself one BUSY AF job.

I wasn't impacting in the way I wanted and I was frustrated on the verge of burnout.

But I didn't want to give up.

I took a year off to really figure out where my passions lied and found what it truly meant to stay in my lane.

I created systems to set me free and started to own my problem solving superpowers. 

After living with this freedom-based business model I've come to realize that THIS is what it was always about.

Being a digital CEO now means I impact the lives of others all around being a fiance, mother and adventure seeker.

Now my family receives the best part of me, not just a part of me.

That's what I want for all of my clients.

"...Jamie gives a lot of great advice."
Tony Robbins

“Join everyone... Jamie gives a lot of great advice. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what my future holds."

Dawn M.
"...with the help of Jamie I gained more clarity, she helped me discover my why!"
Tony Robbins

“After doing 7 levels deep with the help of Jamie I gained more clarity, she helped me discover my why! Thank you so much you are amazing .”

Laetitia Nhouyvanisvong
"There is NOTHING better than speaking your vision out starts to feel easier every single time and like it can REALLY happen."
Russell Brunson

“Just finished a Zoom Call with Jamie & let me tell you... There is NOTHING better than speaking your vision out loud. I've been doing it more and more and it starts to feel easier every single time and like it can REALLY happen. ”

Brandi Gilstrap
“if you're looking for someone to help cultivate the ideas in your head... Jamie is your girl”
“your instructions were so thoughtfully laid out which made going through the steps easy and actionable.”
“it was the push I needed to get my ideas in the right direction...”
“I never had someone believe in me like Jamie has...”

"I always knew I wanted to start a business, but I had surrounded myself with people who were okay settling with a 9-5. I never had someone believe in me like Jamie has and show me the opportunities out there that don't involve working for someone else. She can show you how to do it too."

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Occupational Therapist
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